Aethereas (OCE)
: Is riot just looking for excuses to ban people these days..
I can't believe you're arguing this - you clearly went on and on all game, you clearly need to learn to shut up :P
Tele (OCE)
: I'll do my best to explain why you were banned, there's a lot to cover though, so you might want to read it in parts :D ___* The question isn't _"was my behaviour in just this specific game deserving of a permanent ban?"_ as you seem to imply it is. You may disagree but that's not how permabans are issued. Instead the question is more like;_ "am I frequently insulting others in chat and not changing my behaviour?"_, if so then you get permabanned. The escalation path is: > **First Offense**: 10 Game Chat Restriction > **Second Offense**: 25 Game Chat Restriction > **Third Offense**: Two Week Suspension > **Fourth Offense**: Permanent Suspension You said that you have been _"banned before"_, which according to the escalation path tells me you're received at least 3 warnings before this permaban and failed to reform after every warning. **This is why you received a permaban for this game.** The system gave you multiple chances and you failed to reform. ___* You also said that this game wasn't even worthy of a chat restriction, but I definitely disagree and I think others will too. Most of the chat is passive aggressive and you insult your team on multiple occasions. * You harass your team for being in silver multiple times with _"poor kid cant get out of silver"_, _"i love how ur in silver and you talk so much shit"_ * You insult your entire team by saying _"xd bad team"_ and then insult another team mate by saying they have _"done literally nothing all game"_ * You then on multiple occasions you say Xin is _"crying"_, spending _"all game blaming others"_, and spending _"more time flaming than helping"_. Whether this is true or not, you're clearly just saying this to escalate the situation and insult him. Did you tell other players to kill themselves? No, but the bar is a bit higher than that in League. And to continuously display this kind of behaviour is unacceptable. ___* You also seem to imply that because Xin and Leona were breaking the rules, that makes you breaking the rules ok. This is not how it works. People insulting others does not give you the right to insult other people as well. You are judged for your actions only, and in this case your actions were not acceptable.   I hope that explains things. As with 90% of cases I see on the boards, all of this could have been completely avoided if you had muted and just focused on winning the game. If you do choose to come back to League I **strongly** recommend you take this advice. And remember we'll always be on here to help if you want some tips on reforming :)
To be honest, chat bans are good but what about RANKED bans? We still have to play with these angry souls... Please hear this one voice and bring in different and more stricter bans for ranked trolls. The raging and lane stealing or lane trolling or afk'ing or feeding on purpose is killing this game :(
: Why is inting and intentionally losing not bannable and only words are.
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Xyurux (OCE)
: I hate this beyond level 30 thing. Before, it felt like we were all equal. Now, it's another competition in itself. Whats the use?
Hopefully so it better divides trolls/casual-non-caring players from the rest
Astro Fox (OCE)
: Does Annie really need another skin? Serious question here: Are you people money hungry pumping all these needless skins for champs that already have many skins or is there some thought behind this that I am oblivious to?
Especially when some champs only have a few...
: magician swain his birds are doves and stuff and he wearing tux
Ohhh this could work. and the cane thing works too!
: Swain is scheduled after Eve for a full VGU. Like Urgot and Sion this will be his "new skin". I personally would like to see a void skin.
I agree, Swain is a cool-as champ, they have to do a lot of thinking for his next skin - it should be an extra extra cool and good, as he only has so little amount of skins :(
: I love when they do stuff like this, it really breathes even more life into the champions :P And not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it, but i never thought of 'that place' being accessible underwater :P so cool, so many interesting pathways to add to the story of Runeterra.
It's awesome how they cater to everyone's likes. The story line doesn't appeal to me as much as something like the visuals and tweaks they make and explain. Woo go riot lol
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Cabbages (OCE)
: This is happening to me right now. When I go to log in, my name is greyed out and I can't even click on the password section. I can't rejoin the game and my friend is in it right now. What's the bet I get a leaver buster too
Mine fixed itself and the screen just changed and I could enter my password and re join the game 25 minutes later though! But - we won, because my team hadn't given up or raged (too much) lol
xVelenox (OCE)
: We're unable to log you in because you may be offline ? OCE
This is happening to me right now. When I go to log in, my name is greyed out and I can't even click on the password section. I can't rejoin the game and my friend is in it right now. What's the bet I get a leaver buster too
: Client Beta Update #2: Replacing the Legacy Client
Sorry about all the negativity guys. Love that you are actually keeping this game updated and have such a seemingly large team working on every aspect, so thanks. Please give everyone minimum 5 skins tho :D
: Festival Queen Anivia: Getting the party started
WOW I love the work done on this skin! 5 months, phew. I saw this skin spotlight and it's so cool I love it!!! Thanks so much for these skins riot
Miicka (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cabbages,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=qEHasIar,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-02-19T02:52:05.119+0000) > > Are you judging off this picture because it looks pretty awesome to me lol I guess my opinion is biased, as I cant play Anivia to save myself, but even then, this skin really just isn't my style.
