Gispry (OCE)
: rip just sold my mac, anyone know of a good free music making program for windows?
I'm using audacity...its the only free software my laptop can handle...and I can tell you its a real {{champion:157}} to use haha
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest - Sponsored by Logitech!
Another question - Nothing too risque or violent in nature; Say I'm converting Lightbringer into a rap, reusing their lyrics (which is already a dark violent theme), would this be allowed? Assuming I don't go into specifics and use curses, I'm simply extending their story.
Perigan (OCE)
: Hi all, as we're after original recordings of your covers for this contest, we won't be releasing anything from the base tracks.
"We" won't be, but does that mean we can't get free use 'trap' versions for example and credit it? Say I wanted to remix the trap version, or sing over a free use instrumental someone posted on youtube, would that be within the rules?
Chikorita (OCE)
: Is it at all possible to be given instrumental versions of the songs? Worth a shot aha
I agree. I'm not very good/have decent music software (other than audacity ahaha), so scrubbing lyrics off songs is near impossible for me
: Proximity Chat comes to Voice
: Patch 8.5 notes
OE? Orange Essence? Isn't that a thing of the past?
Rioter Comments
: Upcoming Changes to Rotating Game Modes
While the aftermath of URF may result in a drop in players, the time URF is out surely the League playerbase is increasing massively? (queue rant): I have been getting progressively worse at League since 2016. Logically, this doesn't make sense as I play as much now as I did. What I have come to realise is my pure distaste for this game originates from the fact that League players have to adapt as the game evolves. It's either play a new way or lose. And the way the game is evolving is a path I very much dislike, and as such because I don't like playing a certain way, I am losing more and more. For example, I have never been good at assassins or mages or adc's, my playstyle is tanky support. Along comes Ardent Censer, and boom my lane turns to ashes and the only way I can adapt is to play crappy supports like {{champion:40}} or learn a new role which I hate. So I went to toplane. I got good at it. BOOOOOOOMMMMM PRESEASON. Toplane is garbage, my support is garbage, I hate every other lane... A game shouldn't require the players to constantly change what they are comfortable at. A game should remain the same. Granted, I understand balances are constantly in order, and that is fine, I understand that every patch will be something that was overlooked, but changing the whole meta of the game is not good. Back to URF, last ARURF was what bought back my will to play. To play Ornn, my newest and most beloved champ, was what I wanted most. 'Oh, it's only snow themed champs; Oh, still can't pick my champ' but there is hope *remembered absolutely adoring AP Ashe in previous URFS* - *Gets Ashe 6 times in champ select and every single time someone dodged*. I genuinely had my ideal champ 6 times and not once did I play her, despite playing 5-10 games EVERY DAY ARURF was out... So yes, after the gamemode vanished, I once again left League as it clearly was something I didn't enjoy. If URF had of been what I remembered and cherished, it would have bought me back...alas...
Essembie (OCE)
: FALSE The loud match found sound means you can step away from the PC while waiting for the game to be found but still hear it in time to return to the room and press accept.
The thing is, if i'm leaving the pc, i'd turn sound up. But if i'm ever in a position where I can't hear the laptop (like other side of house or in bathroom), it wouldn't matter how loud it is, because I wouldn't hear it anyway. So I'd rather it just be same volume as everything else. And I mean, if you're on the computer, it pops up anyway so I think its just unnessecary
Rioter Comments
CoIdflay (OCE)
: Champion Mastery 8
I don't really care what it looks like, just don't make it S's needed. Especially if its a champion thats popular, it is becoming harder and harder...Getting Ornn to rank 5 I got countless S's, it was so easy...same playstyle and I'm getting A+ consistently but shit all S
: Does rank necessarily determine someone's game knowledge?
I think so; I'm a silver player. Well, I hate ranked so I don't try climbing, but thats what i've been given twice after provs. I feel I have a great understanding of the game. My macros are good. I'm just an average player. I don't like grinding champs, I don't play flavour of the month champs, sometimes I know diving/staying on low health but I stay anyway cause whatever, and to top it off, im a console player, my accuracy with a keyboard and mouse is very average (i sometimes struggle clicking on the small krugs ffs...). But all in all, I feel if I got better and playing pc games and i developed a want to climb I think I could atleast get gold if not platinum. So yes. In terms of knowledge, I feel I have a very good knowledge/use of macros. I just don't apply it all the time.
Rioter Comments
: I try to play champs that i dont et tilted on, like ivern or bard, goofy champs. little things like that have made me go from toxic as hell to not as toxic except to the chinese feeders.
