Ninox (OCE)
: So I've found your entry, it was submitted with a Match History screenshot not a post game screenshot. As MH doesn't show club tags, we couldn't use such screenshots for entries, hence why we asked for post game. Other manual/late prizing went out 2 months ago, and we pushed to get one or two quite some time after the contest ended, but this is well outside of those bounds. There is no longer a way for us to give out more RP for this event, even if you still have a screenshot.
Alright, no worries. Thank chu.
Ninox (OCE)
: There were no entries at all, eligible or otherwise, containing your summoner name.
The entry was made, we were even on the highscore leaderboard for Oceania for a while when it was early in the contest. Our leader is named 1 11 2002
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Heya, so our team hasn't received the prize yet either, at least not to my knowledge. We did complete the points challenge and post a screenshot of the post-game lobby. We all had the same club tags as well. Were we not eligible?
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: That'd be a good idea. But just remember not to be scammed xD E.G: 1 skin for the price of 2, unless ofc it's a really nice looking skin
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