: passive trolling anjd why isnt it being dealt with
Did you mention it to the support in-game? Edit: the actual answer to the question in the title is simple: they ceebs because it would cost money to hire humans to do a better job than their flawed AI
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Sillith (OCE)
: Once I thought SEA server was the worst
He's right though, and mute all is the only option.
00shots00 (OCE)
: strongly agree^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I have a suggestion, [watch this video for tips](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8BtklaSWl0) and then just do your best. Probably the best video ever made on league improvement :)
00shots00 (OCE)
: bro no joke, after the penta i asked my team to stay away from engages so i can get more MR and as soon as i asked that ahri tried to take out ekko and the rest of my team ran in 1 by one trying to take them on. i undertsand vision is key in most factors but man honestly even in that game, the enemy team wasnt even hiding they were litterally in sight the whole freaking game XD. i do mute anyone that types more than 1 message a minute just because i fall for it and end up being toxic myself. man i played ori a couple of days ago and just put the extra öomf"on the carry and i still couldnt win. its just devastating finally getting a little higher just to be sent back down for no reason of my own and then seeing streamers and other players be able to carry a game from start to finish and just 1 v 5 carry, like how do you do THAT. i just wanna be able to do that and enjoy this game the way i love this game.
Well, Diamond players do little things better than the average joe... things like when to tp, wave management, map awareness with function keys, using power spikes correctly, using fog of war correctly (esp top laners), counting summoner and item cooldowns. Basically they maximise their output in a game. So yeah its a piece of cake for them to smurf in low elo. But they don't win every game :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bookbash,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=dKAzNcMs,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-09-10T03:03:44.762+0000) > > People in Gold/Platinum are notorious for not trying to be carried. They all think they have to carry/be heroes even when behind. You'll see many greedy plays here. You'd be surprised but that happens a whole lot in Silver too.
Yep, the bad things that happens in high elo happen in lower elos also, but I'm just saying that gold/plat is notorious for this behaviour because players get egos when they think they are getting good at the game. Platinum the land of egos and baron throws.
Lowrider (OCE)
: LF SIlver duo partner
Warm up with normals to get your sense of the game back. And don't pay for boosts/accounts, your skill level will not improve.
: Im done with the game honestly, i just had another game ontop of that and my adc was a heim 0/8? what do i do.
It generally happens when you get promoted. Your next 2 games will be with monkeys. Do you best to mute and carry. One strategy that I have been trying is that when you lose a game after winning promos, go into ARAM and play. If you lose three games in a row, you are ready to play ranked again (screws up the rito bs matchmaking in your favour). If you don't lose three games in a row, play about 5 games then return to ranked. If you get trolls in champ select, dodge. (Use oce.op.gg/multi to check and see what they are typing. If its some BS thats not relevant, they are a monkey). When you are on a 30 min dodge timer, go do some cooking/work/study. Oh, and if you are a support, please note that due to a lack of support players out there, you will be the highest ranked player in the game and have monkeys on your team. Do your best to be a zookeeper.
00shots00 (OCE)
: brother, i am with you all the way. i climbed to G299LP and now back down to G4. People will say i should be able to carry the whole game, but people should understand out to get carried. i got a penta - still lost. quadra - still lost. wtf http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=00shots00
People in Gold/Platinum are notorious for not trying to be carried. They all think they have to carry/be heroes even when behind. You'll see many greedy plays here.
00shots00 (OCE)
: Loss streak and i just honestly can't carry.
