Ventus (OCE)
: Random adds from NA
Hey Ventus, I had the exact same thing happen to me and there is nothing to be worried about. In my case, I got friend requests from people I was previously friends with when I had my account on the North American servers putting them in a separate folder for friends from that server. Meaning that you can now add people from different servers to chat with them over league which is really cool! In your case, if it is similar to mine, these might be old friends of yours back from when OCE wasn't created (around season 2-3)! Hope this helps. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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: It says that the google link has closed
My bad! Go ahead and try that again. My google drive had run out of space because of the number of replays being uploaded by you all. We should be good to go now! Thank you for flagging this. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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Nightjar (OCE)
: Favourite URF champion and why?
I am a large fan of AP Miss Fortune at the moment, building a Rylai on her is good fun! Along with that, I have been playing a lot of Neeko, Akali and Lethality Jinx. If you are looking for something extremely strong I heavily suggest having a look into full AP Shyvana along with Qiyana, both seem to be quite strong this time around and are good fun if you wanna deal massive unexpected damage! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
Mandraeus (OCE)
: Thanks! Glad you liked it!
Hey, this spelling mistake is 100% my fault sorry about that! Pushed through an update which fixed it though. Thanks for flagging! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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VVhizza (OCE)
: Thanks for the mention! Yuteki nailed it! A lot of talented entries. Six crushed it and TaeyongVVS gave me a good laugh :D Look forward to the next one {{sticker:galio-happy}}
No worries VVhizza, you did a great job! Curious, what software did you use to create your artwork? It looks very unique. Also, what did you get out of your mystery skin? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Hey just wondering but is it possible to resubmit a piece? {{sticker:sg-janna}} I submitted mine earlier but I've noticed a few mistakes and fixed them up now, just wondering if there was a way to resubmit/delete the old submission? Since there's a one submit limit, I don't want to accidentally breach the rules!
Hey Matcha Milk Tea, No worries at all! Since it's not past the closing date you are more than welcome to update your entry. We look forward to seeing it. We will simply mark it as a re-entry and remove the old one. The reason we don't allow other submissions is so that people can't submit more than one artwork. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: ***
Hey, for this I would suggest submitting with your current summoner name, as the boards will update your post to have your new summoner name when you link to it. Hope this helps! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Oooooh sounds interesting. Will we be able to read some on the FanFics as well?
Yeap! Feel free to go take a look at them as they get posted over on the [fanfcition]( board.
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: Ah rip in match history it doesn't show club tag i guess we'll have to do it again then.
: Completed with 2.8 million points :) However i accidentally copied my match history link and lost the one showing post game with club tags does this still count? (i posted a screenshot from match history instead of postgame)
As long as the screenshot that you submit is from the league of legends client and shows all of you with the same club tag it's all good! Good work getting the number of points you needed. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Hey so, if we submit a successful 2.75 million game and then do it again with a different group of people, how will that work in terms of eligibilty of each group?
Hey CyberiumShadow, good question! When you play with a different group of people, I assume that this is because you want to help your friends out to get through the challenge as well. If this is the case if your name is submitted twice we will just be sure to remove any duplicate summoner names on our list, just to make it easy on our end make it so someone else goes through the form for the second group. I hope this helps, if you need any further clarification let me know {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Challenge accepted.
Good luck! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: Ooh! Thankles very much <3 Just an additional thing: does LoL performance affect chances of being a Boards volunteer? Ie. Honour Level 0/1, or being Bronze V but going for Instructor?
