: Patch 8.23 notes
A bit late guys...
: You can try and fix the issue by going to the Riot Games folder, League of Legends, RADS, Projects, lol_game_client, releases,select the most recent patch and then delete all those files. After that you should be reinstalling the new patch. Thats how I fixed mine idk about anyone else
I just renamed the folder just in case, and it is redownloading fine (3.7 GB). we'll wait and see if it works
: Error code 003
Same, I can log in, view match history, open store, crafting, change summoner icon etc but can't start a lobby or spectate anyone.
Pochik bud (EUNE)
: I once got 31/2/13 cs:144 an still got an A, it really pissed me off Since then I have decided that it is officially impossible to get an S with Garen
Nice to see people care about this 2 years later
: So why is there no trading champions? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I believe it is a bug, you are ment to be able to trade champs, since this was hastily thrown together it is an error client or server side for this patch. Hence why there is PBE testing each and every time a RGM is due to go out next patch.
Rito: But don't you wanna play Ornn? But don't you wanna play ORNN??? BUT DON'T YOU WANNA PLAY ORNN??? YOU SHOULD PLAY ORNN!!!!
: Duskblade has a loss of 120 damage. For simplicity of math, lets say all assassins are at lvl 18 with 350 AD _(and thats being stingy, we both know most of them would be well over 400)_ Taking their full combo damage into account, lets have a look. ________________________ Kayn's Q gains a 10% scaling, 10% of 350 is 35. That leaves Kayn with 35 more damage on his Q. Kayn's R gains a 25% scaling, 25% of 350 is 88. Kayn - 120 + (35 + 88) = 5 Kayn has a net gain of 5 extra damage. **BUFF** _______________________ Kha'Zix gains 10% Scaling on his Q, but loses 15 base damage. 10% of 350 is 35 - 15 = 15. Kha's Isolated Q gains 62% scaling, and 28 base damage. 62% of 350 = 217 + 28 = 245. Kha'Zix - 120 + 245 = 125 Kha'Zix has a net gain of 125 extra damage. **BUFF** ______________________ Nocturne's R gains 30% scaling and 50 base damage. 30% of 350 = 105 Nocturne - 120 + (105 + 50) = 35 Nocturne has a net gain of 125 extra damage. **BUFF** ______________________ Rengar's Q gains 10% scaling. 10% of 230 = 35. Rengar's E gains 10% scaling. 10% of 350 = 35. Rengar's R gains 20% scaling. 20% of 350 = 70 Rengar - 120 + (35 + 35 + 70) = 20 Rengar has a net gain of 20 extra damage. **BUFF** _____________________ Shaco gains a 70% scaling, and 50 base damage (plus an extra AP scaling I wont even bother to include). 70% of 350 = 245 Shaco - 120 + (245 + 50) = 275 Shaco has a net gain of 275 extra damage. **BUFF** _____________________ Talon's passive gains 70 base damage. His R gains 20% scaling, 20% of 350 = 70. Talon - 120 + (70 + 70) = 20 Talon has a net gain of 20 extra damage. **BUFF** ____________________ Wukong's Q gains 40% scaling. 40% of 350 = 140 Wukong - 120 + 140 = 20 Wukong has a net gain of 20 extra damage. **BUFF** ___________________ Zed is a little more complicated, lets focus just on his shuriken. If you are the first target of all 3 shuriken you will now receive (220 + 315) x 3 = 1605. As opposed to (220 + 315) + ((220 + 315) - 134) + ((220 + 315) - 134 = 1337. 1605 - 1337 = 268 - 120 = 148 Zed has a net gain of 148 extra damage (and thats without the extra damage added on his ult). **BUFF** ___________________ Lee Sin's R gains 150 base damage. Lee Sin - 120 + 150 = 30 Lee Sin has a net gain of 30 extra damage. **BUFF** ___________________ Yes. I did the maths. These changes give everyone except Kha'Zix a more powerful game between starting the game and getting first item _(a time where assassins SHOULD NOT BE POWERFUL)_. and when it's late game and everyone is full build all of these champions with or without duskblade, are stronger than before. So yea, in my books, thats a buff.
At least Jarvan didn't get a compensation buff for the Duskblade nerf. Less flag-n-drag + ult one-shots thank god.
