Ytterby (OCE)
: you're meant to take like three camps and back with 350 gold to get the upgrade... you don't need 5 pots any more
Except most junglers you CAN'T clear 3 camps now....
Ytterby (OCE)
: you don't need 5 pots any more, just take both buffs then back and get your 350 gold upgrade and more pots.
That's not opening the jungle to any new meta though. I prefer to clear 3 buffs for the level before backing, but with most of my junglers now I can barely clear 2 buffs. Sona has a better clear than Shyvana even POST patch here.
: Some of these champion buffs are just stupid, Why is Jax and Shyvana being buffed? They don't need any help whatsoever, jesus why are you trying to bring this cancer back to top lane? Its bad enough we have Irelia and Gnar every game.
Notice it's 20% damage to MONSTERS. As in only jungle minions. Where shyvanna really needs the help, as she can only make half a clear (barely that) before she will die to any of the other camps. As for the twin-bite? As someone who loves Shyv, I'll take what I can get.
Malorne (OCE)
: > ALL DRAGONS GO ~~TO~~ Too* Dragon once again drops a soul for Thresh
Except it's not. It's referencing the movie "All Dogs Go To Heaven" and so it is correct....try harder


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