Some games are unwinnable. Your team can be monkeys. But you can still improve your gameplay. 1) What happened **after** the penta in the Irelia Game? You have TP advantage, the game would be over in Korea. Granted you have 612 in the jungle and a monkey bot lane. Comunicate more "we need wards here" "i will split here when you group here" "if they push back up, if they come to me, push". Games before Diamond 2 are clown fiestas but communicating helps. Mute everyone but still communicate with pings what you are gonna do and when you have TP up. That way you don't get triggered by donkey replies. 2) Sometimes games can be boring, but you play ranked to win. Muting everyone has made my recent games so much better. There's more monkeys than good players out there, so just try it. You also get more "untiltable" honours after games, instead of educating dumbarses that take offence and assume you are flaming them (no honours). 3) Good job in Orianna game. Most low elo Oriannas (and we can include Lux here) feed their arse off in mid lane. Looked like opposition support was autofilled/trolling. Don't need to be a hero to win, just make the right plays. 4) I once lost 15 games of ranked in a row this season. I never tilt, but it got quite boring to see the lack of skill involved. Welcome to soloqueue.
: Being a ward bot was not a fun time as support. You basically couldn't do anything other than keep vision up. Without items, damage mitigation and sustain was minimal, and the support role often meant not much at all. Instead of being able to hold up your ADC when they aren't doing so hot, support performance was directly tied to ADC performance, they had very little autonomy. Change it back and you'll have even less people playing support, and even more people getting auto fillled into support, which hardly helps the issue. I don't agree with all the changes to the game, but trinkets and the ward changes I do. It's no fun being pigeonholed into one relatively mundane task all game, especially when your team takes it upon themselves to blame you *and only you* for not having the map lit up like a christmas tree.
The joy of playing support is to enable your teammates to carry. I mean it's all subjective opinion I guess. But that's what I think a real support is. More people autofilled anywhere is just another reason to learn how the game works. The playerbase as a whole would improve quicker and skill level will be higher. Just like back in early season 5 when bronze were consistently getting 6cs/min in ranked games. Now you see clowns in gold/platinum struggling with 30cs at the 10 min mark. Overall the playerbase skill level is vastly lower with new players coming into the game just having no clue at all.
: Is Morgana A Viable Mid Laner??
Don't you just love these click-bait titles? You can play anything in this elo and win. Maokai support, Nunu mid, Vayne top, Darius ADC. If we are looking at the game score without even looking at the video we can see that your bot lane stomped, because the opposition didn't have a support. Both junglers inted because it was a clown fiesta in no vision. And noone had less than 8 deaths. Build path is inefficient (Lich Bane before Zhonyas - Lich Bane at all?), skill levelling same (only need 3 points in W before maxing Q), and you took a rune that requires a sweeper to be useful (Eyeball Collection). [Game Score](https://imgur.com/a/wDQm110) TLDR; Soloqueue Silver 5 Click-bait Game, wait again for skilled games.
JuicyJay (OCE)
: Check this out for a joke (What most of my matchups are. (PS im bronze 1) I consistently get placed in games where other players are much better than me and I get shit on every game. Or because i always do bad the team flames the hell out of me and either trolls or goes afk. Bronze 1 (23 LP) Silver 3 (0 LP) Silver 2 (0 LP) Silver 2 (0 LP) Silver 4 (75 LP) versus Silver 2 (42 LP) Silver 5 (65 LP) Silver 5 (68 LP) Platinum 1 (0 LP) Platinum 4 (12 LP)
Was that for ranked or normals? If it's normals, then complaints are irrelevant. And mute flaming teammates if they are doing that in normals. However for ranked, it's about time how Riot thought about how newbies are placed. Also the balancing of players with similar rank should be enabled for that ROLE. To avoid an op support vs op jungler (with everyone else roughly even) situation for example. And also they should take up the suggestion that a champion has to be at least level 5 mastery before a player can pick them in ranked. A serious suggestion that will avoid trolling and give the player some experience before using it in ranked.
Socon (OCE)
: I know the lane matchups and when I play support they're not an issue. The issue comes in when I play adc and my support goes lux against a zyra and feeds all game and I literally cant do anything because I dont actually have a support, just a mid lane wannabe leaching my exp and gold from missing skillshots.
Spellthiefs vs Spellthiefs is too volatile atm, i agree.
Socon (OCE)
: lol you're the type of person im talking about. You're ment to help your adc do well, not shit talk them and try to solo carry.
