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: is kiwi allowed in this club??
Yep anyone on OCE server is welcome as long as they are nice
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: Yes to Teaching/Mentoring?, Yes to Just a Group of Newbies? or Yes to both?
Just friendly and helpful.. i think ill setup a teamspeak/ventrilo server for easier help.. if people want to mentor they can but sounds like a full time job
Johnokiwi (OCE)
: Do you take Kiwi's ?
: Is there a possibility where i can teach :3
of course anyone can help anyone out, 1on1 with a human is much better than reading lolking and trying to figure that out...
: When u mean by learning do u mean like people actually helping each other, mentoring,giving advice or just literally a group of people saying hey we're new to league/noobs leggo?
Yes, thats exactly what we do, everyone has to start somewhere, my best mate is gold rank and he is helping with the learning.. we really dont like the abusiveness towards people who are learning, we are friendly guys and we use skype for our matches, happy to answer questions in our club chatroom and on skype whilst playing in groups. game would be more enjoyable with a friendly chat/game group i am a PC Technician also so can help with that stuff too \m/ >< \m/ Chris
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