Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
So this lasted a lot longer than the stated time period. Is it a permanent fixture now? What's the schedule of it currently?
: A leaver punishment system is definitely needed. League is a game where each player counts for so much that unequal numbers throw games way out of whack. So in order for the game to survive it physically cant risk people leaving too often. However, I agree that the remake timer often hurts people who don't need to be hurt. I have tried timing myself, doing a full restart from load-screen, to power off, to restart, to open league, to reconnect _(obviously not in pvp games)_, and I only barely make it with a little time to spare. But if I had to actually solve a problem as well during that time _(like connection issues or something)_ I 100% wouldn't make the timer, every time. And I have a fast computer! In my experience, 2 times out of 5, in a game that is remade, the person who failed to join, reconnects in time for the post screen, which is stink for everyone. Also when you've only got an hour to play, you spend 4 mins waiting for a game, another 5 - 8 mins in champ select and load screen, 3 minutes in game, then someone remakes and you're back to square one. Except this time you only have 45 minutes, so you wait 4 minutes for a game, and another 5-8 minutes champ select/loading screen. But now you only have time for a 30 minute game. Which isn't enough time, seeming the average game is 30-40 mins, which means if you only have an hour to play, or only enough time for one game, you physically can't start another game after the remake. So a remake actually ends up costing you an hour of game time. I don't know about everyone else, but in a normal game i'd much rather take my chances in a 5v4 and hope they reconnect, than not be able to play at all. __________ I think remakes are fine, but they should only be a thing in ranked, where a late connection actually matters.
I don't think the leaver punishment system should be done away with, I just think it needs to compensate for remakes, and be a bit less sensitive. I crashed loading into ONE GAME in the last two weeks. 3 games in total of my last idontknowhowmanybutalot games. That's definitely not often enough to make getting punished over technical issues reasonable. If I'm averaging less than one 'leave' (not even real leaves, games that got remade before I even connected) a month, it's absolutely ridiculous for the leaver punishment to kick in. And if it's happening to me, it has to be happening to others.
Rioter Comments
: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
"We're going to update URF mode to make it no fun." Thanks Riot. You know how to take a good game and ruin it.
: Hey CapNRoddy, Normal Draft was a VERY unhealthy queue. Queue times were higher than 30 minutes at any level and teams were not balanced. Unfortunately in OCE this queue is almost impossible to sustain.
Also teambuilder lasted for a while and teambuilder completely sucked.
: Hey CapNRoddy, Normal Draft was a VERY unhealthy queue. Queue times were higher than 30 minutes at any level and teams were not balanced. Unfortunately in OCE this queue is almost impossible to sustain.
You don't know unhealthy until you've played blind pick with Yasuo in 100% of games. It's really not fun seeing almost no variety because there's no bans. You guys have really made ranked inaccessible to a lot of people who weren't already well versed in it by leaving out the ability to practice. This is ridiculous. I feel like I've been ripped off by transferring to this server and losing so much of the game.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Just cross posting this from the NA page for visibility =D > First off, making these changes now doesn’t mean we think we’re finished with ranked. This is just what’s going to be happening in the immediate future, and we’re specifically focusing on high elo because that’s where the problems are the most extreme. There will be more changes for 2017, and they will not just be for Diamond and above. We’re not trying to neglect other players, we just need some more time before we make our next announcement. Expect that in September. Riot Calad
How about give us Normal Draft back if you care about competitive integrity? It is impossible to play the game how it's meant to be played because you have to go into ranked entirely unprepared for what the meta currently is, because you can't practice draft pick.
: Ask Riot: Chromas and ChampUp
Chromas should always be available for IP, even if that means you up the price. I'm not gonna spend cash on a recolor, especially given how little care you guys have been putting into the game's other aspects.
: Rethinking Ranked Fives and Tuning Dynamic Queue
You know what'd help? Unranked draft. I'm so sick of having half a game, and I don't feel like I can play ranked because I can't practice for ranked without feeling like I'm going to be punished for it. Blind pick is a horrible representation of what the game should be. We need unranked draft.
: FanFiction Contest Announcement
Too bad you guys gutted everything good about the lore.
: It’s your turn to Ask Riot
Are we EVER gonna get unranked draft back? You've taken out a pretty huge part of the game and it really sucks to play without it. I'm sick of blind pick but I don't want to jump into ranked without being able to practice first. It's ridiculous.
: Patch 6.8 notes
Still no normal draft? You're making it mighty hard to keep caring about this game. I won't be spending a dime on the game until we get normal draft back.
