: League of Legends at RFLAN 63
" is the largest BYOPC LAN event in Australia with over 800 " no its not I went to 1000+ people lan in VIC telstra dome over 10 years ago.
: Proximity Chat comes to Voice
I saw the announcement in game new lobby home page, whatever its called. And was like YAY i can talk to my adc as support without being in a premade! then i opened the article, oh silly me its April 1st.
: Mental health company signing up with a toxic addictive depression increasing "substance" /Slow Clap.
Or they realise league of Legends is the home of the most mentally ill people and thats why they are doing this ?
: this is actually one of the smartest moves ive seen a gaming company make, riot always satisfies on a PR level. fix yo game tho. haha <3
yep, I cant believe a mental health concerned entity wants to encourage people to join the most toxic demoralizing degrading depressing games on the internet. When Most games in and of themselfs are a cause of mental harm as they are an addictive substance
: Introducing the headspace round
Mental health company signing up with a toxic addictive depression increasing "substance" /Slow Clap.
: How to watch the Oceanic Pro League in 2018
How to watch, wait days afterwards for vods to be uploaded when most other regions have the vods up within hours =(
: Ocean Week Community Goal
Top 4 Male Cado - latin for fallen (their called tasmanian devils, a fallen angel is a devil) Beelzebub Female Az-a-zel (other spellings/pronunciations Az-re-al, Az-a-zael) Lillith Others i like. Baal Mephistopheles - fallen angel; name means "he who loves not the light." perfect because their most active when its not bright.
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
cant even close the 'a player has left lobby" box.. and this leaving beta lol
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
The profile page doesnt even count down time till next daily win, you load it up, says 3 hours till daily win, 3 hours later still says 3 hours till daily win, and this shits leaving beta ? wow.....
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
How's my list of problems going that ive posted lots previously? Like random champ select button being missing. And being able to drag change lobby window size instead of 3 fixed sizes.
: Also, this mode doesnt come up in match history in new c;ient, and i cant see recently played either
I remembered where recently played is, but yeah not in match histroy is annoying
: Hunt of the Blood Moon
Also, this mode doesnt come up in match history in new c;ient, and i cant see recently played either
: Hunt of the Blood Moon
Yay, Completely unrelated, WHERE THE * do i find the information on IP rewarding system , Is IP rewarding amounts different for solo/duo and ranked 5's queues? Is it dependant on if your queuing on your own or in groups ? Is Ip rewards a lot lower for time invested for Aram or about the same as Rift ? Thanks.
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
Glad to see moustache dad back in the thick of it not hiding behind his kids and shield lol 3 bosses ago, where can we see all the images from this event so far ?
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
Is sejs mount a koaroo ?Koala crossed with a kangaroo ? is it going to be the final boss ? =p With Snake teeth and a cockatoo crest ? umm koacockbellyroo ?
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
1st loss 1,390 hp left out of 117,500 hp lol thats like less than 1%
: Ocean Week 2017: Join the Homeguards
I love how all the kids are in front/closer than mustache dad hiding behind his shield
: Watch how this housewife goes from Janna to Fizz in once simple trick. :P
Isnt it obvious its a teaser for a new ultimate color changing skin like lux's
: 10 bans in pro-play
when 1 game takes 35 mins to an hour lobby phase should be longer not shorter to make sure no fuck ups are made b4 your stuck in 40 min game.
: Secret Santa
Blood Moon Elise Because I played 2000 games with her top lane trying to get gold for the end of season gold rank elise skin and didnt make it, but now blood moon is so sexy.
: Season hasn't started, ranked servers are offline
now its started, liars.
: 2017 ranked season kicks off
Season hasn't started, ranked servers are offline
Asmatik (OCE)
: Hey, i wanted know if I can get the silver border? like yesterday i was s3. i logged on today to see if there would be a border for me. I'm not too sure what the go is there? will it come soon? Thanks.
