Ashplague (OCE)
: 14 Day suspension, 1st offence due to an extremely agressive Nunu
Yeah ill go dc for a kid picking nunu mid. You can sleep early for next 14 days~
: 2 New Divisions Ranked 2019
People supposed to belong in brozne will finally have peace there
: Kaboomblah's tip of the day!
Probs thats,where u belong
PandaazAP (OCE)
: Is this really "toxic"?
Riot ban can even you for swearing using non-English words. What do you expect. They suck anyway
Rioter Comments
: They just built the worlds most popular online game from scratch, and filled it with over 150 unique and interesting characters all with different play styles and skins, champs that mesh almost perfectly together to create a quite well balanced environment for the millions and millions of players that use it every single day of the year. Man.... if only I didn't go to school... now I'm educated and cant do any of that... damn. :(
From scratch?????????? How many people actually get to design champs?????? 150 'unique' champions and play style???????? Lmfao. How many champs are get to be used during a certain patch in comeptition?????? Millions people play this game everyday for several hours, but it is not necesaarily becuz game is gud. [REMOVED]
Rioter Comments
: Honestly nothing out of the average. I see worse coming from the Chinese players, and because it's not written in English riot doesn't give two fucks about it. Undeserved ban
You know rito belongs to China. I dont think people nowdays allow to say fuck word unless you say it in Chinese.
: How does Syndra work?
{{champion:134}} + faker or burger + {{champion:134}} . They are the best combo i csn think of.
00shots00 (OCE)
: Lets talk about difference thoughts on how a game is won.
Well, if you didnt play maoki top. You shoud be plat by now.
nicnetnoc (OCE)
: Get me out of bronze
Ikr. Get me out of platinum. Im so done.
: I need help quitting league
Say 'your mum boom' to chinese premade. They will report you and you get automatica 14 day ban regardless of how hard they trolled and how many words 'sb' they said during game. I got 14 day ban and now its over. Meanwhile,I found a work and had good sleep plus good food, and i feel fantastic. Just remeber its not your fault if you take it that srs. Its junglers and monkeys. Hope it helps.
: slows
Why do you even play this shit champ in first place?
Exhausted (OCE)
: Why this game is losing players
You are right and wrong. One person who wins team a game is a devine being, while a person loses team a game is actually an ape( who cannot be classified as homo sapiens). Ikr, there ate a buch of pre-historic man kind and apes playing league.
: So, as a returning player to this game.
This is also my new account, but I do not find matching particularly unfair. Most of them are likely to be silver - plat players. They are far from being any good .


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