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IVIemes (OCE)
The community wants URF so badly all the time and we finally get it and it's bittersweet. Just give us URF how the players want it.. far out.
: Smurfs are getting out of control.
People who do well aren't always smurfs but are just having a spicy game. I do believe there are more smurfs then ever because of the long queue times at higher elo. That being said you have the chance to play against higher skilled players so it's not all bad. If you have a great team comp you should be able to out carry one person as a team. I know that team work doesn't always come easily but finding a duo/trio will help a lot.
04200 (EUW)
: literally perma banned after 1 bad game
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: its not a challenge its a complete stomp you cant fight super fed enemies if your just going even in your own lane because the enemy laner is just as evenly skilled as i am and good old gold 5 irelia is up 80 cs on my bronze 3 pantheon whos 20cs and 3 deaths then decides to afk and give up at 12minutes so then guess what my lanes done cause the fed irelia plus the talon im going even with is pushing my lane and my unranked jax with the 25% winrate in ranked out of 4 games had fed also man has the technology and the knowledge to fly to the moon walk on it and back yet they dont have the technology for a fair match up in a fucking video game.
Haha yeah. Match making, unfortunately, is not always fair. One can only hope you win more then you lose to gain 20 LP and lose 15 LP. Sadly if you get into a bit of elo hell it can be extremely hard to climb out of when the match making isn't balanced.
: You should just bump your other threads rather than keep making new ones.
Nothing wrong with making a new one.
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: Actually, normal games can be surprisingly difficult at times. I assume because you can get a mix of high and low elo players. Bronze may be difficult to get out of because you may have to learn how to carry a game. you can't rely on the others to be any good. I
They'll shove the words 'but it is a team game' down your throat but expect you to be able to carry by yourself. Love the logical thinking of the game designers.
Ingénue (OCE)
: We are getting to the point where the players in bronze have been there for so long, that they are beginning to give up. Bronze games are impacted heavily by a [negativity bias]( that is hard to break through. I could say that plat and diamond are easier than bronze, because in some ways they are. Your team has game knowledge that is lacking in bronze and the players are generally self-aware and sufficient. I still find bronze easy though, as I don't go in to a bronze game expecting players to be like in my normal ranked games. I know they are going to be tilted, and I know how to deal with this so that we can come out on top. I don't have to carry, I just have to be an encouraging force on the team. Boosters have always existed, so they can't be as big of a problem that everyone thinks. Dynamic q isn't going to make a division so much harder, especially when you have tools available to fight it. TL;DR change your mindset and you'll find bronze easy.
I think if it is known that bronze is hard to break out of and is impacting the community so harshly with their negative bias then Riot should work towards finding a solution. I think it's a slap in the face just to tell people to change their mindset since I know plenty of positive people in bronze who are let down by their team. This new update they are doing for the client in great and all but most people will vote for better game play then better graphics. So they should fix the game play and matchmaking issues first. But alas prettier game = more money.
Ingénue (OCE)
: When playing ranked, don't compare other's ranks as it will only get you down. **Everyone has hidden matchmaking rating, and that is what matchmaking is based off**. It doesn't look at your actual rank. Some people have MMR that is much higher/lower than their division, which is why if you judge everything based off rank, you get a bit confused and angry. Dynamic queue also plays a part in this, and it messes with the MMR of your team a little bit and puts you against harder opponents. [While matchmaking is a little bit messy sometimes, it isn't preventing you from climbing. ]( The thing is, if you are looking to climb and better yourself, you really shouldn't be complaining when a challenge like this presents itself. Just think of it as a learning opportunity. How could you have done better?
The problem with matchmaking is that it will pair people together expecting one person to carry. Example games where you have 4 members are on your team ranked silver 3-gold 5 and then have 1 person gold 2. The enemy team will have a similar match up but in most cases their gold 2 will be the mid and our gold 2 will be the support. What's the point in having a rank if it is not to represent your MMR so why shouldn't people go off peoples ranks. In my experience the gold 1 mid will outplay the silver 4 mid unless they have paid for a boost.
Some days for matchmaking are just different. Day 1 I will get great teams who work together and around similar MMR then going on a winning streak. Day 2 I'll get matched 4/4 games with tilted toxic d-bags and people who are in silver and bronze even though I'm G2.