I don't think I'm racist in the slightest...but when someone feeds, says something like "chiang bao xo" or whatever and follows it with "so bad", it just irks the right shit out of me
Rioter Comments
: Patch 7.3 notes
So, my profanity filter is permanently on in game, even with it checked off in client. My loading screen has a weird window border at the top despite being borderless and reloading. Border now fixed, but ingame I couldn't see any champions and had to reconnect. Come on. On the brightside, atleast names in game are fixed.
: Some thoughts on Support
Just something I wanna put out there; I'm a support main; I play support about 95% of my games, and I'm comfortable there. However, you know when you get that urge to play a champion? Well, sometimes I really, reaaaaallllyyyy wanna play jg, or mid, or top...and have a shit computer means I'm nearly always last pick, and people type "ur sup"...its just fking annoying...I love support, but when I don't want to play it, I really, don't want to play it... Rant over...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Hate to be that guy, but it's been over 60+ games since I got a key fragment. lets say, 6 of those were f2p champs, and more than half were losses, yet still - my friends i play with get fragments. I remember hearing them say "Ooh I got a key" multiple times after we play a game together...and keys. I have 6 chests waiting to be opened for god knows how long...where's this 'force drop'?
UPDATE: Got a key. Well, got 3 keys. In a row. wtf
: Hate to be that guy, but it's been over 60+ games since I got a key fragment. lets say, 6 of those were f2p champs, and more than half were losses, yet still - my friends i play with get fragments. I remember hearing them say "Ooh I got a key" multiple times after we play a game together...and keys. I have 6 chests waiting to be opened for god knows how long...where's this 'force drop'?
Update, me and friend won 5 games in a row, total of 4 S's amongst us -he got 3 keys in 5 games. me...none. sick of this
: Ask Riot: Haz keys, no haz bugs please?
Hate to be that guy, but it's been over 60+ games since I got a key fragment. lets say, 6 of those were f2p champs, and more than half were losses, yet still - my friends i play with get fragments. I remember hearing them say "Ooh I got a key" multiple times after we play a game together...and keys. I have 6 chests waiting to be opened for god knows how long...where's this 'force drop'?
: Hi can you republish the Nightmare AI mode? I really want to play it
Yeah I joined about a season after doom bots, and it looked really fun - and potentially frustrating
: Dynamic queue and the future of League
I have an idea First of all, idk how often they hear it but people need to say it more often. THANK YOU RIOT FOR LISTENING. There are a lot of players in the world and only a small % work for riot, so I can understand there wil always be problems {{item:3070}} -Similarly to how clans work, make a system where you can add people - not as friends, because that involves time and having the others agree and I personally hate a full list of friends who i dont know. SO maybe a system where you tick a person u played with, they fall under a list, when u start a ranked dynamic lobby, you select the list and it invites all those who are online. That way you can find 'friends' who aren't friends. It could speed up the searching algorithm, and you may potentially play with someone a couple of times and go on to friend them and play more? Thoughts? Maybe thats how clans were supposed to work, but they have a player cap and feel a little too personal
: League less lonely: launching Clubs
How can I find other clubs? I have a uni LAN in 2 weeks, but wanna see if i can find some people earlier
: L E A G U E O F T H U N D E R L O R D S
Even supports are performing better with thunderlords than the Resolve? tree
Talon12 (OCE)
: mine works. 104 means 1 min 4 sec.... the 120 is probs 1:20
Nah it works out to be 2 hours, or 120 minutes. And I can do the math, its just kinda annoying not being able to just 'see'
: New champion select roundtable
When's this coming in? I really want to try this and play Legend of the Poro King before I move house and be out of internet for like 2 weeks
Rioter Comments
: I think you don't really understand the point of "Obvious weaknesses" Kog'maw isn't broken because of 2 reason's right now. 1. Lack of mobility 2. Reliance on items (this is the pre-season patch) If you basically remove #1 because of this spell (which you basically would be able to) then you have other problems of this SS just being like flash in that it's basically required on every champion. And for the love of god, i don't want everyone having what is essentially 2 flash summoner spells. Reduce would be borderline broken, especially if you just build Ionian boots and have the CD reduction on summoner spells (having a 100 second window to gank someone who just popped their flash isn't a meaningful weakness.
