axeI (OCE)
: Couldn't agree more. I don't see why the admin/mod team on that server can't just have a tiny 10-20 ppl discord server where they all can chill, since it's only them talking to each other really. It's such a troll discord league community, and while i'm an advocate for free speech - these guys have no shame in inciting behaviour that would otherwise be called out for in real life. LoL already has a toxic OCE community, this _**"Rebranded Discord Server - Oceanic League Lounge"**_ compliments such toxicity to the next level where things that may offend or cause disunity towards individuals is left approved by the so called admin/mod team. It really is a cesspit and for those reading these posts - I highly recommend you DO NOT JOIN this server. The probability of being disappointed in joining a chill community atmosphere is high.
Hey, I'm sorry that you feel this way about our server. Since starting up the Oceanic League Lounge, we've strictly enforced our rules to enhance the experience of our members. I have not seen any instances of what you have mentioned in your comments in OLL. I would advise you to read through the Rules & Welcome page in our server, as it's clearly indicative that we take toxicity pretty seriously and don't condone it. I hope you give OLL a shot. Have a good day
jaromeo (OCE)
: What happened to the previous discord server?
The owner deleted it due to reasons that I don't want to discuss. You can ask one of the Admins on this server, they might want to talk to you about it.
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