: Match making system is plain garbage
That's only a normal isn't it. There can't be a level 5 in ranked ._. If it is normal then the rank system doesn't come into play when choosing teams but only takes into account normal MMR.
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: Yep. You have the same perception. Just pretend that there is no bracket. Colors don't exist. Behind each champion in your game is a nerd at a computer. And the 'bracket' is usually going to tell you how skilled that nerd is at playing league in general. And it Most CERTAINLY is not going to tell you how well they will play any specific champion in specific matchups with specific teammates. The only thing that a bracket is going to tell you is that they won enough games to get there
Essentially what you're saying is that you could go up against a diamond, master or challenger player and beat them because ranks don't matter? Honestly if you can do that post a video I'd like to see that. Until then I'd say yes bronze, silver and gold ranks aren't really that far apart skill wise but it is the small things that set them apart. Arguably gold players are going to have more map awareness, better kiting skills etc then a bronze player. I'd prefer to practice those skills against others that have map awareness and kiting skills so I can get better.
: You just tried to discredit this dude by using breast milk and data from a site that you yourself had already discredited 17 hours earlier. You're really good at this internet thing. Also, I bet the plats that have been carrying you have been real happy to be matched with a trash gold3 player
I don't credit anything except to point out that his toxic opinions of me were based on data from a website that shows my MMR being higher then his. Being a white knight is only cute when you know what you're talking about.
Nijel (OCE)
: I can confirm that as a D4 Support main I've been matched with anything between plat 5 and master over the last two days. That's with autofill being active nearly 24/7 too. The last couple of matchmaking changes, while made with the best of intentions, have caused this unpredictably seemingly everywhere, at least according to this thread. At least the queue times are decent at certain times of the day ; )
Honestly I'd prefer a longer queue time then be matched with people 2-3 divisions below my own. It doesn't allow me to learn anything from better plays to climb further. If I'm going to be matched with people below my MMR as a support since we can't carry we should lose less LP. Some of the game play that we have to endure gives me nightmares.
: At some point Riot are going to have to realize they are between a rock and a hard place. Either invest more money into resources to find better solutions to 2 issues that are countering each other or resolve one issue and keep half the community happy and let the other half suffer. It's really that simple because they have been piss farting around with this for months now and it's only gotten worse. I am also a sup main that can fill any role confidently accept mid. Yet I can't for the life of me win 3 or more games in a row in ranked because I keep getting paired with people who aren't at my level or put against people who are far better and romp us. Under normal circumstances you look at the scenario and think ok yeah so a few people having issues climbing and having fun games but, bigger picture: Aus region is already struggling to contend with other regions and without fresh new talent climbing the ranks and getting the best opportunity to improve with competitive match ups, well do the math. It's not looking good for Aus.
Yeah my main gripe is that I spend hours climbing to a league only to lose LP because I've been match with an against people substantially lower (2-3 divisions). Autofill seems okay since in chat you can swap around and at a certain MMR you should have enough skill to play each role. It's just unfortunate if you have to verse someone in an autofill role and they have it as their main role.
Sneed (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bunny,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=TgxeX02E,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2016-08-02T02:02:28.985+0000) > > Considering you don't know how much LP I win and lose I doubt you can speculate whether my MMR is trash. A champion pool is subjective to each individuals skill and personal preference.
It's not an accurate measurement. Check again and it will be different. Again you know nothing.
Sneed (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bunny,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=TgxeX02E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-02T00:16:15.658+0000) > > What your mmr is trash and so is your champion pool
Considering you don't know how much LP I win and lose I doubt you can speculate whether my MMR is trash. A champion pool is subjective to each individuals skill and personal preference.
King Nova (OCE)
: Ranked: Banning your teamates Champion
I totally agree with "your teammate has select this champion are you sure you want to ban". Because sometimes people are just dense and alt tabbed and don't even realise. If they miss the banning phase because they weren't quick enough then they deserve that dodge anyway. They should pay attention. If someone is still willing to ban a champion you have shadow picked then yes they're just toxic and you'll probably lose anyway.
