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: Oceanic Gaming Network's 1v1 Tournament. (01/04/18)
Ninox (OCE)
: >If Riot made a punishment for not honouring someone at the end of the game it would be great, because even when I hate my whole team I still honour someone to try and get the "little bit of progress to my honour level". So what you're saying is, you only honour to benefit yourself? I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of honour. Honour is meant to be recognition for playing well or being a good sport or x other honourable thing. It's not meant to be a reward for you just because you want it. You have to *earn* your honour. If it was easy to get it wouldn't mean anything.
I honour people that I think is honour worthy of it, but if I feel like the whole team is trolling I still do it because skipping it is unsportmanlike. But I part from do you agree the honour system for the other team should be brought back?
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