: See, what Riot needs to do, is identify bots, wait until they are sold @ lvl 30 or whatever (when the account email/password changes), and then ban them. That way, the people buying bot leveled accounts suffer, and it kills the business of botting. Banning a bot account while it's still a bot account does nothing. A drop in the bucket.
Would it be better if Riot detected a bot, only matchmake it with other bots to avoid ruining other players fun until lvl 30, and ban it after it plays one SR pvp game? And if there isn't enough bots to make up a game, Riot temporarily makes up 4 other bots on their side to play with them?
: So, you've temporarily (i hope) murdered vision control in the jungle, as sightstone is no longer a thing we now have to choose between placing wards or clearing wards meaning we can either gank well and lose all our jungle to invades we cant see (sweeper) or not get invaded all the time and get spotted everytime we try gank (vision) Also turned Elder Dragon into effectively a Nuke if you get any past the first. Also, you seem to have some kind of hatred for caster mages, you keep getting rid of mana regen items that work well across the board, meaning you either have to grab one not suited to the champion, or get destroyed in lane by anyone with lower mana requirements than you
Hatred for caster mages? I mean they have given more Lost Chapter upgrades to help all types of mages, but are you complaining that they have changed up Morellos? Or the Manaflow band nerf a couple of patches ago? Or the Spellthief's Edge solo nerf at the start of the season? Or that they removed Doran Ring stacking ages ago? Or the Athene's change years ago? After first back you should be fine on most AP casters with Doran ring + LC.
Ninox (OCE)
: Because the RGMs have to fixed from patch to patch, and doing that for every single gamemode in addition to the permanent ones just isn't sustainable at the moment.
I'm talking more about WHEN a RGM comes out the only way to play it is to queue up and play against randoms, we can't custom games of the RGM for that weekend. We were able to back in the old client so Riot can easily enable it. I don't have to be able to play every RGM all the time...
: Please, for the love of god, make them permanent in custom games. We want to have fun with our friends, especially in a 10 man where we fight it out in a custom game with altered rules. I'm sick of my friends leaving League simply because it's the same thing over and over again. My best friend would EASILY play League again if URF was permanent, the guy loves it. This said friend has a group of 20+ other friends who play League/used to play League that hardly ever play anymore for the same reason, it's the same thing, over and over and over again. Why play League's one 5v5 gamemode when you can play something like Halo, CoD, Overwatch, Warcraft 3, DOTA 2 or Gmod? Which all have at least 10 other ways of the playing the game. Hell, even Pokemon Showdown has more gamemodes than League does, and that's a fan-funded game.
This. A thousand times this. Fucking why does a RGM come out and we aren't even allowed to make custom games with 10 friends on sweet-ass modes anymore?
chunt14 (OCE)
: Riot has explained before why they don't run normal URF anymore, the main reason being that there is a significant drop in games being played as well as the total amount of active players usually drops as well and it doesn't recover. At least Riot are trying similar gamemodes like ARURF and Winter ARURF and even if they aren't exactly what the community want they are trying to find a good balance. As for money, Riot is a Business is it wrong for them to try and be more profitable especially when its non essential cosmetic items such skins? If they were affecting actual gameplay I could see this complaint might be valid argument but since its not there should be nothing to complain about. As for listening to community feedback, just because they listen doesn't mean that they have to do everything they hear especially if it negatively effects them such as running gamemodes like URF. They also make positive changes all the time such as balances reworks updates etc.
There is a drop in player base AFTER you remove URF? Doesn't that mean you should run it MORE often to stop those players FROM leaving? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: ARURF is definitely better than old URF was, it's not that RIOT doesn't care about their player base, but when you have 5% of people complaining about how something sucks despite logical reasoning as to why it's better, you should expect to be ignored.
...wait he likes ARURF better than URF! GET HIM LEAGUE COMMUNITY!! Honestly if they just run ARURF and URF at the SAME TIME we could stop having posts complaining about this everytime Riot makes a RGM announcement.