: There are tips that show up when you first go into dynamic queue that explain the basic's, but after you hit level 30 you shouldn't be playing normal games if you want to get better at the game.
You shouldn't be playing ranked to learn. Also, there's no way to practice things like picking and banning and counterpicking outside of ranked in the awful state the server's in now. The game is incomplete and broken on OCE.
: Find your name on the reef!
I feel like I got 3 points in 2015, but it was a damn while ago.
: Riot Pls: Dynamic queue, sandbox, and League 2016
What do I care about dynamic queue if I can't even play unranked draft? Which means a lot of new players don't even understand the concept of draft by the time they level up to play ranked because they've never seen it before. And those of us that are more experienced don't get to practice and figure out what our picks and bans are gonna be.
: Update on Rotating Game Modes and Twisted Treeline
When the hell are we getting normal draft? This is getting RIDICULOUS. The game was not meant to played in this awful crippled state.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Yea, that includes OCE. If all goes to plan Crafting will release in the days following the patch, with OCE being first. UPDATE: Seems not all went to plan. Crafting is still aimed to roll out soon but the schedule had to be pushed back. Expect it to come to OCE after it goes live in a couple of other regions in the next day or so.
Ever hear the expression underpromise, overdeliver? Because apparently Riot OCE needs to take that to heart. You guys have have habitually underdelivered with this server, and it's been really disappointing. No unranked draft, Twisted Treeline only sometimes, no free skin as we were promised (Please don't give me the weasely song and dance about Cosmic Reaver, I'm not fooled.) and now you guys are backtracking on us getting crafting first. My game experience has really gotten infinitely worse since I transferred here.
: Mate you do release they gave us pool party ziggs and ziggs for free, if the person did not own him.
Pool party Ziggs was not the free skin they promised, that was for early transfers. Also, I did own him when I transferred. So we have this half-assed server that has Twisted Treeline only sometimes, and no unranked draft. I feel like we all got screwed transferring here and riot habitually lies to us. Now they said that we get every patch first but then we're gonna be late getting Hextech Crafting, too.
CallMeCH1 (OCE)
: Why does OCE not get hextech crafting, and if we are going to get it when should we expect it?
Riot doesn't care about this server. That's why we don't get normal draft, that's why it was okay to blatantly lie to us about getting a free skin.
: Patch 6.4 notes
New champ select this, new champ select that, Give it to us in normals, already, damn it.
: We will be getting the new champ select for blind pick normals soon™
BLIND PICK? Where the hell is normal draft? Is this a joke?
: Patch 6.2 notes
Why do you keep talking about the new champ select in our patch notes if you're still not giving us unranked draft. So now we have a new mode and no way to see how it works without having to try it out in ranked first. Because trying things out for the first time in ranked is always a good idea.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Team Builder will be disabled on OCE
Give us back normal draft then, this server is nigh-unplayable. If you guys weren't on a micro-transaction based model do you know how many refunds you'd have to give out based on how hard you've screwed your customer base, taking almost all the modes out of the game?
: You do know that riot is keeping none of the money that people on OCE spend on the skin... It's all going to charity. Quit whining and be happy.
Only during the sale period. For the rest of the time, they pocket the money and laugh.
Crazegun (OCE)
: They did say why they are not giving to us for free, because people in the beta got Pool Party Ziggs for free they are not going to give another free skin away
Russia got THREE free skins. The Ziggs was just for joining in the beta, that's not the same thing.
: Patch 5.20 notes
So you're really NOT going with giving us our server skin for free? God damn, Riot, you guys are greedy AND hell bent on treating this server like second class citizens and trying to PR it with the 'charity' claim.
: Cosmic Reaver Kassadin reveal!
It's an alright skin, but again, we really got screwed on this skin not being free. Russia got multiple free skins. OCE only got Pool Party Ziggs for people who came really early. Complete crap after making everyone wait this long, especially given all the issues the server has. Honestly, OCE feels like a second class server and gets the short end of Riot's stick often. Holding the vague promise of charity donations as a cynical PR move might work on some people but a lot of us can see through it, and I hate to tell you, Riot, but you're definitely going to lose some long term money from people who are going to hold a grudge.
: Hi, the Ziggs skin was for transferring to OCE from NA when the server opened and had an end date. Sorry.
So then the 'multiple free skins' excuse doesn't really apply, does it?