Yeah fair enough - but I'm pretty impressed with he effort and detail they've put into recent skins like this one looks to be and the Elementist Lux. I've seen a video on it and it looks sick, her frost wall is multicoloured, I think from that it looks awesome for 975!
: Surrender at 15 available now
For Ranked this is terrible... Could you make it No-Surrender in Ranked :D So then people who only play to troll may be less likely to play and those that do will be easier to be "called out" and something done about, making B5 a marginally happier place
Nightjar (OCE)
: hmm for me, favourite skinline would be snowday and royal flush skin lines but my favourite skins are far and varied. Snowday skins are pretty and blue and sometimes adorable (I recently got snowday bard and his penguins and I'm so happy) and the royal flush skins are kinda prideful, arrogant, imposing and impressive. Their unwavering dominance makes it really cool if you can get a perfect kda.
Yeah the snowday ones are actually really awesome I forgot about those
: Quick Question: What is your favourite skin line?
The Star Guardian line :D So cool and so Sailor Moon, hope they keep expanding on it. All the colours are sick to look at haha :D But c'mob all, Swain totally needs a new amazing skin idea and I haven't been reading many around! Something Fiery I think! With a burning Phoenix for the bird :D
Miicka (OCE)
: Eugh, its alright I guess. Im disappointed that the design team at Riot was so slack they could only cook up one 975 skin. I mean seriously, they had a whole month off over christmas and this is what they give us? Pitiful.
Are you judging off this picture because it looks pretty awesome to me lol
Miicka (OCE)
: Undoubtedly everyone can agree Swain is in desperate need of a new skin. However some champs I like which I hope receive skins soon are Irelia, Talon, and Viktor. I mean they all have a decent number of skins already, but none have very good skins. For instance, I **think** the only champ out of those three who has a skin 1350 or higher is Talon, but that skin is Dragonblade which, in all honesty, is just plain shit.
Yeah agree with all. Victor could have some cool effects. Any idea's on a swain skin? I think you'd have to take into consideration his bird... so maybe if he got a "flame" theme, his bird can be a sooty black with glowing embers and his ult can be blackbirds on fire. Maybe wearing leather/leathercoat that burns at the end as he walks? Haha I dunno
: I agree with Riot that champions should get skins because they thematically fit those skins, and not because theres a quota of skins per champion per year, that needs to be met. HOWEVER, in saying that, I do think that once you pass a certain time period, you just need to give the champ a skin no matter what. _(otherwise champs like Ezreal, will keep getting skins forever, and champs like Swain will never get another one.)_ But as for overdue champs: {{champion:50}} would be high on my list too, the last time swain got a skin was before i started league (back in season 2) {{champion:83}} too, the last time he got a new skin, it was his release day. {{champion:420}} , she's new I new, but its about time she got one. Personally I believe that the new champions should be prioritised for skins, so that no champion is left with only 1 skin for so long. So I would add {{champion:202}} and {{champion:136}} to that list as well, because while they are newish, they have been around long enough for their 1 skin to become old news.
Ceness (OCE)
: {{champion:90}} It's been 2 years now since he got his Snow Day skin, and nothing since then.
Yeah 2 years is too long i reckon, obviously dot know the extent of how long what's involved would take... But they should have a time limit ;) haha
: yes, he had 2 release skins. A few champions did. Like Akali is another one who released with 2 skins
Interesting, didn't know that - thanks for that info. I personally think Riot disadvantages themselves by releasing a champion AND a skin right away. Surely the excitement of a new champion and how it looks is enough, don't need a new skin on a champ we don't even know how it really looks yet
ƒamous (OCE)
: I personally think Ahri {{champion:103}} deserves at least 2 new skins. And while we're at it, throw a couple to Annie {{champion:1}}
Ahri just released arcade ahi and it's mega awesome! Check it out! Very fun. Annie agree!
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: Elementalist Lux cosplay showcase
I think the Green / Australian one is best. These are awesome!
: Yeah the statistic that paid most attention is damage dealt and I feel that is one of the main reason people are discouraged to play support (and tanks in the jungle/top) because they and their teammates can't see how they are actively contributing to the success of the game.