No you do not get borders from your preseason rank, borders were based on your rank at the end of season 6 which ended late october/early november, NOT YOUR POSTSEASON 6 / PRESEASON 7 testing phase rank! thanks. people ask this silly question too much.
: 2017 ranked season kicks off
err why is their no AM or PM on those timestamps, id assume AM ??
: Turn off autofill please.
get 20% of the playerbase to main support please. logic 101.
JoshBog (OCE)
: When is flex 3v3 coming out
Our server population is not big enough for ranked 3v3
JoshBog (OCE)
: Do you guys want flex 3v3 to come out in oce?
We dont have a big enough game population in oce
: Flex and Solo/DuoQ
I still dont understand why with our low pop we have modes for queing as a 2.... make it SoloQ or 2/3/5 man flex queue.
Rioter Comments
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Preseason Ranked Queue Testing - UPDATED Feb 8th
I Dont know why they / we??? want 2 queues where you can queue as a 2, MAKE IT A SOLO QUEUE AND A 2,3,5 man flex queue, having 2 queues for duo queing is DUMB! And for people asking for ranked TT 3v3 we dont have the population to support the above according to what theyre telling us, so how would 3v3 TT be possible aswell >_< use your noggin.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Queue Schedule - Updated Apr 3rd 2018
I Dont know why they / we??? want 2 queues where you can queue as a 2, MAKE IT A SOLO QUEUE AND A 2,3,5 man flex queue, having 2 queues for duo queing is DUMB! And the people asking for ranked 3v3 it wont happen because we dont have the population to support it. Unless maybe they made it enabled only on Friday nights.
: A closer look at the Chiefs
Wheres the VODS of the IEM WCI that got them a spot at IEM........................................
: What ranks did you guys place in Flex with the new reset?
IT MAKES NO SENSE!! and theirs no explanation of what the flex problem is that their trying to fix ! I went from S1 60 Lp to s3 0 lp on a game i won =( sour.
: Flex Ranked Placements
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Preseason Ranked Queue Testing - UPDATED Feb 8th
Why did I have to play an extra game when ive been solo dropping in flex won 11 lost 4 was placed silver 1 climbed to silver 1 60 lp, now suddendly 1 game i WIN puts me at 0lp silver 3 ???? should have at least put me at 22 lp in silver 3 not 0 after win. what was the problem that this "fixed"????
XxPr0dzxX (OCE)
: I finished my flex placement then on 43th game i placed on different tier again??
That info doesn't explain anything. Why did I go from silver 1 60 lp to silver 3 0 lp, what was this "problem" theyve "fixed"
Smevis (OCE)
: What does it mean when an item breaks even?
It means breaks even with the old armor pen stat it had.
: Patch 6.22 notes
My brain, it hurts. Wonder how long before the health plants get a timer shown on the map
Arex v10 (OCE)
: Im so confused. If you get silver in preaseason, once the season starts, will you get reset or still silver?
you will have 10 games that INFLUENCE IN COMBINATION WITH LAST YEARS RANK WHERE YOU GET PLACED, preseason keeps last seasons rank and WILL EFFECT your rank placement matches outcome, but the main factor is 10 games you play when new season starts and unless you win 8 out of 10 you will be much lower than you ended preseason/last season.
Posher26 (OCE)
: I just wanted to clarify a few things about the flex placements happening in the preseason. Firstly how many placement games do we need to play before getting ranked. Secondly will season 6 dynamic q mmr come into play for flex q placements. I feel it would be unfair if bronze 5 players are versing challenger players due to soft reset.
A better Question is did riots OCE even adjust this post before reposting it, we may not even get whats written above.
: so im silver 2016 end season now that flex is out if i can manage to climb to gold in flex i can get the {{champion:57}} skin even tho the season is over and rewards are being processed for the end of season?