Hey TTL Rem, got around to updating the PBE and I have answers to your questions. [**Can Akali Recall while in her shroud? (click me)**]( Sadly she cannot recall while invisible as, as soon as she starts channelling the recall effect she gets revealed, a bit of a bummer but hey it makes sense! --- [**Can Akali TP while in her shroud? (click me)**]( This one actually had some really interesting effects such as finding out that for the first cast of TP yes you get revealed, but after about a second you actually go invisible again! Which means this could lead to some outplay potential, but probably not as smooth as what you are after. --- **Does Rank and Honour Level affect being a volunteer** Rank never effected being a volunteer, some of the best coaches in the world are actually quite low ranks as they spend so much time analyzing the game as opposed to playing it, so don't see that as something that would hold you back. As for Honour level, this isn't something we have discussed in the past, let me get back to you on this! Hope these help! ~ Elam
: How do her W and her recall interact? Can she do a full recall while in true invisibility? Just W, expect her to be there when the W fades, but *poof!* she's gone? What about enhanced recall (ie. Herald/Baron)? What about TP? Is the TP swirl still visible if you're standing close enough (such as how you can see TP swirls even in unwarded brushes), or is it also masked? If so, it could make for some nifty TP plays where the laner doesn't even ping the TP since they're thinking she's just faffing around in stealth. Does her recall animation change while stealthed (like Eve)? (*Also, how do you do all that formatting on the Boards? Like the clickable buttons, or your profile icons + description, or having Akali in the header. I would love to be able to do that <3 *)
Greetings TTL Rem, These are all really interesting ideas, let me hop on the PBE and test this out for you tonight, I will make sure to record my findings. It would be super call if her recall changed while she was stealthed though I am unsure if this is currently a thing. --- _RE: How do we do all the cool formatting._ As boards volunteers, we get access to additional tools to create discussions such as this using coding (HTML and CSS), this is currently not a feature for everyone, however, if this is something that you are interested in you could always make your way up to becoming a boards volunteer yourself! Simply pick which type of volunteer you want to be, Instructor, Emissary or Wrenchman and start making your way towards it by helping out in those areas of the boards, we will keep our eye out. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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Palmyy (OCE)
: new eve broken
Greetings Palmyy I might be able to help out here, If we have a look at Evelynn's ult passive You'll noticed it gives her **camouflage** as opposed to true **invisibility**. > DEMON SHADE: While below 250 - 590 (based on level) (+ 250% AP) health, Evelynn Heal power restores 15 - 75 (based on level) health every second. From level 6 onward,** Demon Shade also grants Ambush 2 camouflage.** When you are camouflaged you have a ring around you seen in the screenshot below, enemies will have this yellow closed eye above their head meaning that they can't see you if they are outside the circle: --- Whereas if you are in range with them inside the circle they will have a purple open eye and you will have a "!" above your head showing they can see through your camouflage. --- I hope this helps, could it be the case you were either in range of the Yasuo for him to see you or possibly in range of a tower which could have revealed you as well? ~Elam
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: Well done on Evelynn.
Hey Broken Scripts, it's cool to see people's thoughts on the new Evelynn, I have been playing her a decent amount myself and really enjoying it so far! I was wondering though if I could get you to elaborate on some of your points as I'm curious about them. --- The first one is where you talked about stealth, you mentioned that you think that Twitch should receive a similar mechanic to how Evelynn gets it at level 6, how would you recommend going about this in a balanced way that suits Twitch from a game play and thematic perspective? To me my first thought would possibly be adjusting the amount of time his stealth lasts at the earlier ranks. At the moment, his ambush (Q) lasts the following: > Stealth Duration: 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 /14 This is me just throwing numbers at the wall, not saying this should be a balance change, but it possibly could look like this: > Stealth Duration: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 This would shift it so that he would have less of a stealth impact in the early game, but still give him that potential to make those big flank plays later on. Though I feel like he would possibly have to be given power elsewhere to compensate for this loss of stealth. --- From a thematic perspective, I think of Twitch though as this ADC who can go stealth, he forces you to play around it, adapt to him being in the game and changes your mindset which keeps league fresh and gives meaningful choices of "Do I stay for this wave and risk Twitch ambushing me?" So in a sense, is taking away this early stealth something that we want from this perspective? --- The other one I wanted to ask your thoughts on was you mentioned that you didn't really like the current state of Evelynn's Q, I'm curious as to what you think might be a good path to change this if it were to be changed? What would be a good Q mechanical for her that would still give her a good jungle clear, good damage that still gives off that "Evelynn" feel and gives meaningful choice with game play. --- Let me know what you think, I'm curious your thoughts. ~Elam
theminiom (OCE)
: My entire champion roster and my opinion on them