Well, he did make some valid points. If his adc is NOT WORTH supporting, then he needs to adapt. If they are going to do monkey things, why support them? Better to support the rest of the team. I can understand your frustration with trash support picks though. Players that are autofilled or copying idiots like Nightblue or some streamer. The issue with support is that they do too much damage in comparison to adc, and this is because of the changes to adc power curves, but mainly also down to itemisation for supports. For example if you have two spellthief supports, then whichever bot lane wins will snowball the game, because the loser will not even get wards. Then you get those monkey supports with spellthiefs that try to catch waves in the sidelane, not realising that they are gimping their teams vision by farming (because frostfang will not transform, and of course being selfish they are not upgrading it), not to mention taking the carries xp and farm. Those are the most frustrating players to watch at the moment. If we think back to the past when supports were actually supports, they had to buy wards and a sightstone and got no gold to get damage items. I'd prefer it to go back to that meta. Bring back the sightstone and if people are complaining, THEY ARE NOT REAL SUPPORTS, UNLUCKY! All that pandering to reddit and forums in season 6 is the main reason why bot lane was deciding games more often than not. Instead of fine tuning other areas of the map in an attempt to mitigate this, just revert the support item changes. Make supports have to buy wards. Simple.
: League of Legends is a COINFLIP Game | How not to TILT anymore!
I never used to dodge games, up until this season. It was based on a recommendation by Apdo: Check op.gg, if a bunch of your teammates are monkeys (e.g. less than 40% winrate) or autofilled, you dodge. That's what his advice was. Helps to eliminate some of the coinflip.
: HOW TO PLAY KAYLE | Build & Runes | Diamond Aether Wing Kayle | League o...
Let's give the real rundown of this game. Clickbait titles to draw people into watch it. Diamond 5 Kayle vs complete newbie in NORMALS. Gold 1 enemy jungler did not gank top lane because they are a monkey. Kayle's team were higher ranked than the enemies in every lane. Kayle missed a bunch of cs this game and did not know how to Q when Garen Qs. Eventually they won because of the factor's above. So ya, quit the clickbait titles because this is not how to play Kayle against real opposition.
: > [{quoted}](name=Seras Dragon,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=JZRvtUh0,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-08-14T02:17:31.598+0000) > > Support can't give you any details about another player's accounts, even implicitly. It's a long standing policy and largely privacy related, this is why you get generic responses to report tickets, it *does not* mean they haven't looked at it. It means they looked at it and from the drop down menu selected the standard response then moved onto the next ticket. It's no secret this game is full of trolls that run rampant with little to no consequences.
Correct. Let's have a look at the troll's recent games: [Recent Games](https://i.imgur.com/CGbRCna.jpg) Now according to the player themselves (and it's in the report send to support), he was Silver 2 before he started trolling. When I played with him he was Silver 5. But yeah, generic response.
DigaDog (OCE)
: as a yas main I still find that is very unfair for his ult to have 250% ad scaling lol.......
P.S. I just noticed that in today's patch, some tanks are being buffed. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. The point of Scarra's recent video on the subject of too much damage is that when two carries go head to head, its not a question of outplay or skill, its a question of who can dump their abilities on the other the fastest to chunk them out. There will be no outplay potential if damage remains high. So you can buff tanks, but the situation in the mid lane for example, remains. Again another band-aid solution. And I noticed that you can add Tryndamere to the buff-nerf champs category also, because they did not think ahead about ways that players could abuse the previous E cooldown buffs (fogged's AP build). They still don't get balancing. The question is, will these issues make you quit, or will you try the /fullmute suggestion in game?
: Support can't give you any details about another player's accounts, even implicitly. It's a long standing policy and largely privacy related, this is why you get generic responses to report tickets, it *does not* mean they haven't looked at it.
