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: >don’t join the military we don’t want you all. Then pray tell, what kind of aptitude are you looking for in a potential enlistee?
He is from NA give him some slack
: Good god this community is a bunch of pussies, they need a “safe place” to play a game lol don’t join the military we don’t want you all, matter of fact don’t leave your house the entire world doesn’t want you period. Can’t handle the slightest bit of negativity in a game your real life is 100% Fukd lol
Not sure who u are talking about here Is it me or my teammates? make it more clear mate :)
Siøpao (OCE)
: Don't worry dude, same thing happened to me while we say "kys" when we were mocking around and having fun both teams. Funny thing was, everybody was saying it yet im the only one who got the 14 day suspension lmao. How unfair? Love how Riot says the URF is the reason why people stop playing League when it is actually their autoban "kys" shit with SPECIFIC PLAYERS Everyone is so butthurt yet they do the same shit with others. It wouldve been better if Riot bans both people who were toxic and not just one person
Its actually a joke aye The ban system is busted and needs some serious rework
: yes it does. you need to be honor level 2 to get rewards. Getting banned lowers your honor level to 0.
Fk that thats so annoying I spent months carrying my shit teammates to eventually get to gold and i fuck up once and its all wasted What a joke of a system -_-
: yes. any racism, homophobia, threats of violence or telling people to commit self-harm are automatic 14 day bans or permabans depending on your situation.
Okay So that means i miss out on ranked rewards?
: saying "KYS" is an automatic ban. Riperino dude.
So if i say "KYS" its an auto 14 day suspension for any player?
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