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: Do you guys (The Chiefs) think this season will be more competitive due to the, live studio, gaming houses for each team? And due to the experience of IEM Oakland and the Qualifiers do you guys think that will put you in a more confident position going into the season whereas compared to the other OPL teams and what can we expect if you guys reach Wildcards? Good on ya fellas and good luck for the season and first game against the Dire Wolves!
We definitely think other teams will level up given Riot's involvement, which can only mean good things for us. It will be closer but we will be able to learn more from it! IEM Oakland definitely was an invaluable experience but we won't take it for granted. Thank you!
Revoke (OCE)
: Greetings, friend Chiefs. Do you guys have an announcement on your coach for the split/season, or not yet? Also who could eat the most chicken wings in one sitting? My money's on Raes as a dark horse candidate.
Our coach will be announced soon! In the meantime, Volt is our interim head coach. Raes is definitely a contender.
: whats Spookz thoughts on camilie in the jungle
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Will 2017 be the year Big Swips becomes the #1 Poppy in the world?
"Right now I'm the #2 best Poppy in the world, behind Flame." -Swip3rR
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: G'day Frank, As an ADC main I feel getting into chiefs may be difficult, do you think I should change to a top main before hitting challenjour so as to have a better shot of making the Chiefs line-up?
Sorry for the late reply but we're always on the lookout for good talent, but it'll be tough to top any of my boys!
: Yo Daniel! So I have a bunch of questions about your time on Immunity and Chiefs! Other than achievements in north american soloq, the team yssc and your top four finish under the team immunity organisation, what would be your proudest moment of your league of legends career? Of the games you have played, which would be your career favorite? So my favorite game of you was back on the 26th of March 2015 when you were avant vs team Immunity, you were playing swain and showed your dominance with champion mastery to the extent of being able to control your lane with kills and presence. Sadly, you lost it overall due to the use of a sub jungler on Sejuani. The show of these skills, do you think in season 6 will you be able to show the same type of dominance? From your no. 1 Fans ChrisMisTrees and MsFish (read the 1st letter of every sentence)
Fitzky (OCE)
Congrats! Hit us up when you hit chal and we'll give you a run! ;)
: A few questions about the Pro Scene in Oceania
Hey Toph, Good to hear you're more keen on the competitive scene here in Oceania! I'll do my best to cover off some of your questions, though I'm sure others would have better insight than me. Q1. Mostly teams scout players through a couple ways. The first one is the obvious one, which is solo queue. A number of competitive players have made a name for themselves in the Oceanic solo queue ladder since it's inception, such as RYmeister. One of the best mechanical players on the server and has since had a very successful start to his competitive player originated through making plays and doing well in solo queue. Other methods are word of mouth, players who have performed exceptionally in other tournaments. People have since stepped it up a notch, as seen by Hellions directly recruiting players from overseas to join the league, which is always exciting! Q2. I feel the players will answer that best, but having been among them for so long as well as juggling my own studies (though my work definitely hasn't been as strenuous as progaming). A lot of them work very hard, playing League out of passion. However, it's never easy juggling your responsibilities in life. An example we always use is Raydere, who studies commerce and law at UNSW full time whilst maintaining his position as one of the best players in Oceania. You can read a little bit more insight on how he does it here:,39587 I know all of our players, and indeed many players from the scene, juggle a number of commitments from work, relationships, schooling and family. The answer is really just age old hard work, good work ethic and time management. Something that myself and Jish are trying hard to promote within our culture. Q3. Riot's recent announcement of the tournament structures means that you can quality for the OCS through the OOL, and subsequently the OPL, or be scouted directly onto an OPL team. I believe the OOL -> OCS structure is really good in building grassroots talent, as teams will need commitment and dedication to fight through those two gauntlets to get to the pinnacle of OCE competition. I guess it would be up to you to decide whether or not you want to grind it out and make it on your own through getting noticed in solo queue or by putting together a team and battling your way up the ladder. Either way, you get a lot of good competitive experience under your belt and from what I've heard, it's a lot of fun too. There are other ways you can get involved, such as through substitute roles, analysis work or just by supporting the teams as much as you can. I know my boys definitely appreciate all the fan love they get. Thanks for being interested in the scene! Hope to see you at the split 2 finals if we qualify :)
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: I'm going to guess and say @raydere
You're a long way off.
Syuko (OCE)
: ***
Swiffer (OCE)
: At the moment and in her current iteration, Katarina is really subpar. Just mainly because her laning phase doesn't exist and then on top of that, she is required to snowball in order to actually be effective. Unless, you're incredibly comfortable or you're SKT I don't think Kat will see competitive play until she gets buffed. I think that one of the only reasons Cassiopeia reemerged with such prominence was because Viktor was disabled for such a long time. I also wrote this just below but, I think that almost every mid laner (rip kat) is viable at the moment and it depends on your expertise with the champion and what works for your team. I guess what would separate her is her insane consistent damage and lane dominance. Which was why for a few months you saw, in every competitive region, only Azir/Cassio being played. She's very similar to Azir in that respect but the reason Azir is considered better is because he has an escape mechanism. Since she took nerfs to her laning power she's taken a backseat to him. The only reason I can see you picking her now would just be her early lane control.
Is subpar one word???
: I'm Samuel 'Spookz' Broadley, Jungler for The Chiefs, AMA!
Hello Sam! Can you tell me a bit more about that epic game against CJ Entus Blaze at WCG 2013? We all had an awesome time there but I wanted to know more about the thoughts that were going through your head as you were 5-1 up against, arguably, one of the best teams in the world at the time.
Steiny (OCE)
: OCE Pro games tonight - unwatchable....
Stream was fine for me. Youtube stream is also available.

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