> We can’t often take action on reports sent to us through tickets Player is still playing, still feeding and trolling. I got all the details I need to know what happened with their account. **NOTHING.**
Big Boss (OCE)
: Playing multiple accounts in the same game with script for support to glue to adc
If you send in a ticket to support, I'm interested in the outcome. Perhaps he will be right that nothing will happen. I mean the automated system can't detect that kind of cheating. And if Riot don't bother to use a human to investigate, nothing will happen. Cheats can always come up with new ways to game automated (AI) systems. Riot probably are playing the percentages that most cheats are not smart and their automated system picks up the majority of cases. Unlucky for your experience. As a side note, this just shows how low skill level is in OCE if Golds cannot win a 5v4.
DigaDog (OCE)
: Leaving this game
Without being rude, I agree with what Quinncest has said. If you are in low elo, you need to improve your understanding of the game. Lux is a weak unreliable champion, and Pantheon is hardly the bully that he used to be because of the way minions interact with spells now. There is also counterplay on the other-side of the map to dives. If your team are monkeys that do not take advantage of this, there's not much you can do about that. Player skill is at an all-time low, because the game has been dumbed down so much. Perhaps it was in the hope of attracting more casuals to the game which is fine, but it has attracted more casual **NOOBS** to the game. And in a meta where the worst player on the team can cause your team to lose, rather than the best player on your team can cause your team to win, it's not in such a great situation balance-wise. Then you factor in crappy matchmaking for a small region (teams will be statistically balanced, but one team will have their strongest player in the support role, and the other in a carry position, for example) and the problem escalates. However, the main problem with this game (and why they find it hard to balance) is that they cater to supports. There is simply too much damage on keystones and support items powerspiking far too quickly in the game now that they don't have to buy sightstones and green wards. Factor in the snowball effect that if your spellthief support cannot proc their item because the adc is trolling out of lane, then you can wave bye bye to vision control for your team. When you watch high elo streamers like WingsofDeath and Scarra, they will tell you about it. Wings also said that he wouldn't be playing the game were it not for the income he receives from streaming it. Dyrus, TheOddOne, NEACE have all pretty much stopped playing the game on their streams, and there are reports of many others. I don't know why the Riot Balance team just don't go back to a game where the balance was so out of whack (e.g. patch 4.18) and try to examine why it is now, and what the differences are. They keep adopting band-aid solutions, or hardcore solutions every 3 months which give rise to more problems. Then they nerf-buff-nerf the same champion in consecutive patches (e.g. FIZZ, IRELIA), indicating that they have NO CLUE what they are doing. Kinda like Western teams at the World Championships. They simply don't understand the game. You could leave the game, and feel a lot happier than dealing with crap. Or you could /fullmute all in-game, and just try to improve gameplay. Trust me it makes for a far better experience. That is, if you are a real gamer and not a casual.
: Reporting an actual troll
Normally I wouldn't reply to such a thread, but due to a recent experience I'll give you my take on the matter. In a recent game a troll was on our team. Someone who was intentionally griefing the game. There is plenty of proof of this, I won't bore you with all of the details. The point is that after finishing the game and checking the player out, they had done this before, but not in every game (they would choose their moments). Because of this and the experience in game where I was behaving (didn't say a single bad thing to the player, or ping spam them, just sucked it up), I decided to send in a ticket to Riot support. In this ticket that took me 30 minutes to draft up, I listed pretty much everything that happened during champ select, the game itself and the after match screen. I even uploaded the replay file (15mb or so) for the Riot member to look over. I mentioned their history. I listed the points where the player themselves openly admitted to trolling before, in and after the game, and also said words to the effect like "nothing will happen", i.e. they were flaunting their trolling. This is the reply that I got: > Hello Bookbash, > > Thank you for this report! We can’t often take action on reports sent to us through tickets, but we created the Instant Feedback System to help us track when a player is consistently hurting others. > > Even if you couldn’t use the report feature for this game, please keep using it when you can. Reports you make provide us with valuable tracking information and help to escalate players to our attention for investigation. Each report brings violators of the Summoner's Code one step closer to punishment and, hopefully, toward reformed behavior. > > You’ll occasionally, but not always, get messages from the IFS letting you know that a player you reported has been punished. Keep reporting inappropriate behavior and we’ll make sure negative actions have consequences! After mentioning in the report that I took a long time to write the report, but its also a pain to even sign into the support site with all of these anti-bot measures, and providing all of the details, to get such a reply indicated clearly to me that Riot Game do not want anything to do with fixing trolling behaviour. They prefer to leave it up to their automated system that is quite simply flawed. **TLDR: The only thing that you can do is use the report system in game. Riot do not care about investing human resources into fixing trolling behaviour.** Sorry about that, but it's things like this that give rise to players believing that reports do nothing. Unless they are taking a bad rap on Reddit or other social sites, they simply don't care.