I don't think you really understand the fact that this was an idea okay? you don't have to shoot down everything I say
: Flash while it may be counterproductive at this point is required in the game, or else we will face the worst of mobility creep. As for your concept of rewind, fact is it's a waste of a slot really, having 2 summoners that have utility rather then one that does (IE: TP/Flash over TP/Reduce) makes a huge difference. Not to mention i think you under estimate just how annoying this spell is, it's not going to be a "Use this to get your SS off CD now" it's going to be "i used a SS now i will use Reduce", Add to this Summoner spell CD reduction available (ionian boots and Mastery) and it means instead of having a 200ish second flash, you now have a 100ish second flash (and that is disgusting.)
But like I said, base cd, so lets say Reduce ignores applied cooldowns reductions to SS, its not actually that bad of a spell. If you are a champion like Riven or Fizz who has high mobility and can go without flash, then its use it quite high as they will have a hell of a lot more 1v1 chances. Yet on someone like kogmaw mid, having flash with the ability to reduce would be quite good
Rioter Comments
: One For All will soon return to the workshop
This gamemode was frustrating, I only enjoyed about 10% of my games thanks to the enemy playing strong champions. I would recommend in the future to increase the ban size, with 127 playable champions, 6 bans is not enough.
: Patch 5.20 notes
Honestly Riot, I think you did it. You made the correct buffs and nerfs to champions, release an awesome champion, a new gamemode AND awesome skins all in one patch. You may mess up some times with balancing, but I forgive you{{summoner:30}}
: The 2015 ranked season draws to a close
Im happy I got Silver V - I won 3 games, lost 7, silver v! not complaining
pondweed (OCE)
: So you dodge the champ select, and the matchmaker starts searching for another 10 players but then finds the same people you were just with. This wouldn't work as you would still be paired with the same trolls. {{item:3151}}
Yeah, the fact that we can report someone for trolling and be put in the lobby with the same person is stupid, but voting to dodge champ select would be good because it would give you the option to not continue searching for a game for 2min or so, enough time to find a new set of players
: Champion Reveal: Kindred, the Eternal Hunters
Anyone else think this champion is just...beautiful?
: Patch 5.17 Notes
I think the numbers above the HUD on things like 'devourer' are harder to see. Not sure what happened, but especially on Spellthiefs where the item is light blue and the number is white, its hard to see at a glance {{item:3303}}
: Party IP Weekend begins!
You really couldn't do a whole Party Week could you {{item:3070}} My university mates are all going to be here on Monday and we are having LAN and playing all night...
: and that teemo change omg
Everyone hated the idea of buffing Teemo, me included, but it's actually not as bad as we all think. Yes, he is as annoying as ever, but it's not game changing...however, Darius and Mord buffs...
: Patch 5.15 notes
Is there any chance you can change the champion stats, so we don't have to hold 'C' to see them? I have C changed to my main active item, so I have to use an odd letter to see them, making it awkward.
jesoni (OCE)
: Please Make GARENS SPIN(E) Have A Slow. That is ALL.
Are you serious? That would be ridiculous - Long silence on his Q and a slow on his E...nah, this new change is going to be all he needs
: Why did everyone hate on the new hud during the release anyway?
Because it's change and everyone hates change.
Manufa (OCE)
: ***
Lolololol, there's always one salty person isn't there. The new HUD is better. In (almost) every aspect. And much like all changes to the game, you will have to deal with it. And as a great man once said: "Put a mirror at the end of your bed and wake up to yourself"
: Rally your classmates for the next uni tournament!
Rats, so we cant have a team with 5 players from 5 uni's..
: The HUD update ready to go live with 5.14!
Is there anyway to revert back to old HUD? Say if you don't like it?
: New player reform system heads into testing
Second. Cause I have never said it before
yunie (OCE)
: We're not even at 5 million a couple days in. Did Riot forget that a few countries have exams, and E3?
Exactly, 90% of my friends are having exams atm, and so I'm struggling to get 5 mans. Heck, I didn't even know about this challenge until 2 days left! {{item:3070}}
Tr4p Meme (OCE)
: i was underwhelmed at that ekko 'nerf'. like ekko can still destroy any champs anus... but gg on the kat nerf so gud now i dont have to die in mid against her <3
Ekko doesn't need a nerf. Riven needs a nerf. Kat could still do with a better rebalance. Darius is extremely strong. Ekko's not.
: HUD Update
Im guessing there's the option to change back to normal HUD? Maybe have it so you can change one or two things about it; I like the TAB system, but others not so much
: Champion Mastery live!
Woo, finally people will understand that when I select {{champion:201}} I am not a noob! I love this guy!
: ***
Not true, it's like most other things; we have less people, and so less people to be brilliant. So for every 20 diamond player in NA, there will be 1 in OCE.
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