: Looking for Bronze/Silver players to help me on the expedition to not suck!
you me (OCE)
: We Run This Place looking for serious and devoted players to expand into the competitive scene.
I can play top im b5 cause I dont bother climbing in solo q, but my skills are way beyond that (check recent match history) - happy to 1v1 your team to prove. all I want is to play competitive. do let me know and then i'll fill out details submid is ok too (ie I only mid or top)
: Haha that's a funny question! I am located in melbourne!
: located on the Gold Coast, I only can play after 10pm usually due to my work. Never flame or being toxic to others and never afk a game. Add me if you are still interested.
will do bro - though wehave time difference and being on that late means probably wont catch u much haha
Aidan7787 (OCE)
: sup top later add me
add u tonite where r u.located?
: Ayyyy I main support (i can play all lanes except middle) Im bronze 2, I have good experience with Ranked teams Since I was on a team called TeamSoloDiagonal, I main alistar as support, My best kda with alistar was 0/1/21, I play too win and have fun!, From 1 to 10 (1 being good and 10 being bad) my toxicity/flame Is 2 or 3. IGN: Slayer1999
add u tonite where r u.located?
: I'm keen add me
add u tonite where r u.located?
: Fun chilled players wanted for team
k will add u all tonite, keep posting ppl :)
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: LF duo partner, Bronze to challenger!
same boat looking for someone to play for fun with competitive built in, where are u located?
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
This guy is clearly support in disguise, look at his kit, stun, slow fields, calling him to be played as a support


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