: When a champ is a little too good, at a little too many things. [A study on Garen]
If you think Garen is a good champ, just keep playing him :) When you meet a good Fiora you might change your mind.
: Bans are Too Easy To Pull Off
TLDR; Roast noobs without breaking the rules.
Vitklim (OCE)
: How To Fix New Aatrox (Not talking about reverting)
Here's what I would suggest to Riot Games. Do nothing. At least for a while, until pros give their feedback. He's already being picking in Rift Rivals so he's not useless. Let the meta settle down a bit and find his niche (seems to be early-mid game). Don't listen to every pandering noob on reddit. Listen to Diamond 1+ players only. Thanks.
: Riot, this has to stop! Scripters.
I'd just like to point out that after patch 8.11 there has been a rather large number of players lagging with packet loss. On this current patch that includes myself, even if I'm using the only direct ethernet connection to the internet in my household and no other programs are running on the network (checking resource monitor).
wutface (OCE)
: BOOSTED TO DIAMOND LUL - the reason this game is uninstalled
Good post. NEACE said it well on a recent Fortnite stream of his: "If self-entitled brats play badly in game, they then turn into bullies and trolls". Pretty simple summary of the community really. Riot with all of their silly constant changing of the game since season 5, have failed to grasp the future effect of these changes. Players that became attached to champions that have since been reworked have been marginalised. Skill level in the game is at an all time low, because the game is not only complicated in one aspect (constant changing of the meta) but dumbed down in another aspect (basic gameplay adjustments). Patch 8.13 is another stupid patch that ruins skill level in the game. Seriously Riot, a small investment into a proper working support team (for in-game indiscretions) and an examination of the changes since the end of season 4 by hiring a serious analyst like LastShadow could avoid these sorts of issues. They are just unwilling to change, and are in it for the short term gains until the game dies, like Runescape did. The line "but we want to keep the game fresh" is an abomination. The game should be kept in a similar state for a while, not changing the meta every 4 patches. People would then have a chance to enjoy and practice a playstyle, champions, and actually understand how the game works. Perhaps you might see less uptight players in-game purely from doing this. Sad to see another passionate good player leave.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bookbash,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=txJXzRTs,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-20T21:54:39.322+0000) Not just support lyfe, i play mid/top too, and its always the same, its very feelsbadman
Yeah I have more fun playing arams these days. Have to /fullmute all on summoners rift.
: Or you can take their jungle and make them have to push, at which point your entire team is full HP with new items. {{champion:122}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:40}}
Basically what he is saying, is don't get caught and die because that may cost you something large like a baron in reply for just winning a teamfight.
fi zzoh (EUW)
: How to make league more fun
Here's an easier one: Revert the entire game back to season 4 and balance the new champions made since then. Oh and don't overcomplicate new champions, release them sporaically (i.e. maybe 2 per year) and don't dumb down the rest of the game, because noobs will still be noobs, just worse.
: SO MILLIONS OF PLAYERS ARE QUITTING LEAGUE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqem7TI0XR4
It's a good video. Riot has indeed made changes for the sake of changes, a lot of gimmicks and reworks. The point about players becoming attached to champions is real.
Quinncest (OCE)
: Why does my MMR tank based on team?
Snowball meta, son. First brick wins.
: *Insert "Why does this happen to me" clip here*
Welcome to support life, where yesterday, most players in silver were monkeys, even players on the winning teams. Never seen such low quality play since I started playing league.
