: 2019 Dual Art Contest: Results!
Were there less than 10 entries to the comic wave?
Ninox (OCE)
: I do believe we left the "edit after submission" option available. If you lost the link, you can also just resubmit your artwork and we will use the latest valid entry (though please don't do this too much as it increases the judging time :P). The cutoff for edits or resubmits is the same as the contest closing.
So i have uploaded the latest one which is not pixelated by an actual pixel art, it does look horrible, but at least i put in the effort.
: 2019 Dual Art Contest Wave 1 - Arcade!
I thought I gave up on finishing the piece and just submitted yesterday, then 1 hour later I had some idea and want to push for it to finish. My question is I linked my art, but can I continue to modify my entry on that same link? When is the cut-off you would collate all the entries?
: 2019 Dual Art Contest Wave 2 - Demacia Vice!
the Ashe: Warmother comic cover has league's logo on the right corner? so we cant use that?
Ninox (OCE)
: Smaller prizes mean we can run contests more often. It is, unfortunately, a bit of a compromise there.
nice, I didn't enter for the prize. I just love to be part/support my region/community. I know how much 4-win ex boost are given out to various small event for participation, would that be consider for art contest participation as well? - The gallery post indicated 'eligible entries' assume the trolling ones are filtered out, either that or perhaps top 50 like previously ran artamathon are given xp boost?
: Boards Community Battle Academia Fanart Contest Results!
well, mine didn't make it, can I at least link it here to be part of this post? My entry: Battle Academia Lee Sin https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8lOxDO
Ninox (OCE)
: Good luck! Can't wait to see what you have for us!
Finally, after like 3 weeks of hard work, I have submitted it!!! Please let me know if it has been received.
: Boards Community Battle Academia Fanart Contest!
I have been drawing 2-3 hours a day in the past 2 months so I could enter this!!!! and it is OPEN!!!!
: ARURF Extended for 4 More Weeks
my instant bought spatula club member just became more worth
xiaoxin (OCE)
: I got troll reported by 7 people and lost my honor level and end of season rewards
When I used to play support I noticed I had more time to read chat logs than if I was playing top lane... So I realised I am more engaged in the game playing toplaner. I do not ever talk back, all I do is read their chat and report accordingly, report for excessive chat (not focused in game), verbal abuse, harrassment, But I don't report for going 0/10, unless they walk up and be in your face and do nothing but waiting for you to hit them... Its good to get into the habit of report toxic people and at all cost avoid being reported. 0/10 isn't bannable unless its truly feeding
: worst s+ ever
Love ARAM because it is just so off-meta
: Error Code 003
same here,
: Bots in aram
I had a long period of time that I almost always have at least 2 bots in my aram game, it always happen in the morning. Ever since grinding for odyssey mission, I have hit 50% win rate on aram games, only rarely we'd have 1 or 2 bot in my game, certainly win rate helps
: Gemstones - Is actually worth it?
The hextech mythic skins are soooo ordinary, I always turn them into keys and chest just in case the mythic skin drops permanently.
: So is Riot OCE actually giving OCE codes to OCE streamers for the partnership program?
I have decent network and computer, should i start streaming my bronze games?
: Sad Days
wait, but i thought you only play aram?
: Looking for 4funplayers
Oh yeah, they 5 support, 5 mage, 5 marksman, 5 this 5 that.. awesome, add me
: Token
I am about 1000 ish... but not interested in prestige kai sa, the colour annoys me
: 2500 world tokens for prestige popstar kai'sa. IS THIS A JOKE?!
lol, I am sitting at 1000 ish tokens right now... I normally do not play this much, I save all my energy throughout the year so I can go all in during events like this.... I watch the esport as entertainment so may as well be hyped.. I am not even going to get the kai'sa, looks so ugly totally not my style, I still grind for tokens and will exchange for what I actually like.. BTW, I started grinding on day one, so thats all first win of day bonus, made my mind to commit as soon as I read the news (https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event)
Lapis (OCE)
: Looking for a club
You are welcome to join my club Skinz, we are all friendly
Rioter Comments
: passive trolling anjd why isnt it being dealt with
lol, just because they are playing support, doesn't mean they know that item is used for warding, or forgets to ward
: Odyssey Contest: Everybody Loves Malphite
PROS: * The augment systems gives playstyle variety * The augments have its own page under collection is really nice to allow people to actually have the time to read and think about * The game mode is good too, i feel like I am playing like a RPG or something * The missions are reasonable and reward is decent too * The fact you get 10 blue essence after u unlock augments * good environment to learn how to dodge skill shots, and practice kitting CONS: * People only wanting to clear the missions and unless you have premade, you might get into a game with nothing rewarded * This game mode shouldn't have dodge penalty due to no feature to support mission focused queue ups, you get into the lobby then you negotiate an agreed goal, but it doesn't meet, why are we penalized for not wasting people's time? * No augment equipped count in lobby, if people can see that aug amount isnt right, they can either give a word or speak up, instead of going to the game and wanting to ff or troll * No incentive for people to help not as skilled player so no one wants to spend time doing this? perhaps add a number of cleared leader board? and actually feel like your niceness is being recognized? * maybe improvements to the dashboard? like the in game dashboard, would be handy... perhaps death count, revived team mate count, etc. Suggestions: * If this kind of game mode gets pushed out annually, perhaps we need a mission queue, people queue towards that mission * OR, have a chat lobby in game that supports group making or split the lobby into mission categories... IDK * zero dodge penalty for this mode, allow people to actually get into game they will give 100% * show augments equipped in lobby for people to see, allow people to negotiate and give tips.- just like summs * Or like one for all, where you have a vote feature for which mission to work towards to? - then the problem is you still have people not happy about it, maybe its not worth. * have all onslaughter missions unlocked once, so the chance of finding a workable team is higher Questions: * I heard NA is running recruiting a new player event as a side, where you can get a skin shard, people talked about it in reddit, I mean since we lost ocean week, should we have something unique too?