Luxaszer (OCE)
: oh god please no.
its better to have the option built into game and mute toxics than not have the ability to communicate with your team, if you dont want voice chat in ranked queues luxaszner your saying pro's shouldn't have it either. herogabe, or just put it in the game to get rid of having to use 3rd party programs, riot probably block it like they blocked curse client soon.
: How to rank up in the 2017 season
"The 2017 ranked season officially kicks off on during Patch 6.24. Read below for details" Still lookin below for the detals. GG removing the better of the 2 normal queues modes bad move riot. Give people extra incentive to play support and tank junglers (like a key frag every 5 games?) and bring back team builder instead of both current normal queues. excluding a role will get disabled immediately because not enough people will queue support / tank junglers without additional incentive.
: Chiefs become first OPL team to head to Intel Extreme Masters
Wheres the VOD's links, and good work LoL OCE, didnt even know we were in another wildcard tournament after the worlds one......... was it shown/advertised on the game ui at all ?
: Introducing Oceania's All-Star Team
Wish id bet money on these picks, but seriously, as i said in http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-event/iwc-all-star-voting-now-live I think my 5 year old son and 8 goldfish would have been better picks.
: IWC All-Star Voting is Now Live!
Guys this was really difficult for me to decide who would give us the best chance of winning but i think i've nailed down a list of our top 10 choice's, please help me shorten the list from 10 to 5. So without futher ado the top 10 choices for out best chance at beating anyone at ALL STARS are : - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.) Me bro, Really good at Counterstrike/Modern Warfare, I got him to play 1 game of league, he said to boring easy and slow for him. 2.) Me 5 year old son, he's beaten DOOM Nightmare mode on PS4 but hasnt figured out the complexity of a mouse and keyboard (yet), we should be able to get that solved by All Stars. 3.) Me 60 year old dad who only uses a PC for emails. 4.) Me Mum, coz she always interrupting my gaming for dinna she has heaps of experience dealing with gamers (me bro and I) 5.) Me dog, 1 year old scottish Terrier named Wrynn, would be great in the jungle always killing animals, watches the screen so much definately has more map awareness than either S****Z or C****n. 6.) Me, Coz im in gold I have to be better than those boosted bronze bonobo's in our "professional" teams. 7.) Me Gran, (Coz she's my Meemaw, and we've finally got her skyping my uncle and cousins in UK, wont take too much more training to get her up to the "professional" australian scene level) 8.) Me grandma, cept shes dead, though if you know how to bring he back to life we'd have more chance with her as a zombie with her fine detail painting skills, would definately transfer to gaming. 9.) Our 8 pond goldfish combined, coz them drowning in the air flopping on Q, W, E, R, shift, left and right mousekeys, capslock(voip button) would be more successful than our current choice of Lemurs 10.) You.
: Players Design World-Saving Champs
Q - Stops 66% of women from being fertile W - Makes people realise Fat content of food doesnt matter half as much as the sugar content and makes vegetables display their % of what vitamins and minerals (Spinach 100 years ago had 100 times more iron than most spinach sold in shops now) E - removes the worlds politicians and creates 1 Global peoples representatives to organise infrastructure etc R - Stops immagration so people fix their own countries rather than the smartest minds escaping to the west leaving their countries worse off and more open to exploitation. Also immigration to the west leads to more people living below the poverty line in the west, unles you want 90% of people in europe/america etc living below poverty line stop immigration and promote voluntary infertilisation in 3rd world, dont send food send surgeons to perform ovarian tube ties to those that want it (a lot would).
: New loot: Soulstealer Vayne and Hextech Ward
Thinking about all the youtubers ive watched spend $500 for hextech annie and laughing that they missed out on probably getting this in 1 of those chests
: Earn ranked emblems starting today
Yay now you an more easily identify and ban the boosted animals
Seagull (OCE)
: The Beast
1st i thought it was chogath then i thought it was reksai then i thought it was kogmaw artillery then its fkn satan lol well done
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