DwarfGoo (OCE)
: No server has tribunal every server has the same instant feedback system
"When tribunal was a thing". Might wanna read the whole sentence. Other servers DID have tribunal when OCE first opened.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Hey dude, You’re correct that other regions have gotten different offers. I hear you that it's frustrating when one region gets something that another doesn't. We really should have announced this way earlier. By not saying anything we let the belief that this was free exist and that sux. What we are doing is making Cosmic Reaver Kassadin and the champion available with a 50% discount for 2 weeks with the funds raised in OCE during the sale period being donated to charity. As mentioned we could have done a lot of things better on this, and we will take that feedback to heart moving forward.
I have to be honest, this wouldn't feel so bad if you guys hadn't completely screwed us over in so many other ways. We still don't have unranked draft or dominion, the server still has some really nasty toxicity problems worse than other servers in my experience, and generally I feel like my game experience has gotten much worse since I transferred here from NA. Giving us the stock Riot answer of "Well we're not actually going to do anything about this, but take your feedback to heart" is not helping. You would've caused less ill will by announcing the skin wouldn't be free earlier but it's still SUPER disappointing. Other people have said why the skin itself is a disappointment (it's a nice skin, but not as a server skin) but the bigger issue is that this server feels like the Second Class Citizens of league. We didn't have a tribunal when Tribunal was a thing, we don't have most of the game modes that other servers do, most importantly unranked draft mode. So if I go into draft mode right now, and have to ban, how the hell am I supposed to know who to ban in the current meta? Or, hell, what about a new player, who's never even gotten to experience draft pick? How are they supposed to learn the strategy of the mode before they get thrown to the wolves? You guys are taking what was already a rough experience for new players and making it near impossible. I can't recommend this game to my friends because decisions like this have made OCE possibly the most inhospitable server in all of League. Stop treating the server like it doesn't matter.
: Let’s talk about the Server Skin
I feel like the free skin is fair compensation for giving us a gimped server that had no tribunal when Tribunal was a thing, that doesn't have unranked draft, that doesn't have dominion. I think a skin isn't so bad when you're giving us only half the game.
: Donating to charity is a good thing, but the fact that we have to pay for the skin at all still rubs me the wrong way. Also the whole "not wanting to set a precedent for giving away multiple free skins", I'm sorry, but that's a flat out lie since it's already been established that Riot will in fact do that. People that transferred to the Russian server got **three** free skins/champions, Volibear (Northern Storm), Caitlyn (Arctic Warfare), and of course Sejuani (Bear Cavalry). This was **the same year**, that Oceania launched. I think we're entitled to at least ask for the server skin to be free since we've been waiting for over two years.
I'm not expecting a real response to this, which is sad. And then "We're giving the money to charity, but only for the first two weeks" is a copout. Because what's gonna happen is this is going to be controversial, a lot of people will put off buying the skin, and it'll sell more later because right now people are angry about being lied to.
: That's what Darius needs. A Buff.{{champion:122}} (Sarcasm Implied)
He does, actually. He's really bad now. he hasn't been played in a competitive setting in something like a year. Longer than anyone else.
SmashBro (OCE)
: What if I told you that the number of people that would rather Draft Pick normals is a lot less than Blind Pick Normals. Removing Blind Pick for Draft Pick is a very, very bad idea.
I agree with you in part. Removing blind pick for draft is a bad idea. But we really do need draft back. Team builder can go away, I doubt more people want teambuilder over draft. But I don't see why we can't have all of them.
: Riot OCE Update and Q&A
I'm a little disappointed to not see anything here addressing what I was the most concerned about, which is unranked draft pick. I absolutely loathe being limited to only the high pressure of ranked or that complete dice roll that is blind pick. It's horribly frustrating, and also possibly more importantly, there's no chance to 'practice' picks and bans because that atmosphere isn't available in real matchamade games anymore. Is the demand REALLY so small that an essential game feature is being cut out? With Dominion out of the game, and unranked draft out of the game, we're cut off from a lot of the experience. As a long time player who moved here from NA near when the server first opened, I feel a little ripped off that I'm getting such a limited experience. Edit: Apparently you did respond to it, but I feel it's a bit of a copout answer. Draft is an essential part of the game experience. I, and I'm sure many others, feel my league experience is significantly worse when I'm stuck playing Blind instead of Draft. Ranked is too high stress to play regularly, honestly. It's not fun to me to have my butt on the line with every game, knowing that a poor performance or poor teammates is going to lead to my entire league experience becoming worse, as people look up my account and get snobby because of my division. And that's not a fixable problem, honestly. But bringing Draft back is.


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