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Okay but you 2 guys have literally just posted your argument on a board looked through by hundreds of thousands of people. Doesn't matter what you think, that definitely was not a wise choice. Also spam pinging isn't helping someone, it just makes you look really toxic tbh, but I guess that's what you were going for anyway. Helping is genuinely giving advice gently regardless of your team's actions. I've won quite a few games that way. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with getting mad at people, the problem lies in actually going at those people in chat. You said that if someone claimed you hurt them with your words, you'd tell them to suck it up and move on. Start doing it in your games. Someone insults you? Suck it up and move on to the next.
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I ended up several times with a guy who said he would troll if he didnt get akali. I ended up waiting an hour because of all the dodges.
: I purchased the god king {{champion:122}} set through using the vs tokens which gave me the 2 icons and apparently the loading border but when i load into my games i still only have the crappy standard one thoughts as to why at all ? The games i load into are aram as thats what i play primarily thanks
the border only works if you play darius with the god-king skin, and only when you play darius
: It's late and I'm not expressing my thoughts to well so please do bear with me here. While we all love free stuff, I'm not too sure why you take issue with the new BE if your only qualm is how long it takes to save up for a champion compared to the old system. There was plenty of math done upon the release of the new system, and you gain more BE (effectively) per game than you did IP. The amount of IP you earned was far more dependent on win/loss than EXP is, and while there is some RNG elements, even earning the minimum roll every single time you levelled (which is phenomenally unlikely though not impossible) would only earn you marginally less currency over time than the old system. That is also not taking into account the benefits of BE and IP merging, namely the free hextech chests. Now any BE you earn from disenchanting champ shards from Hextech chests can also be used to directly purchase champions, giving you even more currency than was previously available to you. Assuming your rewards aren't locked most players would be unlocking chests reasonably often. As to whether it still takes too long to earn enough currency to purchase champions, I feel that is a somewhat different discussion. We earn BE objectively faster than we did IP, not to mention that if you do happen to roll a champion shard for someone you want, you have much more BE available to you to redeem that shard, instead of the measly amounts we had for that use previously. Of course perception is a whole other matter. Given the number of complaints despite the proof that there was a net benefit (until you reach some ungodly level, at which point you would have all the champs you wanted anyway) it seems fairly obvious that something in the manner in which currency has earned has made progression feel slower. Personally I prefer one big reward to lots of smaller ones, but that naturally isn't the case for everyone. I think however the primary issue is the perceived value of the shards. Despite benefiting from the new system, disenchanting a 6300 perceived value into 1260 doesn't feel as good as just earning that 1260 over time, despite the fact that if you're disenchanting it it's because it's a champion you don't want or already own and therefore didn't actually have any value to you. Personally I was sitting on 2200~ BE and within three days of Pyke being out I had enough BE to purchase him, even at his higher cost of 7800. I play more than some people but I hardly play all day every day either. Usually a few games a day, sometimes more if we have a big group. Now mind you I did disenchant a 4800 champ shard (980 BE I think?) that I was saving for a mastery upgrade (hadn't played the champ in a while and still needed 3 S/S+ ranks) and opened a hextech chest in that time that had a champ shard in it, but neither of those circumstances are exactly rare or unlikely. Now could they reduce the cost of champions? I think perhaps if they could push up the discount schedule a little, instead of taking one champ down when a new champ is released, do two or three for the next few since there are a whole heap of 6300 champs at the moment, that would be ok. However I also understand why they don't want to do that, from both a business and gameplay perspective. Something like a private champion shop or personalised free to play rotation I feel are certainly options worth exploring, but again the execution has to be careful. I see no particular issues with something like the "your shop" for skins, but personalised free to play rotation would likely be off the table or quite heavily limited. The point of free to play rotations is partly to help new player understand more gameplay, and partly to help new or even just not long time players to expand their champion pools. Allowing free personalisation of that would sort of defeat that purpose.
I see what you're getting at, and i imagine running a system like this is hard. The best way might be just to change a few minor things each time instead of bringing the entire system to a halt to be able to redo it.
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I'm surprised no-one has done something with Azir. There needs to be one with him being buried in the sand by someone.


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