: Broother thewy were awesome :) were they mates of yours?? the guys we were playiong with??
yeh bro they oz players thou we always play together as a team or set up custom games where we challenge each other and talk shit to each other lol il invite yah into some the games they are fun and everyone is good lol chuur bro...
: Added brother :)
chur bro mean games today... thx for the games btw
: hey brother i just started one if youd like to join?? Im from Hamilton
Yo im keen add me bro **blastuup**
: Yeah me too, StonedAdvantage Need some good players to take it a bit more seriously (not too serious), I just muck around because I have no one to jam with.
lol add me **blastuup** :-) il jam wiv yah i play with a lot of oz players alot but hardly peeps from nz...
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