SIy Marbo (OCE)
: What elo are you guys in?
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: At least I'm hardstuck Plat you low-gold hashinshin wannabe
you literally havent been plat for two seasons lel
Oobskies (OCE)
: LFM ranked flex 5v5 (Gold+)
I have interest i am currently g4 due to lack of games and was g1 last season i main top mid but can support as well my champ pool is as follows top:{{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} mid: {{champion:112}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:4}} supp: {{champion:53}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:143}} i am of age to wed and am looking forward to your reply. #GOLDHASHINSHIN
: Don't play with Blando he'll just cry about how Riot hates Bruisers and rage when he gets camped kappa (Mods can fuck off this is clearly sarcasm)
this guy has been hardstuck for like 2 seasons, just absolute gutter trash low gold ls/iwd wannabe fuck kappa
Munrotis (OCE)
: looking for support or jungler, casual games for flex team (bronze)
im keen to have a few rounds with you boys hit me up, im on most of the time. I can top, supp, jungle hardstuck gold low elo hashinshin at your service
: Looking for 3 more for 5s team.
im down to do it man top main since it was not all tanks haha
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