: But like, the new blue essences system is so really bad in my opinion
I had a whopping 180k BE after the conversion and I spent the lot on chromas. now im down to 8000 and I have champions to upgrade to mastery 6 and 7 which im just going to wait until i get the appropriate champ shards for since 3250 and 3900 BE is just ridiculous. I saving for the next champ since we can't reroll 3 champ shards into the new champ if we own all of the others. honestly there are a couple of things they should at least try: 1. mastery 6 and 7 should cost nothing (or just for players with a high honour level or some shit) 2. getting an S- or higher should also give you 50-100 BE (so it doesn't interupt the xp leveling *[coughbotsgrindingcough](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=toucanceleste)* ) 3. should just give people 70% - 100% of BE equivalent to IP from last seasons for completing a game.
: Pounded By The New Patch
This might be a long shot but when you downloaded the patch it might have fragmented the new league files, especially if the harddrive league is on is getting close to full. Defragment if you know how to do that, if that doesnt help you might have to do a clean install from leagues login screen.
9uitar (OCE)
: About pre-season IP&Blue Essence
Um, has far as I know will still get IP or "Blue Essence" from playing games. It is just if you are a player who is under level 30, each level up will also give you a heap of IP/BE to help you get more champs faster. If you are over 30, I'm not sure what you get for leveling up.
: Future plans for the client
Well it is good that we know what you actually going to work on now there is only one client to work on, and Riot's list of shit to do has most of what [my thread on reddit pointed out](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/60tufe/complete_list_of_gripes_with_the_new_client/) and even other things.
: Why not add a button to unlock all skin in practice tool ? Would be pretty nice to test out new skins without selling my kidney to buy em
You mean like PBE? That is where they go to _**TEST**_ skins after all.
: What happened to being told if an invite is a friend of a friend or something.
[Oh good, another removed feature to add to my list. Thanks!](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/60tufe/complete_list_of_gripes_with_the_new_client/)
: So...why can't we have draft again?
Why don't we have draft? Because our "low population" can only support one of the queues. And because it is a legal requirement set by the MOBA gods that every game needs to have a mode in which a bunch of yobbos get randomly set to fight against (and among) each other that is available to the highest tier player all the way down to the most brain-dead mofo that decided to make an account to find out what this "Leagues of Legends" was about. The logic of "Draft is better and it should replace Blind completely" falls a little flat when a lvl 5 player who wants to play against other people finally, but doesn't understand what each of the positions are and hasn't looked up anything to do with the game, meta, champions, items (BECAUSE NONE OF THAT INFORMATION IS IN THE CLIENT) when it is an unspoken rule that every kunt that double clicks that little L on their desktop needs to of read the entirety of the league of legends encyclopedia dramatica dot wikia fanfic super-leet probuilds first. TL,DR: {{champion:6}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} - {{item:3004}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3158}} Make sense of it.
Rioter Comments
: One issue I have with this map is that with the item restrictions there are no Armor items for AD champs. As AP you have{{item:3157}} for AR and for {{item:3001}} MR if you want to go a bit tanky. As AD you have lots of MR ( {{item:3156}} ,{{item:3814}} ,{{item:3139}} ,{{item:3091}} ) but no AR item other than...{{item:3060}} I guess?
: Or hey, if you find yourself being ganked a lot, start playing Zyra support and only buy things that give you magic pens.
How big do you want to make this reply stack??? {{champion:143}} _ {{item:3136}} + {{item:3020}} = Done. Now you can kill the whole enemy team. Every item after this is just a luxury.
: Also, how does a support earn 16k?
By killing chumps in the bot lane? Its year of the 3man bot gank, where supports do stupid damage with only half of these items anyway.
: You can get banned for picking certain champs?
Some people got banned for playing Olaf when he was very underpowered at the time.
: Looking for coach
Bronze 3 ADC main, plays mainly Cait, Jinx, MF and can also play all the adcs at a decent level with level 5 mastery in all. Wants to learn what he is doing wrong and why he can't carry games in 2k17. Also plays support Zyra as secondary. PM if interested in coaching, will pay for good coaching.
Nightjar (OCE)
: well I mean if you play a damage support you're kinda your own person rather than a support. I don't really have issue with people playing mages botlane in the support role and carrying but if you're rushing a deathcap over a sightstone you are basically a slightly underfed midlaner. Also if you play a mage support with a deathcap and mejais, you can't say you are spiritually a support and I also dislike how mejais mage sups tend to be really toxic and blamey. The ones who build sightstone are generally nice but I see some who start dorans ring -> mejais -> deathcap right off the bat and don't even bother with a gold income item. The lack of the gold income item, and also the sightstone I guess, kinda triggers me as a partial support main myself. Also if you play fizz support with the dorans->mejais build you might as well play dr.mundo cause at least mundo support rushes a sightstone.
