: If Jish was stranded on an island and he could only take 3 players to help him get off it, who would it be and why?
Hmmm. I don't know, I think they'd all be pretty useless. I'm torn between taking Spookz, Swip3rR and Swiffer because those three are the strongest, but a part of me says I should substitute Swiffer out for EGym because Simon couldn't look after himself on an island for more than two hours.. Bryce would probably be less of a burden.
: At coach 'Jish", how is it been back with the boys, and did you bring them any tips from working with overseas team?
Hey! Um, it's definitely pretty exciting to be back with the boys. Even after I left, I still stayed in close contact with them and they're definitely some of my closest friends, so I'm glad I am back here to work with them again. Obviously I picked up quite a lot working over in the NA LCS, and so I'm bringing back different things in relation to infrastructure and how we practice, as well as having a better insight into the game and just having a different perspective, really.
adsmofro (OCE)
: Who's got the best lift numbers and what are they? ;) Who got the highest rank in KR? Why does Jish hate OCE :P?
Uh, I think Swip3rR has bicep and chest, Sam has triceps (maybe back too), and I have legs.
Main Line (OCE)
: Got a couple of questions here: @Spookz: Have you learnt much from playing with or against IWillDominate in soloqueue? Could he be used as a mentor for this split? @Swip3rR: When's your next stream? @EGym & @Jish (brains trust): Do you think OCE can close the gap coming into this season's worlds? Cheers guys. P.S. I forgot @EGym: New Zeke's on Alistar, good, bad or ugly?
I think it's very hard for us to 'close the gap' in terms of us catching up to Korea, NA, EU etc. But, I agree with EGym that OCE definitely seems to be getting closer to the top of the Wildcard regions.
: Don't @ me ever again. Also I'm 100% adamant Derek came up with the best draft strategy of the year in that series :/
: We're the Chiefs Esports Club - Ask Us Anything!
Chief Swip3rR: Who's the best champion on the patch and why is it Fiora? Chief Spookz: Advice on tricep exercises? Chief Swiffer: No question ignore this. Chief Raes: Have you overcome your fear of VR horror games? Chief EGym: Do you miss playing Braum?
: Ask Us Anything - Oceanic esports team
@Spawn Hey Spawn, big fan here. Just wanted to know why you were so bad at basketball? Thanks for your time, Jish
: Ask Us Anything - Oceanic esports team
why is Sybol the best player in the OPL?
: Hey guys, awesome to meet you, I was just wondering, seeing that you fell just short of making Worlds in last year's IWCQ, what improvements do you think you'll have to make as a team in order to match up with the other teams at IWCQ and show Oceania's Prowess on the World Stage? Congratulations on the convincing "stomp" on Legacy at the OPL :) Also can EGym add me on League? Please?
Our previous international trips are behind us, and while we've been close before and not made it, we try learn from every experience and use it to better ourselves for next time. I think this time around with the addition of Raes, we've already sparked a new dynamic and we're keen to show some more things we've been working on too, but you'll have to wait and see that! Right now, we just need to keep nailing the fundamentals and working as a unit, and to continue to build confidence and synergy as a newer roster. I'll try sneak on his computer and add you! Thanks for the questions!
kimmy (OCE)
: can coach jish answer me
hello, i miss u
: How do you think you size up in comparison to some of the competition you'll be versing? Do you feel good going forward?
I think the Wildcard tournaments always showcase a lot of talent, so we will try not to come into the competition too cocky. We know a lot of these players and teams, we've played them before as well as studied them. Having said that, we are confident we can perform well, and we do have high hopes for our Brazilian campaign.
Tele (OCE)
: Hey guys! Great job on winning OPL boys. I'll be honest, I was #TeamLegacy but it was a great series nevertheless :P _Here's some questions for one of you guys:_ 1. **Raes** performed really well in the finals, but obviously some fans still have concerns on how he'll perform at IWCI. What are your thoughts on this? Is he up to scratch with the rest of the of the competition? 2. How does shot calling work for you guys? Is it more dynamic like TSM (multiple shot callers) or is there one person making most of the big calls? 3. OCE has typically been one of the weaker regions at IWCI (compared to BR and TR). Why do you think this is? Do we lack the infrastructure for a competitive region, or is our talent pool just not big enough? Good luck at IWCI, make OCE proud lads!
Hello! Obviously, from the outside the player trade always looked to be a bit scary, especially for fans. Having said this, all of us were incredibly confident in Raes from the moment we started playing with him. We knew he'd play well in the semis, we knew he'd play well at finals, and we're confident he will play well beyond that. Shot calling on our team is fairly dynamic, and different people will often voice opinions and make decisions. Primarily, Spookz and EGym will do a lot of the work, but everyone has particular roles they're usually relied on for communication. I think there are a handful of reasons why it looks to be lagging behind. I don't think we are that far behind though, and each year I feel the gap is closing. 1. Population: Our player base is incredibly small, and therefore the amount of top tier players is proportionately small. 2. Location: Many other wildcard regions are located close enough to larger, premier regions for practice reasons. Japan + Korea; Turkey + EU etc. So these teams are getting arguably better practice than we are, because of their geography. 3. Infrastructure: I think this excuse is getting a little forced now, because we have come a long way in terms of resources and stability, which I expect will be all but on par with the rest of the IWC regions, or close to, in 2017!
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