: new player with question about roles
Lanes in a nutshell: Bot lane (Attack Damage Carry + Support) - AD carries scale best with ITEMS (aka gold) as they rely mostly on basic attacks for the majority of there damage which only increases slowly as they level. The are partnered with supports as the are quite weak early game and the support is there to babysit them so they can farm gold easily. Supports allow ADCs to take all the gold from minion kills and rely on special "support items" that give them indirect sources of gold including relic shield (tank version - can execute minions to give yourself and carry bonus gold), ancient coin (passive version - gives health + gold when minions are killed by someone else) and whatever the frostfang precursor is (AP/offensive version - provide gold on hitting enemies). Mid Lane (Assassins and Ability Power Carries) - Mid laners scale best with LEVELS as they primarily use their abilities for damage. They are given a solo lane to maximise xp gain (as xp is distributed to all champs close to a killed minions). Secondly mid is the shortest lane, so since the majority of mid laners are squishy and vulnerable to ganks this is the best lane for them. Lastly, mid lane has close proximity to the blue golem buff, which is typically "donated" by the jungler on the second spawn to alleviate mana problems most mid laners have (and also provides some nice cooldown reduction). Top Lane (Mainly tanks/bruisers) - Top lane is probably the most "varied role", primarily inhabited by tanks and bruisers (tanks with a bit less tank and a bit more damage). They are mainly tanks since having a tank is always helpful for the team and this is there best spot, top is also a long lane (like bot) and being tanky enables them to survive ganks (somewhat). However, on occasion adcs such as vayne and quinn make it top lane as they act as a counter for many other top laners and have the ability to escape ganks, also some AP carries such as vlad (though he is kinda tanky anyway) and lissandra go top for the same reason. Jungle (Has specific requirements) - Jungle is a special case, while it is a lot more forgiving than previous seasons, opening up the champion pool that can successful jungle, it require champs that can kill stronger monsters solo, either by having fast aoe clear (such as shyvana) or some form of health sustain (such as warwick and fiddlesticks). Sustain junglers make have slower clears but they can stay in the jungle for longer without going back to base. AoE clear jungles have fast clears to ramp up quick and gold quickly. The junglers job is to help out other lanes by ganking so have forms of burst and/or cc helps them on this endevour, alternatively you can instead focus on counter jungling (invading the other teams jungle) and stealing their camps to starve out their jungler or actively hunting down the enemy jungler (udyr, shyvana and nunu fit this well). Basically the "meta" exists as it provides the best lanes for the most well-balanced team, there are always "non-meta" picks which can either excel or flop, most people don't like this as they don't know who you are and if you are any good and are more comfortable is people follow the "formula". To answer you specific questions. Ashe isn't great job as she is incredibly vulnerable to ganks as all she has is a slow to escape, so you will be camped hard by the enemy jungler. Also you are squisy enough for tanks to kill easily early one. She also isn't great mid lane as she will get bursted down easily by other mages/assassins as AD carries require "time" to kill their target. Graves is a special case as he pretty much fits into all categories as a short-ranged, tanky, bursting, adc/assassin/brusier. People take him into the jungle as he has good clear and constantly knocks back jungle monsters to avoid damage. In bot lane he can work well depending on the support, but his short range leaves him vulnerable to poke. Mid he has the same problem as ashe and top he can't burst down tanks and hence will die when reloading. Jungle ended up being the "best fit" for him. Anyway hope this helps :D

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