Diamond (OCE)
: So when does OCE open the 3v3 ranked queues >:(
Thursday night is when it opens
: Probs a donation to a charity of our choosing (via vote)
it could be more, like that seems not as interesting.
Avenue (OCE)
: Can't wait to get teemo champion shard and assassin master yi from my chests!
you say that, but i got {{champion:17}} champ shard and order of the banana {{champion:16}}
Scrubbles (OCE)
: at this point any {{champion:202}} skin would be nice {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
blood moon {{champion:202}} hype???
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
: Ocean Week Summoner Icon is here!
where dat free champ at tho?
MrBooey (OCE)
: Support main looking to join a team as a sub
What kind of comp is it? if there is a level cap, i might not be able to join seeing as im level 23 but if there is no cap ill happily sub. Im 15 and main thresh/azir supp, but play anything. Im not too good at anything except thresh :P but if its only a sub ill fill in


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