Scholar (OCE)
: @Raydere - Hey Derek! When you were playing the final game of the Semi-Finals against Avant, were your teammates telling you whether to go for the backdoor or recall and defend? @EGym - Hey Bryce! Who was the wonkiest/strangest champion you played as support? @Swiffer - Hey Simon! Be my idol. Thanks!! I can't wait to see you guys at the Grand Final :D
They were yelling at me to go for it!
: What are your thoughts on the new New Zealand anti cyber bullying laws? They are broad and undefined so it would be nice to hear what someone who works on this mediums thoughts
I haven't really looked at those laws, but I could see a lot of censorship issues developing from these laws unless they are well defined.
: Hi Raydere Senpai As I am a support player, what do you think the most important thing as support in bot lane pace? And also do u get mad if support takes the kills?
As a support, make sure that you are actively doing what you're supposed to be doing whether that be shielding properly for trades or creating pressure as a tanky melee support. I don't get mad if the support takes the kills unless its very obvious and clear that the kill can be secured by the ADC.
: Hi,i love to play all roles in LoL,but i never play ADC,what adc do you reccomend for me?(posibly a 6300 ip ADC).{{champion:222}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:6}}
: Oh and how about you go to Korean Server and beat their ass off?
Dyl (OCE)
: Is it true you're an ex state champion in chess?
: if playing soloQ; If my support tells me i'm bad or tells me off for a bad decision should i afk **OR** troll and feed? (multiple choice) When my team makes mistakes and i flame them, should i afk as well? (to show i mean serious business) When i get no peel should i join the enemy team to help push in our nexus? If i want to climb should i play the boring op champs like you or should i continue playing the fun champions and git really good at them? so salt git gud spud kthx4urtime
When your team flames you, the only way to demonstrate your superiority and assert your dominance is to afk or feed in a self-destructive manner. That'll show em!
BioSwag (OCE)
: why is my lolking score 890x better than yours
Icyunvme (OCE)
: Teach me how to sivir I can play every adc but her {{champion:15}} 😤😤😤
DrMattie (OCE)
: What do you do when you're vsing an ADC that counters you hard in lane phase?
: Does a Penta Kill in esports feel more satisfying than one in match made games and challenger ranked?
Sonrisa (OCE)
: Any advice on playing draven? {{champion:119}} also how do you know when to go aggressive on lucian.{{champion:236}} Watched alot of Chiefs game where you just go crazy and wanna figure out how you have the guts to just pull off those plays
Phammy (OCE)
: Hey Derek just wondering if you're in relationship right now cos im pretty keen :) btw i just dropped to plat 1 and now my friends tease me heaps. Any tips on how to make better friends? cheers, Phammy out. bang bang skeet skeet
Zebli (OCE)
: Why did you decide to do an AMA on these boards instead of Reddit?
Because I believed i would get more exposure with the OCE Scene with this.
: Can you make a video and challenge Faker to a duel?
I don't want to challenge the God for he will smite me, quite literally now in fact.
Reflexion (OCE)
: thoughts on riven in high elo?
Sk3etch (OCE)
: (this is probably a stupid question but,) Before you got into League, have you always dreamed to be a professional League player or did you just play for the fun of it. (Like i do :D) And who is you favorite adc? {{champion:22}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:110}}
I just started out playing for the fun of it and had on idea a professional league even existed for Australian League back in 2011.
: How can i position more efficiently, in scenarios when i'm without peel, with peel or when i 1 v 1 someone. Can you give me some tips Raydere senpai!!
Identify the range of CC threats and stay just out of range of them.
Swiffer (OCE)
: How many 'high-percentage' plays do you make a game??
There's a very high-percentage chance that I will make a lot of high-percentage plays in a game, that will give us the highest-percentage chance to win the game.
im fat (OCE)
: what/how did your parents react when you were on a professional team?
They were confused and worried like typical asian parents, but I managed to work as well as keep up with Uni whilst playing in international tournaments so they eventually were supportive.
Rosé (OCE)
: I Really want to know your thoughts on the new tank meta and how adc plays into it
I think the tank meta is slowly shifting away, but as an ADC you'll be mostly be picking Kalista, Corki , Jinx or Sivir.
