: What new feature would you most like to see in league of legends?
A balance team that's not perpetually drunk, and actually plays the game hehe xd
: when are you gonna make point and click ults non-existent? COUGH COUGH {{champion:1}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:30}} etc
If those ulti's are the biggest thing you have to complain about regarding game balance, you're really not paying attention to the game state are you? lol
FunZone (OCE)
: Active items are... boring.
The last thing league needs at the moment is MORE damage options. Everyone is running around one-shotting everyone already
Palmyy (OCE)
: Tanks and the trade-off(or lack thereof) between building tank and bruiser
Have been saying this for a long time. Conqueror helped but then it was nerfed early game and we're almost right back to where we started. Sadly, at the moment, if you want to do damage, pick a mage. If you want to be tanky, pick a tank.
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: Funny :P plat/diamond teemo main and 10-0 teemo placements on smurf to get placed in gold :^)
You could be challenger if you played an actual champion.
: Self Mystery Gifting Unlocked!
Got some mad legendary skins! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Dunkmaster Darius Project YI Alpha Squad Teeto Mecha Sion. Also got Lollipoppy, Lotus karma, Primal Udyr and highland Tryn. Thanks Rito {{summoner:31}}
HillmanFC (OCE)
: I think it's a good change because most tanks without hard cc (eg Mundo) can use Grasp of the Undying. I main Sion and he doesn't really have an optimal keystone right now, so i think this change will make all the tanks have a good keystone.
+1 Grasp has been the go to keystone for tanks since its inception. It will remain strong.
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
RuinScape (OCE)
: Banned for something I have never taken part in nor knew existed
Have you submitted a support ticket? Probably the best way to resolve this.
: What does it take to get an S?
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: there already is mecha khazix? dont know why they would release something so similiar
This is the Mecha skin line.... they're all already released XD its just the tease for the sion skin.
Mar3thyu (OCE)
: Tryndameres ult
If he doesn't get on top of someone squishy with his E almost immediately he's pretty easy to kite in a teamfight situation. Any kind of bruiser than can build frozen heart/randuins will fair better than most. Nasus and Jax both can completely screw him at most points in the game, as can irelia post lvl 3 (very tricky early). He can't really teamfight well vs most team comps that have even a smidge of disengage. If you're in low elo like me, play someone who can out scale and out-push him; beat him at his own game.
: New sion video - Kings never Die
That lvl1, 5 man knockup was DIRTY! Love it.
: When are you getting rid of blind pick?
I honestly don't see why it wasn't removed once team builder became a thing. I would use team-builder all the time if the que times weren't so horrifically long.
: Silver/Gold members wanted for semi-serious/fun ranked 5's Team
I might be keen. Ign: Brucinator Silver 4 atm. Always been a top lane but i have no issues with JG or mid other than having to expand my champ pool a bit. Toplane i can play Fizz, Irelia, Jax, Mao'kai, Nasus, Ryze, Sion, Vlad. Still learning hecarim and rumble, but i probs wouldnt trust myself no to suck vs anyone that knows what they're doing. Jg champs are mostly Fizz, Vi, Gragas, Skarner. Can also play Aatroxx, Mao'kai and sion, but not quite as good. Mid lane's probs my worst role other than botlane, my champ pools pretty small. Basically fizz, xerath and orianna. I can play lost of other champs, just not as comfortably as those three. Anyways, add me if you want and we can have a few games and see if everyones happy with it. I've got TS3 too, btw.
: Eggnivia is a thing so why not this
I honestly don't know why this isn't a thing? _Rito Plz_
RageGrace (OCE)
: Feeding intentionally is not the same as actually playing bad/having a bad game. You can tell by their gameplay whether it was intentional or not.
I think his point is; what's to stop players from reporting you for feeding, when in reality you've just had a bad game?
: Hi, i'm Bradley 'tgun' Seymour, Support for Team Immunity - AMA
I didn't have a question, but i just wanted to let the people @RIOT know i enjoy these threads, and thanks Tgun for your time answering questions!!!
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: dude i need skt zed, but im not worthy ._.
i got lee, jax and zed last time :D
ayejeremy (OCE)
: NEED THE ADC BUNDLE{{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:104}}
Bundle aquired. Happiness level; over 9000.
: MAKE IT PERMANENT (at least in customs so you can like 5v5 with friends)
I don't see why they can't leave it just fro custom games :(
3M4NT15 (OCE)
: NO IRELIA{{champion:39}} DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE NERFED {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
its a base damage nerf to her E? It's not going to affect her burst at all, and its only when you're maxing E first that you'll notice a differece, and it'll be negligible.
Crayons (OCE)
: and {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} imo
At least with fizz you need to hit a skill shot. lol
: OMG dat sexy kassadin rework lol lucky i just mastered kassadin{{champion:38}}
Lucky he's just been nerfed into the ground! lol
Charrd (OCE)
: Any nobody wants that back at all, that was just broke
It wasn't even broken. His damage was back on-par with other assassins at the time, his mobility was good, but only if you had the mana to sustain it. His early game was pissweak, and if he got behind he became useless. Nerfs were pretty dumb. He won't see competitive play in his current state.
: Over the next few days :D
~~BUT I WANT IT NOOOOOOWW!!! Lol.~~ i spose i can wait for free stuff...
: Start saving up for the 50$
~~who can even afford to spen $50 on a ftp game???~~ Yup, im saving up the $50 fo sure!
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
Thnx Rito! when do we get them?
Akyurt (OCE)
: um what is URF? please dont curse :
really? you missed URF? It's basically no mana or energy costs, and straight up 80% CDR.


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