Hey Theminiom this is a pretty cool list! It's interesting to see what people think of the champions that they play and their reasonings behind it. I have noticed that you seem to like top laners a lot that are more on the tank side. If I may I have a few recommendations of champions that you may enjoy. ---- **Irelia** Irelia is my main pick for this giving a good balance of damage, cc, and ability to soak damage in a fight. She has a lot of life steal from her kit as well as a decent amount of mobility from her Blade Surge (Q). If you haven't already I would really recommend giving her a try, you can even flex her to mid lane if you would like. --- **Gnar** I saw that you mentioned you weren't very good with kiting (the act of moving in between auto attacks), Gnar will give you good practice with this as its heavily needed for the laning phase in top lane as you will be heavily vsing melee champions that you will want to use your range advantage on. He will also give you good practice with engaging team fights with his GNAR! (R) and still give you that tanky game play that you enjoy. --- **Malphite** This is my last main one on the list and the main reason being is he is another tanky champion that you can play in the top lane with a heavy amount of engage for your team (very good against AD champions with the way his abilities work) and he is quite cheap from an IP perspective, only 1350 IP! --- Other than that I would have a look into **Leona** for a support hero giving you a heavy amount of CC and that tank game play that you love. Along with that you could also look into **Jarvan IV** for a jungler and **Vi** as well, both of which can go tanky or damage depending on the situation letting you experience different play styles on the same champions. Let me know what you think, I hope this helped out, if you have any questions let me know! See you out there on the rfit! ~Elam {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Hi me and my friends were wondering if their might of been anything on our screenshot that might of made us not eligible to receive rp because none of us have gotten any yet . Thanks if you reply{{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Hey NyanCat Aura, This was because of an issue on our end, it seems that the spreadsheet we had set up had its time zone set 2 hours earlier than it was supposed to, knocking out a bunch of Summoners that should have gotten their RP. However we are doing a second round of RP distribution once we have everything sorted out with people that should get it :) Hope this helps and I hope you enjoyed the contest! ~Elam {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Byte (OCE)
: RP not received for the Star Guardian Contest
Greetings Byte, thank you for this info. The reason you didn't get your RP yet was due to an issue on our end, the spreadsheet we were using for one reason or another had the timezone set 2 hours ahead. We are doing a second wave of RP distribution shortly catching all the summoners that should have gotten RP within the correct time frame though. I do apologise for this but I hope you enjoyed the contest! If you have any further questions let me know. ~Elam
Toshji (OCE)
: I submitted alongside my 4 other teammates and they've all received their RP but I have yet to. Did I do something wrong?
Hey mate you should be receiving your RP soon, it seems that when it was submitted there was an extra I in your name, leading to your Summoner Name not being found, We have sorted this out though now :) Hope this helps! ~Elam
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Ayuumi (OCE)
: Their previous name in the screenshot was SG Slae, their new name is Sale. They've already changed their name so it's a bit too late for that, sorry for the inconvenience Thanks! :D
No problem :D Updated it in the spreadsheet, thank you for letting me know about it. Hope you enjoyed the contest! {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Ayuumi (OCE)
: What if a friend of mine has name changed afterwards but their original name is shown in the screenshot?
If this is the case please let us know the original summoner name and their new summoner name! We would prefer if they kept their summoner name the same though until we have given out the RP to make sure the process is as smooth as can be :) Hope this helps! ~Elam
Ahrí (OCE)
: how do you add your link of the image to the form??
Upload your screen shot to either [Imgur]( by signing up for an account and uploading it there, or another image hosting website like puush and put the link in the form :3 Hope this helps! ~Elam
Thundrfox (OCE)
: GOD DAMMIT we didnt all have the clan tag on ;-; ive gotten 2 S+ in premades
I believe in you, you got this :D You've still got time before the contest ends.
: what if we already submit one that is S+ and we then play with someone else that hasn't submitted one and they submit it themselves do they get the rp and the others that already submit one are excluded from that one?
Hey LuckyZedge, assuming I am understanding your questions correctly, if you have an extra friend that wants to join in on the contest meaning you have more than 5 players, you can play with them again (making sure you all have the same club tag and such) and get them to submit it the after game screen shot. Any duplicates will be removed and it will allow your extra friend to be able to win! Assuming they have met all the criteria that is. Hope this helps :) ~Elam
Sherlock (OCE)
: Uh so I accidentally hovered over a name when screenshotting the end of game screen so one of the names didn't show up, can I contact someone to send them the match history links so I can prove that it happened?
Hey mate already talked to you in client but for anyone one else who is curious simply submit both a screen shot of the end of game screen and the match history game screen. This can happen sometimes but after game is preferred. Hope this helps :D ~Elam
Talon12 (OCE)
: You get ranks for losing too, they just cant be S or above
Oh my mistake xD Thankyou for pointing that out I will keep that in mind :3
: do you have to be in the same club? me and my friends completed it and got s+ however we didnt use the same club :(
As per the FAQ above all players must have the same club tag equipped during the game that you get the ranking. Gotta show off that fancy team synergy, best of luck though, you did it once I am sure you can do it again :D Hope this helps! ~Elam
: So, in order to get the prizes for S or S+ does everyone have to get an S or S+? Does everyone in the premade have to put in an image or can you see people's ranks from the one image?
Hey, to answer your first question in the invasion game mode everyone gets the same rank at the end of the match (assuming you win) depending on how well you did on a team if you are playing on the Onslaught difficulty which this competition is based around. As for your second question an after game screen shot showing all the criteria from the rules/FAQ from one player is all you will need, once you have that screen shot simply click the button in the post and answer the questions in the google form. Hope this helps! ~Elam
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