: Is league a full time job? Do you ever play it for fun? or is is strictly professional? And how do you feel about the upcoming kalista changes?
I would call league a part time job since i still go to UNI. I don't want Rito to nerf my favourite champion :(.
: I heard you used to play Chess, did you play at a club / in tournaments and also - what is your favourite opening ? :D
I used to play in NSW JCL tournaments and other big ones in Sydney. Favorite opening is the most standard E4 King's opening.
: How much do you make per annum from League; streaming, sponsors, contracts etc? Also why do you like Egym over Rosey if Egym is a soloq scrub and Rosey is a support machine?
I'm not going to disclose exact numbers, but enough to support myself through Uni. Because Solo Q scrubs like EGym make me want to be a better man.
ozSec (OCE)
: What advice could you give to someone wanting to break into the OPL or even trying to join a higher caliber OCE team?
Rank as high as you can in Solo Queue and make an impression on other OPL players.
: Can you add me bro? xD jokes~~ i am too bad for you.. haha :D anyway, what do you feel for being no.1 player in OCE?
Happy, but wishing I could compete on the Korean solo queue ladder.
ImShadouJ (OCE)
: Worst champions in solo q?
: What do you consider to be the most important part in the relationship between a support and ADC, both in premade and soloq.
That you are able to discuss issues or problems objectively without letting your ego's butt heads.
: Why is bronze so hard?{{champion:432}}
: Thoughts on the item Raptor Cloak. 30% Movespeed for 1000g?...
: ***
Happy of course, but always wishing I could try compete on the Korean solo queue ladder.
Shinya (OCE)
: What would you say to those who want to improve as a player?
Play more games, more volume = more improvement. Watch VODS of pro players and see how they play.
: What is the entire strategy and build-up around the dorans blade and heal combination?
For the initial investment, it gives you a good balance of laning and survivability power.
Shniff (OCE)
: Got any tips for any role in general to get better?
: As a Marksman main how does the so called "Tank Meta" affect you and your game play? Also just your general thoughts/any tips you might have. {{item:3153}} {{item:3035}}
Tank Meta really just changes champions and build path. Although the tank meta is slowly leaving the rift. Playing proper champions with proper builds really does a make a huge difference when dealing with tanks.
: My friend Ricky peed next to you in the bathrooms at Gold Coast during Supanova a few years ago. Do you remember him?
I adhered to unwritten rules of bathroom etiquette, so unfortunately no :(.
ImRandy (OCE)
: Do you think that Oceania has a better chance of making it to Worlds this year? By the way i have the same last name as you! <3
Yes I think OCE is in a great spot to possibly make worlds this year!
: How does it feel to know you are vastly inferior to the god that is VengeanceLX {{champion:254}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Hey Raydere!, just a question about your team. I was just wondering who does the shot calling?, what type of style do you guys generally roll with? Is it more of a hierarchy style where you just listen to just one primary shot caller? or, do you guys have more of a primary and secondary shot caller like Hai and Meteos/Lemonnation? or, is it like UOL's style how everyone chips in when it comes to calls?
Spookz will do 90% of the shot calling and we tend to stick with a proactive style of play. For the other 10%, the rest of the team will individually at times chime in.
DJ Tubbs (OCE)
: Hey chief! Do you find that having smaller squinteir eyes really help with league!!
: when can oce teams compete in world championship ?
MrFishy (OCE)
: Where did you get your name?
My best friend from Kindergarten was called Raymond and when we made an account together for another online purpose back then, I named it 'Rayder'
: And i really wish to play in a oce challenger team, but i am stuck in bronze, i do have lots of game experince, game knowledge i am decent at. if you ever have the time i wish you could coach me in an adc vs adc match up <3
I do offer coaching services, feel free to message me via my facebook page for information. As for climbing rank, I would suggest trying to play Sivir or Jinx.
: How to get more than 1000lp? Idk how to carry diamonds because i am too bad
: what are the chances of being able to play 1 game with you, like even if its a bot match or something stupid?
Nekowaii (OCE)
: Why do you never accept my invites? :C i Cri{{item:3070}}
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