: 4 bots on my ARAM team.
I do not play ARAM in the morning, it is filled with bots in the morning, but good way to get S for chest if you use bots right
Sykotek (OCE)
: Thoughts on nexus blitz
I have only played 4 game in Nexus Blitz mode, the only one that was lost was the one no support champ in my team, every other we won... perhaps there just need to be a role called support?? cc/shield/heal etc
: Disable Kayle, Taric and/or Yi in Nexus Blitz (anti-fun Kayle/Taric-Yi strategy).
lol, sitting at 3w:1L... all 3 wins I played Taric.... it must be op
: Learn more: VS 2018 Event
how to chose side? its 27th June today
: Clash SMS not working
what format did you put it in, you dont put the 0 in front, you start with 4xxxxxxxx
: Free champion and skin
There is no twitch skin or champ, its Tristana more information please see: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/kE7fgLLK-did-you-know-riot-offers-3-free-skins-w-champions-through-various-promotions
zaking69 (EUW)
: perma banned because i had 300+ ping and my team flamed me, told me to go kill myself.
Probably best to go afk and disconnect if lag cannot be resolved..
: Permanently Banned
I can back you if you truly understand wording can effect others for hours if not days.
Rioter Comments
Õrnn Bot (OCE)
: One for all OCE
i thought they are releasing one for all next patch... so unless you are talking about pbe
Dark Aria (OCE)
: ARAMS Filthy with bots.. Again..
Perfect situation to practice inner peace when ur entire team is feeding because they are bots Perfect situation to practice compassion when the entire enemy team are bots but one player...
KnevDog (OCE)
: Any Aram People
lol, i play with bot.. and i report bots... i am accepting the fact my mmr = bots
fkMoist (OCE)
: Looking for casual club/
I dont think my club is much active... but if u are interested... I am the proud owner of club skinz
: Oh, for f*ck's sake...
lol, I only buy skin via self-mystery-gifting... The randomness of skins I get is beyond my control, be ugly, beautiful, like or not, it goes into my collection
Reivz (OCE)
: Chinese Situation
if they are based in china i dont think they would be interested in playing in oce server.. the only reason they are here is because they are physically based in OCE, thus the better ping... Doesnt mean they have adapted to the behaviour expectation
: Mastery Tokens in ARAM, Rito Plz
lol, half of my problem would be solved by this
Vasoleen (OCE)
: Key fragments
I have 11 chests with 0 key atm... i found i usually can craft 1 key every 2 weeks??? Not to mention havent heard anyone getting to honour lvl 3 yet
Rioter Comments
WilliK (OCE)
: Duo partner for getting to silver
Just finished my placement today... happy to duo, placed in bronze 2 atm, tank support main
Rioter Comments
: No more promos please
lol, I feel the same, I am bronze 5 and will be bronze 5 may as well as be in bronze 5
: Hextech loot boxes per champ reset! That's all I care about, ARAM 4 lyf yo.
we are totally in the same boat
Toxotez (OCE)
: Looking for team or regular players
I am keen, I am currently having some degree of health issues, but usually I play more.
IAmCrazy2 (OCE)
: Looking for casual, friendly club with lots of people
My club Skinz is growing in numbers, but not really an active club.. i Have it for club tag.
: On Making Bronze Five, On Abject Horror
I have not done my placement matches yet, but I will definitely be placed in bronze if not bronze 5... I personally likes bronze, where you can be comfortable being bad
: looking for a friend to play with xxx
I like to play, but I recently only play Aram for many reasons, if you are interested i'd love to play with u
: Half The Topics in These forums are About Bans
I have been playing ARAMs and AI (Intermediate), on an average day i report at least 5 bots.... I should rename myself to bot buster
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