Seniaz (OCE)
: Team Serenity Looking for a Gold 4+ ADC, JG for I2g team
Hi Seniaz, I am looking for a team. I am an adc/jng main so whichever is needed I can play. I am Plat 1 Currently, demoted out of Diamond because I'm trash ;) I prefer either Jng/adc.
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Pet Yuumi (OCE)
: LF a diamond/plat duo to play funnel strat
Hey mate, I'm keen to play. I have a lot of experience with it so add me and see where we go aye.
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Prımal (OCE)
: LF ADC for an Auspicious Gaming Team, Gold +
Hi, I am an adc/jng main with a few various champs that I play. I am currently platinum 4 and believe my mechanics and game knowledge are sufficient. I have played and coached multiple teams so I know what it takes for the team competitive play. Add me in game or in reply here if you are in need of an adc, we can then dicuss more. Thanks
yCarr (OCE)
: this game is dead in oce gl
Don't listen to this kid, he is a hardstuck silver 5 flamer with a 39% winrate who recently got banned. Game is not dead, your just still blaming everyone but yourself, quit please.
: Hey mate, me and a few boys have been looking for two players to join our team. We have two gold players and a plat and need a good duo bot to fill out our team. I will add you tonight to hopefully discuss more.
Sounds good mate. Sorry I missed you last night, shouldn't tonight though. Thanks for the reply, talk soon.
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