Wrathina (NA)
: I Cried While Playing League
I went through this stage of absolute frustration and got completely disgusted with the game. Thing that helped me a lot was /mute all as soon as I got into the game and I cannot believe how much this helped. Eventually I stopped doing this and whenever I had someone in my game that made me want to type something in chat that wasn't game related I just mute them immediately. It also helped me to look at the game differently by not playing to win but to play to have fun. There is definitely a fine line with this and you should still remember the basics of building properly and not making stupid decisions. You still play to win but you have to remember the fun aspects first. When I did this I started to win more and have a good time. Number one thing I would do is to focus on mastering one thing at a time. First I'd find the champion styles that suit you e.g. I play well with AP mages vel'koz, lux, orianna etc etc. I can pick up t hose t types of champions and do better on those then anything else because it comes naturally. Second focus on not dying and not greeding kills. It is so much more important not to die then it is to get kills. Number three is just to have map awareness and try and help your team as much as possible by ganking and being there for them if they're caught out. But remember not to die int he process of trying to help them. Overall employing these things will make League less stressful :)
: What's wrong with the matchmaking is peoples' perception of rank. They should just scrap the whole gold>silver>bronze business because it completely skews everyone's idea of how skilled they are, or how skilled they think the system thinks they are. There should be a prerequisite of like, 200 ranked games before entering that labeled system
The ranking system shouldn't be left to peoples perception of anything. Yes people get boosted or people smurf but eventually with good play or bad play the end up where they are supposed to be. All my post is trying to indicate is that even if people are boosted or smurfing in my bracket it doesn't matter because I'm not even playing with my bracket. Honestly if I grind through gold which some speculate it can take months to get through gold or silver-gold then I want to be playing with people in gold. Surely that isn't to much to ask to play with people in your own damn bracket instead of people 2 tiers down. Sure that person in Bronze might be just as good or they might not be so I'd rather not roll a dice 50/50 with that and just get people in my own MMR in gold.
Sneed (OCE)
: support main made to suffer cancerous champion pool babyrage not to mention you're playing sona all wrong. where is the lichbane rush and the sightstone skip in favour of trinket, then sell boots 50 minutes into the game for a sightstone and then get caught warding i love support players
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Miicka (OCE)
: Most Fun 3150 Champ?
The funnest champions are definitely personal and subjective to the player. I'd offer some advice though and that is to find the style of champion you like. For example I do well with and enjoy the long range AP mages. Morgana, Orianna, Lux and Zyra as an example are a few of the AP mages I like. I enjoy playing all of them but my number one champion I have fun with is Lux. Even though all the others are AP mages and I find them all fun I think Lux is just my number one and can always play a game with her and win or lose I'll have a good time.
: Wouldn't it be better if support & Adc to be in mid rather than bot?
If they were mid it would be easier to gank them from either side whereas there's only one side a jungler can come in from and you just keep it warded. Of course this isn't SUCH a big deal and could work I suppose but you'd need more wards to keep mid full of vision.
Gnarchos (OCE)
Only way to counter her is to not feed her early so she can snowball. But obviously that's not always realistic and pretty hard sometimes. She can get f'd pretty easily though with CC and (if she isn't to fed) build some defensive items (which most people don't.) If she did get nerfed though she would be garbage and no one would pick her.
: Current Matchmaking is Garbage
I thought a Bronze player cannot queue with a Gold player because it skips a whole tier division. But in matchmaking I've had a Bronze on my team or the enemy team and I am in Gold. To me that doesn't seem right and regardless of MMR they generally get stomped. It most cases an enemy team or my team might have someone unranked and then someone like a Gold 1 where everyone else is Silver 1/Gold 5 and it really doesn't even out anything. The unranked player feeds and now the Gold 1 player who queued as support has to out carry the Gold 5 Fizz on the enemy team. If that makes sense to anyone at all? That's how I mostly lose. I lose because of people feeding so incredibly hard that it is impossible to out carry a snowball before 20 minutes and at that point they've already pushed to the base towers. I only want to be matched with people in my division with the roundabout same MMR and none of this BS where one gets an unranked/bronze and a platinum to even the match versus all silvers and golds. That platinum player just snowballs early because he's vs someone a tier below him/her. This is what frustrates me about this game. Never have I played so many games where they have been one sided with people going 0-14 or 0-9 .. the matchmaking isn't balanced at all.
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheOneUser,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=FNaqlvjd,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-07-13T15:30:54.411+0000) > > Mute the enemy team, mute your team, mute ping volume. idrk about this one, like sometimes they might give a pretty useful ping but in bronze, definitely yes. I guess that's what you would have to weigh up. Weather or not their pings are going to be useful or continue to be a hindrance.