: From BurstFire to Challenger - Episode #65 - Camille Jungle vs Riven
That matchmaking sucks, you got 2 silvers + 3 golds vs 5 golds. I thought you were gonna just play top lane?
When they realise that changing the game for the sake of it, or to attract casuals is not gonna work, it will be too late. Kinda like runescape.
Zeekie (OCE)
: Unfortunately this game is actually ridiculous, it only takes one person in your team to lose a match. The state of the game is so unhealthy, it doesn't even matter if you're the best player on your team that gets fed, you simply cannot carry. Not to mention the matchmaking BS that occurs in ranked. The algorithm is actually dumb that you can't proliferate a long winning streak without having people in a completely lower rank for example (4 people in your team are Silver 3 + one Bronze 2 while the other team has one Gold 5, three Silver 3's and one unranked). There's no quality of life improvements to make it easier for people to be put in teams where all individuals are of equal skill. Riot knows this, they do nothing about it and are happy to say we try our best to make sure matchmaking is fair in ranked but on the rare occasion it would skew one team in favour over the other - which by the way happens all the time.
Don't worry, [League of Memories](http://leagueofmemories.com/index) is coming soon. Here is a really good video [explaining why the real gamers are quitting the game](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqem7TI0XR4).
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: What does that have to do with anything?
So it wouldn't be a false positive.
Isaaco (OCE)
: Clash
Yeah, when's it coming back?
Astorine (OCE)
: But is he really the same champ any more?
: I can't help but feel cursed
It's been like this for a while now - and why popular streamers have quit the game.
: No namerino shamerino friend
Do you think the image is doctored?
: From BurstFire to Challenger - Episode #53 - Morgana Support vs Fiddlest...
: The video you linked was naming names. That's literally all it was, hence why the link was removed.
Yes and like other youtube videos, there are names being named. It wasn't on the boards directly! How about Riot actually address the issue. If you are online right now watching OCS, the guys in the channel all know the score on the guy who is currently back sitting on his #1 rank from wintrading.
: >**Reporting Other Players** >Please don't name names. If you see or hear about another person breaking the rules, send us a ticket directly so we can investigate and take action if necessary. We know that players report publicly with the best intentions, but it often leads to a witchhunt, rarely resulting in a positive discussion. We'll be taking action against players who have violated rules, so please report these players correctly. >Moderators will be looking for the following: >* Posts that accuse others of being toxic players in-game * Posts accusing others of malicious activity * Posts that accuse others of cheating or using illegal services * Posts accusing others of trolling in the boards (there’s a report button for that) https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/BjArMH2B-boards-universal-rules The only exception to that rule is bot accounts (because they aren't players). This isn't the place for reporting people.
Where did I name names? I just posted a youtube video link thats all. No names were posted on this board! These people in the video have been reported btw. But the player is still at #2 on the ranked list. Let me tell you, that I have a lot of experience in another field where players online try to cheat. And they get away with it because the field in which they are cheating in requires a skill level that players in lower divisions or elo would not recognise. A lot of people in these divisions would watch the video and then say "wow, he's just accusing people willy nilly" without actually doing a proper investigation. This is why the site in charge of the game needs to do one, now. If it means they need to hire higher level players to understand the claims, then be it. When you have these sort of players cheating, it not only brings down the level of skill of the entire region (looking at you Dire Wolves) because they cannot have proper practice, but it warps the entire ranking system in total. I'll give you an example. On the world's biggest chess site back in 2009-2011, the ratings were being overly inflated. This occured because multiple number of smurf accounts were feeding main accounts. The cheating was sophisticated enough because staff did not detect it. However of course players at a higher skill level could see the cheating blatantly. Because of this cheating and the fact that players respect higher ranking players, certain world class players were seen in the public's eyes to be 'weak'. This not only was totally incorrect but it affected their incomes, their respect and their overall perception of the site. Many of those players quit. It was not until they had a case of multiple titled players using the same blatant cheating methods (in order to protect their well-being they resorted to this), that the site finally decided to hire 1 person (that's right 1 person) to police the matter in ranked games. Now this site also had an automated system to detect cheating, but it wasn't working because the methods these players used was far too clever for it to recognise cheating. After this one person was hired, the cheating problem started to die down, and the site returned to some sort of normality around 2013. That's four years of messed up ranks, players being falsely judged in the publics eyes, lost income from professionals, and more general cheating and also more general 'sitting' on ranks to avoid cheaters. A totally messed up situation. If Riot Games Oceania is serious about this site, they need to do something now, before those situations happen to them also. You may think this is a dramatisation, but I can assure you that there is more than one example of a similar site that I can give, where that site has become a ghost town and players quit that site. Lower elo players will probably be oblivious to all of this (it is happening in Diamond 5+ games), but if you want to bring back skill to this game and not make it totally randomised depending on who is wintrading, then you need to do something now.