{{item:3041}}-building supports should be shot on sight. Go {{item:3136}} ->{{item:3020}} ->{{item:3116}} ->{{item:3151}} -> {{item:3165}} -> {{item:3135}} for the love of god. Mage supports have high base damage made more dangerous with stacking magic pen, then risking soulstealer stacks for your bland AP ratios. This combo of items is a threat to squishies and tanks, has cheap early items that still scale throughout the game.
Well all the champs are unlocked, so everyone can get anything. Maybe they don't realise that. Maybe they can't read. Maybe they should try all these fancy champs in bots to see if there is one they like and might buy soon. Or maybe nothing Riot ever does will make the whole player base happy.
Nightjar (OCE)
: even though they can be played support, if you play these champions, or annie, annivia, fizz or lux as a support. In my books, you aren't really a 'support main' or embody the spirit of supporting so much as a 'mage sent botlane'.
whats wrong with that? I almost only play Brand and Zyra as support, and I do really well every game. As an ADC main I'm fine having carry supports, more kill pressure in lane, and they are another threat that the team has to worry about, allowing me to farm. Also KS = Kill Secured. If you can't save your ADC with shitty protection supports, why not just play carry support and do damage instead?
: The assassin / Tank meta is so boring for supports.
Support is boring? {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} Not anymore.
: How do I counter zed?
{{champion:127}} and {{champion:1}} Liss you can q poke for free each time your passive is up to outshove and harass, when Zed ults you can w him then ult yourself, or you can ult him has soon as he becomes targetable again and combo him. Annie can somewhat shove harder then Zed, and with the last hitting mechanic on Q, always be on full mana. Stun him with Q to bait out his W, then build another stun to get more kill pressure so you can farm faster to get levels first. Save stun for after his ult, and don't get baited into using your stun early. {{summoner:3}} his combo and ms, be aware that the ult's stored damage is based of premitigation values, so you'll best benefit if you delay the to time exhaust so you also reduce the damage of the ult and the end of the exhaust {{summoner:21}} requires less timing, just barrier when he is going for a ult combo. ALSO: be aware that getting hit by zed E (Shadow Slash) shaves 2 seconds of his W shadow. Try to avoid standing close to him to maximise the window between his W shadows. W cd: 22/20/18/16/14 secs
Erusia (OCE)
: What is wrong with ranked matchmaking in Solo/Duo
mate that {{champion:120}} was diamond last season. You should be madder at that.
traloop (OCE)
: Awesome guide! I think I might get into 3v3s. I was just wondering; how do builds work? Do you build differently in this game mode as the items/ playstyle are completely different?
A couple of items are different: e.g. {{item:3089}} + {{item:3157}} are combined into a weaker item {{item:3090}} for this map to try and balance the faster game time, and since you start with 850g instead of 500g. Some odd items like {{item:3137}} which is a {{item:3139}} but gives attack speed. Riot doesn't really keep items up to date on this mode, and sometimes some broken items enter the map, like back in the Spirit of the Ancient Golem days were you could build one of the odd jungle item components Quill Coat which allowed you to place wards! And there was no way to sweep for them! Generally item builds are the same on here as SR and maybe ARAM, only difference is starting items which can be {{item:1055}} +{{item:1041}} for an ADC, {{item:1054}} +{{item:1001}} for bruisers, and {{item:1056}} +{{item:1001}} for mages. The more popular champs and playstyle seem to be ones who can 1v1 and 1v2 and 2v2 well.
Rioter Comments
: Item Option Disparity.
