: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
: Patch 8.13 notes
Hey I am First!
: Patch 7.22 notes
In the champions tab description: ": bonus Attack Speed at level 1. More on that **here**!" **here** does not have a valid page linked
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: Riot already claimed that the cost for levelling Mastery 6 & 7 in new system will be multiplied by 6.5 as well. So to get Mastery 6, it will cost **500*6.5=3250** blue essence and to get Mastery 7, it will cost **600*6.5=3900** essence after the new system come out. You didn't lose anything for it. And please read the Q&A session from Riot first then post.
Thanks for that. Missed that one in the FAQ. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Preseason Begins November 7th
I do not see many people talking about this and hence I am going to mention this here. Mastery level 6 and 7 came out patch 6.10 (the patch after mid-season). Mastery 6 requires getting atleast a S- two times and **500 blue essence**. Similarly Mastery 7 requires getting atleast a S three times and **600 blue essence**. This new mastery system had only been out for less than/around a year before Riot told us about the Preseason and blue essence changes. This may not sound like a lot but considering that existing blue essence is multiplied by 6.5 in the new season this adds up pretty quickly. I have only 3 champions mastery 7 and 3 champions mastery 6. To get 6 champions to level 6, **500*6= 3000** blue essence. To get 3 of those champions to mastery 7, **600*3 = 1800** blue essence. A total of 4800 blue essence spent. Converted into the new system, **4800*6.5 = 31200** blue essence. Subtracting the cost of mastery level in the new season: **31200-4800 = 26400**. Effectively meaning that by hopping on the new changes with the mastery system within a year, I have **"lost" 26400 blue essence** which I could spend on the exclusive blue essence shop. I understand the partial discount for runes and rune pages as they have existed for basically the lifetime of league but the mastery thing is pretty new and is being completely neglected. **Will we get a refund? Will the cost of mastery also get multiplied by 6.5?** BTW: Pretty hyped for the new runes! More to pre-game than just stacking stats now.
: No "out of game" music playing. We don't want Gragas, Esq. writing us any cease and desist letters!
: You have the option of removing the audio, but your gameplay will be at a disadvantage.
So I cant add any audio but I can remove the original audio? Also, how does this work with streams that only have music playing with no game sounds? Do we still remove the audio if it was a part of stream?
: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech
Question: The replay I downloaded has terrible audio (weird noises). I wish to replace the audio to something which is reasonable. The guidelines do not allow any edit of the video. Can I edit the audio?


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