: Ocean Week Mystery Champion update!
That moment when you see the word Zilean and have to rub your eyes to make sure it's real before the true disappointment sinks in {{champion:26}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: HYPE WE NEED BIKINI LEE SIN {{champion:64}}
logged in just to upvote this
Kukukoke (OCE)
: buying all the 1350 champs so i dont get ripped off. Only {{champion:44}} to go :) now im {{champion:86}} teed to get a 3150 + champ!
*gets {{champion:44}} * "REALLY?"
: Team Up Week’s a wrap
Wait, how do you link your account to facebook? I found this unclear.. Or maybe I'm just stupid. {{champion:39}} ppreaciate the help guys
: Full team
Add me? I really need a team too :P
: Looking for some people to Pool Party with
: Order of the Lotus Irelia strikes at equilibrium
{{champion:39}} ppreaciate this skin.
TrueNorth (OCE)
: But... Imagine Seagull Valor
noooo.. i want to vote for quinn now ;w;


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