Blatant (OCE)
Pretty good server! :3
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: Oceanic Gaming Network
Yo this seems cool! You should post in team recruitment as well I think it gets a lot of traffic for these types of things. :) Edit: Thought i'd just put the discord link here for all wanted to quickly check in :)
: Champions Of Runeterra welcomes you to visit!
Great Club would recommend! :)
: DarkStar Alliance
DSA LoL Friday Custom Gamemode- ASCENSION BRAWL!! Come for a teamfight fiesta @8PM Sydney time tonight Tonight marks the start of Season 2 DSA LoL!
Avollion (OCE)
: Sector Four - Online Cross-Platform Gaming Community Organisation
Really looking foward to playing with you guys!
Avollion (OCE)
: Sector Four - Online Cross-Platform Gaming Community Organisation
Sounds good! I'll definitely hop round on teamspeak some time.
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: Nautilus Reef January 2016 Update
I swear I got remember getting 3 points :( I was Derpy Turtle at the time I can see a Sir Derpy Turtle but not a Derpy Turtle
Deakín (EUW)
: Recruitment for LoL community (EUW/OCE)
This sounds pretty awesome! I have team speak so I'd love to join ! :D Message me on my alt: Derpy Turtle 2 Will probs be playing on that acc most likely
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Hey dude, We're not doing the event circuit this year. We're focusing on our first ever standalone esports events in the OPL final that was at Luna Park in Sydney and the upcoming IWCA Allstars in Melbourne. Was a blast to meet you all at Arma last year, was my first ever visit to New Zealand and it was great, if a little chilly.
Ah, ok :(. Well thanks for the info, sad to not see you here but I hope all goes well with the IWCA. :)
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