: where da new {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} skins at plz
or {{champion:150}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:150}}
: or {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}}
or {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}}
: or {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}}
or {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:13}}
: or {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}}
or {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:223}}
: where da new {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} skins at plz
or {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:412}}
: Patch 6.22 notes
where da new {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:54}} skins at plz
Sonan (OCE)
: Ivern's ult can be controlled properly? Worlds biggest buff tbh.
: wait like all towers??!!
yeah did u not read it
Stefo (OCE)
: Easy GG then, even 2 inhibitors down means the nexus towers aren't ever gonna stop superminions. I personally think the tower revert is a bad idea which is going to lead into more easy game finishers and less comebacks
Backdoors wont be cool anymore because it'll be 1 shot the towers and then the nexus. :(
: IWC All-Star Voting is Now Live!
Top: Chippys Jungle: Carbon or Spookz Mid: Swiffer ADC: Raydere Support: Egym
: when your in bronze but still read the whole thing. feelsbadman
when your not even ranked and read the whole thing twice
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Rip the dream. theres always next year =D
not if Immortals get any say in things
: Who will win Worlds???
If anyone wants to play some games private message me on LOL. Send a friend request. Thanks and go ROX Tigers
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