macro (OCE)
: If you don't like ARURF, simply don't play the game mode. I myself enjoy playing game modes where your champ is randomly selected. I find it an interesting way to find champions you like
it's not about me not liking it, and if you read my post you would've understood that instead of going bull at the gate to reply. it's not random at all because every single game i see roughly 60% of the same champs i had in my last game. Riot has even mentioned before that it is not random even though it is stated it is.
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: What if you played Ahri as a support champion?
i play ahri support in my ranked matches occasionally.
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kami sora (OCE)
: 2 years of playing and still bronze
ive been playing for a little more time than you (1 season more), and i was bronze until just last season. last season i found the one champ {{champion:39}} that my playstyle clicks with and ive just gone from strength to strength from there. im now sitting in plat after ranked reset. i can tell you from personal experience that we all get rough patches, heck i went on a 23 losing streak at one stage and i was really bummed out about it. i play 1 or 2 normals now when i lose ranked to take my mind off things. i still have trouble with map awareness, but i give myself a goal before every game to check the minimap every 5 seconds. im sure you'll get there eventually.
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Rocka (OCE)
: no thats not an option sorry. It usually places you in the ladder with your freinds so you can compete
bugger thats a shame. really wanted an irelia or twitch division :/
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Wuks (NA)
: In Properties > Compatibility, check "Disable Display Scaling on high DPI settings", "Run as administrator", and then uncheck compatibility mode.
done it and it didnt fix before i deleted the air client. oh well
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: try putting in a support ticket? if they can see a direct link between the client screwing up and that kicking u out of games, then maybe they might make some adjustments to your lp? total guess (and hope!) here
how do i do that though? kinda upset i just lost 19LP from the game i couldnt connect to and another 20 just then...sigh
: Losing LP due to forced repairs and terrible clients that dont load the game
Edit: repair fixed the client, but lost 16LP. guess ill have to continue trying to get that plat 3 promo
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321boo (OCE)
: Can't get past Launcher
im so sick of deleting the air client every time i want to play league. YAY. another 3 hour download. hopefully people can actually do something about this. this problem has been happening for months and nothing has been done
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: Im done
wait is this a troll or actual serious? (hard to tell over the internet). if it is serious then we, the GD, are always here to help if you need us
I am Ben (OCE)
: Riot Oceania, we need to have a talk...
im just saying this, but even if these people were removed from the game, they would create a new account and play on that. it never ends
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: > [{quoted}](name=Telecasterdude,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=E0hVUOxF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-06T10:02:00.992+0000) > > Is it limited to certain days? I can't see it right now, the only option is Summoners Rift for Co-op vs AI it was a bug.
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Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi folks, What kind of computer is this on? PC / Mac? What version of Windows? Cheers Mindstar
its on a custom built PC with windows 7 (about to update to W10). a few of my friends have this same problem as well
Driveskull (EUNE)
: [Art] Rengar with family
KILL IT WITH FIRE (i mean teemo) looks gr8 btw but whose the mum?
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: We need better communication and here is my idea on how to improve
Cabbages (OCE)
: Yi.. Please nerf Yi... PLEASE NERF YI!!! :(
: Idea for LoL Anniversary
MrPine (OCE)
: Rengar's Q
it used 2 work on towers, but cause its rengar they nerfed him
Slowdownn (OCE)
: This is a great idea! Dodging is not negativity any more and it is an important technical decision of solo ranked play.
: What The ...
i just relogged and now there is a blank loading screen. help plz
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: When should I play Ranked?
honestly, i believe the best time to start ranked is after 400-500 wins. it may sound excessive but it really helps. you have a very advanced knowledge of the game by then, can play a small champion pool (10-15) extremely well. you know counters, how to deal with situations by then. one of the biggest things is-if your team is losing and your playing top with tp. JOIN THEM. help them out. show your presence around the map. hav rune pages for multiple matchups (ad attack speed vs ad) (ad cdr vs ad) etc learn your opponent. is he aggressive? is he playing safe. know when they hard engage because it could b a telltale sign of a gank. map awareness-try to look at your map one every 5 seconds. buy wards
: Changing the login screen and music, Help! (mac)
there is a third party program that i use for this. it also allows you to record games etc. i believe that riot frowns upon it, but because it doesnt interfere with competitive play it is ok. it is called LOL summoner Information. u can change your healthbar colours, login screen etc other than this, no i do not believe u can do it any other way
Maccaz129 (OCE)
: Will championship riven be re released?
i posted something like this about 2 years ago. a rioter (cant remember his name) said it will, if at all, be released in a bundle and not available to purchase by itself at the end of this year, 2015 or next year when they can have 5 championship skins (currently 4 if included the ahri skin for the beginning of the season).
: you can. its under volume in the "esc" menu
individual players or just mute pings altogether?
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: Riot ffs get rid of chat blocks, if you are trying to stop spammers it doesnt work
i got chat banned for not saying ANYTHING for 3 games in a row at one stage. coukdnt say anything in the lobby and people thought i was a troll.
OCE Yisus (OCE)
: Jg/devoured Vayne a bit OP atm.....
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: But what elo are you?
silver 2. 1350-1400 mmr. he just face rolls the opponents. probs y haha
: Because he is the only champion in the game who has no movement spells or cc spells, which means he is incredibly easy to kite, and camp, and he needs a comp built around him that can increase his movespeed and cc the enemy for him. tldr he is only good against people who dont know how to play against him.
i just had a game and i 4v1 their team. like wth. got rylais and they couldnt run. ulted their adc and got a triple, then walked out. hes so much fun
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GetSinged (OCE)
: Limited time ward skin?
end of the season i guess. S5 ward. also victorious ward if thats the kind of thing you go for
R4iot (OCE)
: This game.
u vs them because u have the same "skill level" as them. ur mmr must be the same as some of those level 30's i guess. take it as an honour
: > im 55 mmr above my league Umm... Not according to
on mine it says its 50 over so idk
: was one of the sites I used.
right now im 55 mmr above my league so...
: According to multiple sources your ***current*** MMR is about 100 points below where it should be for your ***current*** rank. Of course you got demoted. the most trusted says otherwise...
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