: Aurelion Sol should not have unit collision.
I played this guy in ARURF and he is tricky to pilot - he's like a jumbo jet
Bookbash (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bookbash,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=JbYjs2XX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-08T04:24:03.332+0000) > > And sometimes a wintrader, like the chinese guy in the top 10 currently. Oh look, someone has tried to notify them about this: **Chinese Wintraders reach RANK 1 on OCE** I'd like to see a Riot comment on this. Have guys blatantly cheat and ruin the game, but punish some for bad words... is that what you want Riot?
So your response is to sweep it under the rug by removing the link?
Bookbash (OCE)
: How is the game won in the current meta? A good question that Riot should be asking themselves before they release new patches. Let's try some of the answers: **Bronze-Gold**: The game is won by the team that does the penultimate throw. Or by the team that completely stomps some emotional kids. **Platinum**: The game is won by the team that does the penultimate baron throw. **Diamond 5-3**: The game is won either by the wintraders, or whoever does not disconnect, or troll. Failing those conditions, the game is actually a normal game, sometimes with smurfs in it. **Diamond 2+**: The game is won by the team with the most warding and macro sense. And sometimes a wintrader, like the chinese guy in the top 10 currently. Ok, that was rather generalistic, but you get the drift... the game is not won by a solocarry, unless its in low elo and its a split pushing tryndamere or something where macro doesn't exist. **In low elo**, players run around like chickens for kills, rather than keeping their eyes on the objectives and how to get them. Junglers farm in the bot lane when baron is up. Top laners don't take teleport and still lose lane. The opposing top laner with teleport does not know where to be or how to pressure the map. ADCs are all monkeys that don't know the difference between a trade or an all in. Can't position in teamfights. Split push when assasins are on the map and not visible. Better bot lane generally wins in low elo. Teamfights are taken without major cooldowns up. Some teamfights are not even taken, because players don't understand damage, or even what champions do in fights. Mid laners don't know how to flank in vision, during teamfights. Supports like Brand and Lux try to solocarry, when that is not possible. Sometimes Brand gets lucky with an ultimate. Mid lane Lux's are the worst. They don't realise how important it is to keep their mid lane tower, so they practically lose lane by what they do in the first two waves vs assasins. Old Leblanc is back and stomping fools. Just a quick summary.
> [{quoted}](name=Bookbash,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=JbYjs2XX,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-08T04:24:03.332+0000) > > And sometimes a wintrader, like the chinese guy in the top 10 currently. Oh look, someone has tried to notify them about this: **Chinese Wintraders reach RANK 1 on OCE** I'd like to see a Riot comment on this. Have guys blatantly cheat and ruin the game, but punish some for bad words... is that what you want Riot?
: > [{quoted}](name=Bookbash,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=sHL9vRia,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-02T10:59:19.931+0000) >Probably Riot OCE make the accounts and sell them themselves to boost income, who knows. Time to take off the tinfoil hat buddy.
Don't you mean the Teemo Hat? Because if this was one of Riot's priorities, they would have hired someone to fix this, along with the wintraders.
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