I can agree with you with the exception of the penetration items. {{item:3136}} -15 MR (named unique) {{item:3151}} -15 MR (named unique) {{item:3020}} -15 MR {{item:3135}} 35% of **TOTAL** MR vs {{item:3134}} -(4.3 to 10) AR {{item:3147}} -(6.5 to 15) AR {{item:3814}} -(6.5 to 15) AR {{item:3142}} -(8.7 to 20) AR {{item:3035}} 30% **BONUS** AR {{item:3036}} 45% **BONUS** AR {{item:3033}} 45% **BONUS** AR {{item:3071}} (5 to 30)% **TOTAL** AR While AD has more armor pen options, each of the magic pen items are individually much stronger. Especially the difference between the Last Whisper family and Void staff. Last Whisper and upgrades are useless against targets without any bonus armor, while Void Staff is shredding 35% regardless of the target having any bonus magic resist, making it always useful. Also champions base defensive stats, Armor varies from: 16 - 31 @ lvl 1 to 65 - 105 @ lvl 18 (excluding Thresh) while Magic resist varies from: 30 - 34 @ lvl 1 to 30 - 55 @ lvl 18 Champions scale into the game with more armor than magic resist, meaning AD damage needs more armor pen to stay relevant.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: We have autofill for the reasons you said (reduce queue times and protect quality of matches). I do understand it sucks when you are autofilled though. One way we can fix this issue is to make the less played roles more appealing. you can check out some of our thoughts around this here - http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/free-rotation/some-thoughts-support
One month later, I can say that I'm sick of getting supports who both **DON'T WANT TO** and **CAN'T** play support. It is making playing ADC a headache, and I rather wait the extra time, even 10-15 mins during offpeak times to get someone who actually wants to play the role. I don't care if I get autofilled myself, if noone wants to trade I just lock in support Yasuo and just wait for someone to dodge. And if they don't: {{champion:157}}__{{summoner:3}} {{summoner:4}}_ _{{item:3050}} {{item:3107}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3022}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3111}} If some gets autofilled, that means that everyone else has got the role they want and will be less inclined to swap since, they most likely got their role because they have autofill protection and don't want to waste it. Ranked is no longer based on pick order for the roles, meaning that autofill is the new last pick. But back then the last 2-3 picks could swap the roles around as they like since most likely all of them didn't get the role they wanted and are more willing to compremise to get the best players on the remaining roles. Now days 4 people get the role they want, and no one wants to swap anymore with the support. I can play support, in fact I can play every role, but I don't want to pick fill and every game have to support. **If I picked fill and it gave me any of the other roles, the same one 80% of the time, even my main ADC, I would stop filling.** I prefer to have a more even spread across the roles then getting the same role over and over if I pick fill. And that is a problem for both fill and autofill. getting the one role over and over. I haven't heard anyone complain about getting autofilled jungle or top yet, but I have twice got top from just filling back in dynamic queue. If you could just remove autofill for lower elos again, more people might take up support in **their own time** to, you know, **learn the role.** Back with the older dynamic queue we could play the same 2 roles over and over to master a small selection of champs, and climb. Now everyone who wants to seriously climb has to either: 1. main support 2. put support as their secondary and get support 90% of the time anyway. 3. Get autofilled 50% of the time they don't have autofill protection and essentially have to play 3 roles. I'd like to say though, keep up with making other incentives to play fill or support. Where you put extra champs on free rotation that were supports/off-meta supports was a good idea. (Others I've come up with: 50% Ip boost, one guaranteed key frag for winning a filled game each day, IP discount on champs/rune pages) _I'm only replying to this old tread since it is the only Red post reply to the topic of autofill and all others seem to be ignored. And your time is valuable, we get it._
: 45% cdr xD
puts the hook on a 6.6 cooldown, or a 3.6 second cd if you hit anything with it. such cc. wow.
Tomo7182 (OCE)
: Best bans for low elo V2
you should 100% ban {{champion:67}} and {{champion:134}} , 3rd ban for whoever you hate in lane.
Glori0us (OCE)
: Hey Riot Gehirn, I was just over on the NA comments section for this page, and I saw a massive amount of hate about the planned removal of Normal Draft. Any comment?
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/competitive/how-rank-2017-season Wow the comment section is in full butthurt mode. If they go ahead and actually remove it, I'm putting money down that Flex Q will become the new Practice Q. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/9YQiYOUk-how-to-rank-up-in-the-2017-season Also, not a single Red post. How just. Just thinking "Gday ladies and gentlemen this is Gbay99, today will be taking Urgot to level 5 mastery. I don't comfortable playing him in SoloQ, and in blind pick I won't be guaranteed top or adc, so I'll be playing him in FlexQ they only way to get my role without ruining the one MMR I care about. Lets hope my teammates don't mind." "Well I'm in a 4 man premade, and it seems they are boosting me... Not sure how to feel about this"
: ***
It would be taken from your last ranked MMR. Placements have about a 50-50 weighting from your previous MMR and from your 10 provs games.