: If you want to fix Supports then you need to focus on one phrase "You're the support" Everytime I hear that in a game, it reminds me that as a support main, I am not there to play the game, only to help other people play. Getting behind as a support is painfull. Not only do you have to find some way to get xp and gold to be useful, but you almost always have to do it away from your AD, who is likley the reason you are behind in the first place (usualy because they have no respect for your cooldowns). The itemization is really boring, there are very few support items that I look forward to getting in game, and some that I actively hate having to build, just because the game neccesitates it. I hate doing 90% of the work towards a kill or a teamfight to not only have my team not recognize me, but to have the game itself not appreciate my contribution. Esepcialy when my job is to be bait, or a distraction so my team can get objectives. Fix gold and exp sharing, make the support items share rewards better on kill or assist (do it on the rank 2 items so otherlanes don't try to co-opt supports and ruin everthing like they always do). Give the support items some decent stats, so I don't feel like I'm buying items for someone else on the team. Remember that I am playing. I am one of the five people on this team. I'm not just here for everyone else, I wan't to be involved, I wan't to contribute and I don't want to be told "you're just the support" anymore.
This is so well written, well done. 100% agree
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: Report banner
How would it make it easier?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: I'm not the biggest magical girl fan. But I do love anime and these skins are on point =D
LOVE these, so glad you make these sorts of girly skins too!
Ace (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cabbages,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=GbsZNPco,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-18T07:52:36.143+0000) > > What about if you've been playing for years and used up all your refunds really fast not realising the quality of them and years later make a mistake :D Pretty much what happened to me, A while ago I made the same post, apparently they can't do anything about it ;/
Ah damn that sucks. I even think 3 a year? :(
Sneed (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cabbages,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=GbsZNPco,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-08-18T07:52:36.143+0000) > > What about if you've been playing for years and used up all your refunds really fast not realising the quality of them and years later make a mistake :D then it's your fault for not realising the quality of them
Jayhawk (OCE)
: Send in a support ticket and they may be able to help you, not a guarantee, but they may be able to help. As for resetting refunds, that isn't a financially sound move and they do give you 3 to start with which you can use on anything you want...
What about if you've been playing for years and used up all your refunds really fast not realising the quality of them and years later make a mistake :D
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: Ask Riot: Chromas and ChampUp
I LOVE the chroma's on Nami, please keep making these!! Would love to see on every champ :)
Łeader (OCE)
: Gifting champions with IP
I like this idea :)
: Something lurks deep in the sea...
OH MY GOSH I just played with this skin it is one of the BEST in the games!!!! Awesome awesome work Riot, LOVE it!!! The voice is cool as! Can't fault it.. and the piranha thing in her ult is sick as!!!! Yay!! So happy!! Awesome details!!
: Autofill is the dumbest system
I agree, the autofill is stupid and unfair, would much rather have longer waiting queue's!!
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Cabbages (OCE)
: Ranked is quite a competitive environment. And for someone who just starts to play it they may have struggles to change to suit what is needed of them in a ranked match. As for harsher punishments, they are already harsh enough. Eventually they will get a ban which should reform them, if it does not rest easy knowing that their account will most likely be perma banned. What is worse then having all your experience and money gone after wasting your second chance by being an idiot?
I'm really surprised to read that you think they are harsh enough... you don't agree that punishments of trolling/stealing lanes in ranked should be different to the punishments already in place for normals?? By the way your third paragraph makes no sense to what my point is... it takes awhile for these reports to build up and my point is that ranked is more serious than normals, so why shouldn't there be harsher/stricter rules for it?
Rioter Comments
: Patch 6.10 notes
Does anyone else find with Ahri that her W doesn't actually target champions properly/well? I find Swains flock does, but agri's doesn't and I find myself not bothering to use it..
: I have played this game for some 5 years now and have not needed or wanted a refund in a long time. I think it is good the way it is as it allows new players to refund something that quite possibly does not suite them. If you have been playing long enough, you should really know how this game works and have enough IP to 'waste' on new champs. You also shouldn't really need runes after a long enough time. Refunding for veteran players should never happen. I have 97 champions and don't really want to get anymore, I don't see myself ever playing them, so for each new champion that comes out, I should have enough IP saved to simply buy them with no hassles.
Fair enough. That sounds very reasonable. Although I still think it an idea to bring in a reward or to be able to earn a refund skin? Sometimes it's just not how you thought it would be haha
renjiuhoh (OCE)
: for the love of god make players pre select role in casual!
Rioter Comments
What else are you gunna do. Plus it means nothing really. Doesn't change anyone's opinion of you
: Champion Mastery Levels 6 and 7 live now!
Don't like this- I think it's going to force more people to 'troll' and play their champs in the 'wrong' lane, for example I am already seeing champs go sup that DON'T sup at all. Wrecks games
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