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: Nice. Yasuo's really strong levels 1-3. Me a yasuo main :)
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: Annie kill montage
You gotta improve ur skills too dude :)) Im bronze last season and now im Plat
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: you have a blue account :O. Does it dance much
what do you mean ? blue account ?
Maraudaur (OCE)
: [Resolved] 25/08/2017 Log in issues
Hope it fix soon so I can continue playing on smurf
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: bronze player looking for someone to duo ranked with
: New Streamer starting today - CeeeJ - D4 All roles
: Ranked LP system
Welcome to Elo Hell
: New Client Rollout - Phase 2
Rito Where is the item set :(
Le Dunse (EUW)
: Club bug - Kicked out of my own club, but i am still the leader
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traloop (OCE)
: then you don't deserve to be a higher rank
Martoner (OCE)
: LF duo partner
can i duo with u ? i'm in silver 4 atm i almost win lane but i cant carry team
Kaladin (OCE)
: Wow what luck! I found this post a few hours ago but forgot to reply. You seem like just the type of player I need. I am silver 4 right now, but I seem to be able to hold my own against gold players and platinum players. Anyway, I'd be glad to be your duo partner if you'd like! Hope you choose me, see you later and good luck summoner! - Kaladin
: Lee Sin Masters OCE
traloop (OCE)
: Rank up yourself.
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Tomo7 (OCE)
: 5 steps on how to escape your elo.
Well if u wanna escape bronze silver or gold dont play yasuo
Raito (OCE)
i think i can :)
pooh (OCE)
: Gold top laner lookin for jg duo
well i'm a jg main i can gank top easily
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