Yeah most of the time they aren't useful... like when you've been caught out and there is no possible escape so you're just waiting to die.. meanwhile Lee Sin is pinging to be careful over and over.. like thanks bro x.x
DipperOCE (OCE)
: I would pay for this. Pings are more toxic than actual players these days.
Haha don't say that they actually might make you pay for it.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: I know you don't intend to be closed minded, but you just are. You have labelled Lux Jungle as troll, report worthy and game ruining without seeing it. You said you would be mad if someone picked it with no greater knowledge than that they picked it. Riot designs champions with a lane/role in mind, yes. But that doesn't always turn out to be the best, or at least not the only role they work in. Example: tank Ekko jg. They designed him to be a squishy ap assassin mid lane/top lane, but instead a few weeks later he was primarily a tank jungler. Your points don't make any sense, and to prove you wrong I will explain a few things. First of all, have you seen Karthus jg? He is a somewhat squishy mage for mid lane. But he can be a lot stronger jg, because he can farm effectively, gaining his core items without the stress of assassins stopping him, he has a lot of slows built in especially when he gets Rylai's, his clear is very quick and healthy, and his ultimate becomes 10x more effective when he can use it at any moment instead of having to walk back to fog of war or 2nd tier tower. Lux jungle is very similar, and she makes a lot of sense as a jungler. Of course she will never be put to as good use as mid or support, but as a jungler she definitely isn't troll. Her clear with a 2 unit bind and 2 time shield, with a good aoe ability that also slows multiple units, she holds up well. She provides a lot of CC against a melee dominant role. Her ganks are good due to her high range and offers a shield for teammates, she obviously has a lot of CC to help get kills, and the same as Karthus, her ultimate gains a lot more opportunity and surprise than lane Lux. Again, she will never be as good as lane Lux, or as useful, but it is no where near a "troll" pick, and will never be report worthy. This is why Riot doesn't share the same view as you, and it isn't report worthy, and most of all they not only can't lock roles because of impracticality in lane trades, but also won't because it ruins innovation like we always see. Thank you, I would like to end this discussion here.
Most of the innovative picks come from Korea with a lot of theory crafting involved to create those new builds that are off meta. I don't think a lot of the people I play with in Silver and Gold are theory crafting at all when they pick off meta champions. You basically prove my point yourself by saying Lux jungle will never be as good as lane Lux. My point is jungle Lux is for normals and ranked Lux is for lane. You pick your strongest champions and the strongest champions for those lanes to give you the biggest chance of winning. Of course if you are a God at jungle Lux and can go positive and have a large impact then sure. But most people don't practice these champions in off meta lanes or with off meta builds and put their entire team through 20-30 minutes of hell because they want to test something. Therefore it IS a troll pick if you have no idea what you are doing in a ranked game. Pick it in normals and it isn't trolling because I consider that to be a non competitive testing ground to get you ready for ranked. You also cannot just express that you would like to end the discussion here when I have had no chance of rebuttal. That's simply immature and disrespectful. I've said my piece and I still disagree with you and you may still disagree with me. I accept that both of our opinions are different and we may not agree. Now the discussion can be closed.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: It just makes me mad when they go in and die for no reason, the blame it on the pick, as if the game isn't winnable. "Just report top pls".
I've had plenty of feeders in my game who are meta picks and don't just say 'just report top pls'. It's not my intent to just be close minded and tell people they can't play a certain champion in a certain role. When Riot creates a new champion they have a specific lane and a specific goal in mind for that champion to accomplish. There are reasons why champions are less effective in certain lanes. Personally if someone took a champion like Lux into the jungle in my ranked game I'd be pretty mad because it's just ineffective and creates hard work for not only the person playing them but their team. I think yes you should be reported if you pick something troll like Lux jungle because it doesn't just effect you but your entire team. There is also a reason why Anivia is not a good ADC so why pick it if it is going to result in a loss. It is a team game after all and we should all consider other people when choosing champions. Yes it is fair to say we should all play what we want but there is such a large champion pool that people are bound to have play styles within each role that suit them. If they get jungle but they really really want to play Lux they should pick a jungle champion to win the game and do what is best for the team then go play a normal with Lux or queue for mid (even support).
Bunny (OCE)
: Mute Individuals Pings [POLL] EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE
Keep up voting this post and having your say in the poll. If Riot sees lots of votes there is more chance of this happening!
