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Asurine (OCE)
: Looking For A Duo Partner in Bronze
Hey-o im currently leveling up a brand new account and would LOVE a duo partner i am not the worst nor the best player out there but can certaintly tick of a bunch of those boxes. My tilt can sometimes get preety bad but I can hold it back and keep moving on with out a problem. I have sent you a request on my new account. BTW my main role is support ;p but am super aggressive, also plays jungle, and can fill any role. The new acc btw is JustBgood :'D
Ingénue (OCE)
: It's pretty competitive to get in and work for Riot, but they do have a Sydney office. You can keep up to date with open positions [HERE]( You can also spend a bit on the site to read about what kind of skills you would need to land a position.
Yes but i am currently under the age of 18 would i be able to find a position there anyway
Fitzky (OCE)
: Rise to the top and save us all friend
: Bronze/Silver/Gold Players For Summoners Society January
im a silver i would love to participate with you
: Half The Topics in These forums are About Bans
LOL, this is true xD. just pay no attention to them or look under a specific heading of boards to avoid seeing these types of disscusions
: When someone takes your position in league
Wait really!? i dont think this is fair at all maybe some further detail should be looked at before going ahead to ban someone, such as looking at the chat logs. Also maybe you shouldve reported them instead providing evidence also. And instead of inting (which is just a guess, i imagine you would'nt) you couldve just played the roll that was left over
SmolBunny (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with!
Im keen to play norms and stuff for fun
: I am so fed up with salty teammates.
As a silver 5 myself i really understand what you mean by these toxic players and i dont think these people have the right to be flaming you for being bad if there willing to play norms anyways and not try to cimb instead to be able to give the privilege of saying someones bad you yourself should be the optimal and highest greatness and i dont think a measly bronze 2 is that at all 😂
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HàrV (OCE)
: Will getting all my champs to lvl 5 increase my knowledge/my gameplay in ranked?
I don't think the others are understanding what your saying. But I'll tell you this getting level 5 on every champion can be very helpful giving you good outlooks on every champs play style and mechanics. But getting a level on a cahmp doesn't help your ranked. Your ingame knowledge and understand on what to do in certain situations and the ability to adapt to those situations is what will make you a better player.


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