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: Bronze/Silver LFT Duo/Team for this season
Too easy, throw us an add, in loading screen atm
: Duo Partner in Silver~ (Bronze and low gold are fine too!)
: Silver Support / Jungle main looking for duo partner + competitive 5-man team
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: Dont bother with the like of him. Making weak excuse why he cant reach his goal; When the bottom line is he gave up on it. @Challenger Zoe Competitive things isnt for you. With the way you so readily given up when you hit an obstacle. For all we know you could just be shi-t at the game. and using luck as an excuse.
Now see, this is the kinda toxicity which gives people this opinion
: I haven't had anyone be externally toxic so far this pre-season. I've had people go afk, sure sometimes there are reasons. Like someone just kicked down there door and is holding a gun to their heads. Or they just got a phone call saying someone in the family died. Or becuase they DC'ed or decided to poop halfway through a game. Who knows. The closest thing Ive seen "INTing" in pre-season, was when some guy on my team started following everyone around saying "lets go get them" "lets try our hardest", "I'm going to engage in ok?" While not casting any spells or attacking, literally walking into the enemy and not caring.
Hence why I think there is a roster for League where occasionally they pair you with known toxic players to ensure everyone doesn't get toxic players all the time
: I had stupid trolls ruin my placements, dropping me from a Gold V MMR to a Silver II one... Now I've just given up. I'm never going to achieve my League goals, so why bother?
Don't give up, add me and we can climb together, the more people you queue, with the less trolls in a game
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: Looking For A Partner In Crime To Climb! (Silver 5 ATM)
: Looking for duo team to flex with solo im sliver 5 would like full team i am a alistar main
Throw me an ad, I can do any lane and have multiple mains for them
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: i hope it is since it was only 11 days ago.
Sorry, been off for a few days because of work, will be on tomorrow
: i want in
Sorry man, this is for the OCE server
Main Line (OCE)
: Do you guys play flex queue with 5 people?
Yes, love flexing with 5 people
: IGN: Buckets Baby :)
Will add when I log in!
Sidmarill (OCE)
: This sounds really lovely. I find that nice people who don't rage at everyone is hard to come by nowadays. I haven't played league in over a year and only just got back into it and find that it's anxiety inducing to play because I left my account in a state where I am still being matched up with skilled players, but I've become quite clunky with my playing. I don't have a mic, but it would be nice to play with some friendly people for a change. :)
No worries, I am willing to help you get use to the new features
Silnari (NA)
: IGN: Silnari having come back from a year break from the game, I'm very rusty and don't really recognize people on my friend's list anymore. Would like some friendly faces.
Sorry mate, this is for the OCE server
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Prxblems (OCE)
: B1 Support looking for 5's team
cow (OCE)
: Adc looking for support
Main Line (OCE)
: Try [this video]( or [this one]( (aussie). Also, [this site]( is good for measuring things.
Wardscore is good. I actually should ward more, although my score is pretty solid for bronze. Thanks for help!
PurpIe (OCE)
: Can I recommend you purchase a locket for its shield active would work nicely in team fights :) Giving you extra tank stats as well? Maybe even get a redemption in your games as Sona.
Definitely things I have considered in the past. Been meaning to try it. In recent games, been snowballing pretty hard so bought stuff to maintain the momentum
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: When are you available???
I am available Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I usually have League open in my spare time so if you are online just send me a message :)
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: Looking for either a sup or adc main
Yo, throw us an ad, I could do what you want :)
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