Knuuckles (OCE)
: What so then you can yell at them for not calling Mia ?
I think it's common sense that if someone is abusing the ping system and you mute them you're not going to then turn around and abuse them for not pinging. Seems like a silly comment ??
: One time this feeder noob kept pinging so much that I actually couldn't leave the shop area at the start of the match in Summoner's Rift, even though the starter barrier was already down. Otherwise if it weren't the ping spams, somebody was cheating and targeting me with some bullsheet then. -.- Everything was working but there was something invisible preventing me from leaving, I even tried flashing before I decided to just reconnect lol.
: Yeah i could back this.
Awesome thanks for the vote man!
Tele (OCE)
: I got a guy in a ranked game once who only used "back" ping. It was the most tilting experience I've ever had. Somehow we won though XD Muting pings would be a very welcome change IMO
Haha yeah.. it is more tilting then people actually realise. When you make a mistake and someone is purposeful sitting there pinging.. they know exactly what they're doing.. they're not trying to be helpful! >:/
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Tele (OCE)
: It's all relative really IMO. If you play **Sion** or **Elise** support on OCE and loose, most people will assume you're just a troll. But in Korea those are respectable solo queue picks. There's countless picks like this where the meta shifts and people innovate. Take for example **Rumble** jungle, **Nautilus** support, **Morgana** support... etc. I do understand though, it super annoying for me too when I get someone who's not trying to innovate and just wants to play a sub-optimal pick. I consider it the price we pay for giving people the freedom to innovate and play what they want. Don't forget that dodging is always an option too. It's far better to loose 3 LP and no MMR, than 20 LP and some MMR.
Yeah I suppose I see your point but when people are picking Annie top as last pick into a Darius and we have no tank I have to assume they are just a troll. I think there is a time and place to innovative and playing something completely off meta in a role that could arguably be a disaster should be discouraged somehow. Especially if this is your first time picking that particular champion in that role. But that's just me wanting to whinge about a few bad games. It's unfortunate that I can't just log on and have a few good games and enjoy myself with serious competitive play but I guess this what you get when you play this game. League is definitely like being in an abusive relationship.
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: Thank you but i have no idea of how to get my wins up cause im constantly getting paired with trash people XD
I definitely had that feeling a few days ago and changed my outlook on the game. I understand it's not my team and it's not the match making system but it is my attitude. I stopped blaming my team and started encouraging them and where no encouragement was accepted I just /mute all so I don't get tilted myself. I only type to give positive affirmation (wow yasuo nice kill) and to say when objectives are up. These things helped me a lot and I was at a 45% win rate and now I'm at 70%. As soon as you stop blaming your team it's like the game actually becomes fun. Play people who are fun for you and w ho you do well with and you will win games. You will play better and end up carrying your team. Champions who are broken and you don't want to play should be banned and all others you should find the one you have fun on. But try not to be too crazy and go Annie jungle for example cause dat shit just don't work.
: @Riot. Please try to fix your community.
I found that changing my outlook on the game and community has improved peoples attitudes around me. Sometimes it doesn't always work but then /mute all comes in handy. People will always flame but as long as you aren't the cause of this you will have an overall better experience. Even if you aren't necessarily trying to be negative sometimes passive aggressive comments/actions may cause others to tilt of the face of the Earth. Try DTS (d*ck sucking theory > guide can be found @SkyWilliams on Youtube) it has worked wonders for me and I have gone from a 45% W/L to 70% by only changing MY attitude. #1 advice to climb: DON'T blame your team! My friend went from gold 5 to plat 4 with this ^^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
They've looked at this problem in the way of /remake at 3 minutes when you have a disconnect. I know this doesn't really help when you have an AFK in your game after the time period is up but out of 20 games as an example you would be pretty unlucky to get even 1 AFK. I've definitely had days where it feels like I get nothing but leavers but at least in the last 20 games I have had I haven't had one and if I had it was a D/C at 3 minutes to which we could remake. I think the loss prevention you are talking about could probably be exploited if you knew you were going to lose the game so someone just left for the benefit of the rest of the team. I know it's not highly possible in solo queue but it could definitely happen and the last thing Riot would want is to have their features exploited for personal gain. The only gain they want is how big their wallets are becoming. Loss prevention is typically only used in cases where this is a significant amount of people have connection issues. To which Riot will activate Loss Prevention because it is a problem with their servers.
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