: Buffs to "Skill" Champs...Making them OP
I'm fine with {{champion:67}} being OP, I just 100% ban her every game anyway.
: Hello... I guess b5 looking for a tad of help?
Im an adc main at B3 i peaked at B1 earlier this year, i can play a couple of games with you, probably wont hit silver before wednesday tho I looked at your match history, you need to get {{item:3341}} when you buy sightstone and {{item:3364}} when you hit level 9, also pinks wards BRAH. add me Buttsubushi if you wanna play
: Any Good Lucian Builds?
If you are playing him mid, you probs will get more blue buffs from your jungler, making the {{item:3142}} + {{item:3071}} build work much better. recommend build order: {{item:3142}} ->{{item:1001}} ->{{item:3071}} ->{{item:3006}} ->{{item:1053}} ->{{item:3094}} ->{{item:3147}} /{{item:3036}} ->{{item:3072}}/{{item:3812}} Masteries: Warlords, Fervor or Thunderlords are all good, depending on your pref really. Get {{item:3142}} ->{{item:3071}} ->{{item:3147}} first if you are in hard carry mode
: There was "personal issues" as they said in their press release so he swapped places with Raes at Dire Wolves. So it's pretty much the original Chiefs lineup with Carbon and Rosey
actually it is the O.G. Chiefs (+ Carbon)
: Make sure you don't say anything to anyone, /mute all
So what is a frequent poster like you going to play now?
: atleast both vik and lee have more than 2 skins
: You don't need to be high elo to be entitled to an opinion... You don't even really need to know anything to have an opinion. Take Trump for example. LUL
Trump is a cool guy, I love watching his Hearthstone streams and I learn a lot from him, he clearly knows lots about what he talks about. Oh wait....
: I'm not expecting a good score, I'm saying I should have had worse.
You had near-average CS. When people bitch about the rating system, just look at their creep score per minute and you can be 90% sure that is why they got whatever rating. And yes, that is very stupid, And no, CSing shouldn't be that important, And no, Riot isn't going to let us see the actual formula, so go ahead and make a pile more of these threads "Why no S?" and "How much do I have to suck to get the D?". Go play another game but don't kill a single minion, then see what score you'll get. For everyone who doesn't know yet, CS is king, not KDA.
: Yea.. no. its still the same as aram. Its quick Its random Its one champ carry Youre playing a champ you've never played That champ sucks in that game mode yup.... sounds pretty identical to me And no, this hasn't ruined urf... its a different game mode. _(just like hexakill summoners rift and hexakill TT are different, and the two one for alls are different)_
The power gap between good and bad champs is much worse, that is why people hate the random aspect. Also we won't take you seriously if you post on the boards with a level 9 account.
Vitklim (OCE)
: Not sure if any Rioters happen to come across this, but I sincerely hope someone from Riot will encounter this, and listen for once to the actual players. I hope the biggest changes are to come in the Preseason, but honestly I just wish they would stop balancing things only around the championships. As Brofresco once said, "Only 5% of the player base is truly affected by these balance changes". There is a number of champions who are at their weakest point right now, and there are some who are just way too stong for the good of the game. For instance, some of the weakest champions right now have been stuck in such state for a good 6 patches by now, if not more and they are practically impossible to play, just because there are so much better options and they are never picked as a result. These include ones like Poppy, Kalista, Lulu, Nidalee, and a bunch more. On the other hand, glad that Yasuo got nerfed, but he is strong not only because of his tank off-meta build, and the patch dressed it very slightly. Tryndamere too, is now number 1 in my ban list, because his ultimate alone allows him to stay toplane for the entire duration of the game, while to take him down you need at least 3 people. I will not be posting here the entire compilation of all the OP and underpowered champions, but please in future look at the things from a perspective of an average player please.
When I see comments like this for the hundreds of times always imagine: Riot: LOL No. Get gud scrubs.
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