: How do I ward effectively as mid and support?
I like to tell support mains that deep wards are really crucial if you want to gain an edge on the game. After your first back you should either have a sightstone or mobility boots. If you have mobility boots you can easily get into their jungle but you will not have many wards to spare. Its always wise to pick up 2 pink wards anytime you can because they provide the best vision (being infinite and detectable). I'll post up a picture that details the best spots to ward as blue and purple side supports. As you can see, if you ward these spots, not only will you have complete vision of half their jungle which will give you the perfect idea of where the jungler is headed, you will have effectively warded for mid lane and even top lane (If they see the jungler is bottom side, they can't possibly gank top). I included a pink(red) ward to show you a good spot to ward for pink as its usually not checked. You can change the mid lane side brush on purple with a pink because that is rarely checked!
: Thank you for your advice, i will definitely dedicate some time to watching streams and LPL and LCK. I hope to someday play at your level, perhaps even above you.
Definitely, hope to see you here soon in the competitive leagues crowd pleasa!
: Have you ever had a matche where the support does better than the adc in lane? Since it ALWAYS happens to me ;-;
Happens all the time for me (i have a bad habit of accidentally KSing haha) i think it even happened in one of the OPL games vs Legacy, where i had around 11 kills as thresh. Most supports in ranked around diamond-challenger try to leave the kills up for the adc though.
: Follow up but unrelated question, how long did it take for you to get to challenger after starting league? I hit level 30 at the start of season 4, got to diamond just as it ended and am aiming to make it to at least master before this season ends. Also did you used to record yourself and then watch it back to improve or did you have other methods?
I achieved challenger when oce first came out after a few months, back then there was only 50 challengers and it was much harder to get. I started all the way back at the end of season 1 and slowly improved from there, playing a bit in every season. If you only started last season and made it to diamond in this one then you have made incredibly, and i mean incredibly good progress. You need to push a little further to get that last bit into masters and i'd recommend watching streams for this step. I think its really tedious to watch yourself and look for your own mistakes. Rather, be conscious of your mistakes after every game, every DEATH is a mistake. Watching not only the really good pros (i'd recommend koreans) but also LPL and LCK for ahead of the meta macro plays and champions. Last but not least, keep practicing, you've made amazing progress and practice is how every other player at your stage has gotten better.
: HI Chuffer, My account got permabanned and dont know how to get my account back because i did nothing wrong and when i message my league support its all JUST BOTSSSSS :( {{champion:157}} {{item:3070}}
:/ my main got perma banned on NA because i was really toxic. All you can do is to go off what the support email says, were you banned before this ? Usually it takes a few bans before you work your way to a permaban. They never hand out perma bans unless they think you've been really toxic, ofc it could also be a mistake, so keep trying to send emails i guess.
: Most of the supports i play with don't fit my play style, how can i or my support to think same way in solo q? and also i have a potato as a computer.{{champion:67}}
Its hard to get on the page with a random support from solo queue. If you feel like thats the biggest issue then perhaps duoing with a support? otherwise telling your support that you want to play aggressive from level 2 and actively using back pings when you don't want to aggress is wise. If you plan to find a duo, the only way you two will develop synergy is if you play a lot together and constructively work on each others mistakes. I used to have a bad computer but once i got a new one, it didn't really change my style so you should be fine :)
HunterFTW (OCE)
: ok thank you so much for taking your time to help me :D
np :), watching pro player's streams at twitch.tv is a really good idea too. It's how all of the higher up people learn.
: hello!!! big fan!!! who would you say is the best fan you've ever met irl???
HunterFTW (OCE)
: about something more specific is it possible to tell me tips on getting more cs in game?
Well you can always farm some jungle minions if your jungler is far away ganking another lane. Other than that, just concentrating really hard to last hit. There is no trick, really, you just have to practice, practice and practice.
: Is being a professional league player everything you thought it would be, and is it as fun and entertaining as everyone thinks it is?
Oce pro players still have to juggle in uni and jobs. There is still not enough infrastructure for the scene to take off, so its hard to answer this question as i probably can't talk from a true proffesional gamer. I can say that it is a lot of hard work though, practicing the game even when you don't want to play it starts making it into a chore or work. Teams expect players to practice 4-5 games of solo queue a day and 3-5 games of private matches after that, so it can be quite bearing.
HunterFTW (OCE)
: can you give me some tips on LoL? i am not the best at league but i am ok.
Hey hunterFTW, I've given quite a lot of tips throughout this AMA about solo queue, champions and tips. If you refer to Cataphract's question you can see a lengthy dicussion on different strategies for solo queue. Unless you mean to ask about something more specific?
Mòón (OCE)
: Yeah I can play a lot of mids, ahri is just my best along with like, annie or zed.
Id recommend learning azir or viktor, both are really strong right now and suit the meta
: What's the best team in OCE and why is it uw0tm7?
Their individual lineup is crazily talented and hard-working, but together, they are the finest talents that oce has ever witnessed on the rift.
: How do you act to your team mates normally Chuffer?
We all hang out a lot in teamspeak and tease each other on a daily basis. When we first met each other in real life for eb expo? last year? We pretty much acted like any other group of friends and we naturally clicked. They all think i am some kind of mega troll and i can't take anything serious. I find this statement unfair as it is only 80% true.
: LOL!{{champion:17}}
: Are you talking about me?{{champion:32}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
nahh, the warcraft 3 custom map 'slide spongebob slide' haha. Great game, but Ac-_-HuLo's version is the best.
: 1v1 anyone ??? just add OoOoIKoOoO {{champion:268}}
Mysterise (OCE)
: Hey Chuffer, techie here. What happened to Rippii? He doesn't sport the DW tag anymore.
Yo, rippii actually made the move to organization manager. He realised it was too hard to juggle both competitive gaming and the growing organization. As you can see from our facebook page, we acquired a DotA 2, smite, csgo, hearthstone and Smash team, so he has a lot of work to do behind the league scene. He still plays solo queue from time to time and maintains an account in top 10, his user is 'Dire Wolves' (lol)
: Hey Chuffer, How is it going ? Must be tired from the games with the rest of Dire Team :P . Just some questions, * What are the Pros and Cons of playing as a Dire Wolves player? * When you are out in Public, do people recognise you and greet you because your a pro player in the Dire Wolves team? * As a League of Legends player, what do you suggest everyone should know/learn about? Kind Regards TheSparklingOne P.S. If you have time , have a look at my Youtube Videos :D . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg-tzV1ZWpdLETi5VIviJ-g HF :D
Hey TheSparklingOne, Had a busy night of practice indeed haha, The pros of being a Dire Wolves player is obviously the experience of playing with some of the best players in oceania. Every single game i am astonished at what my team mates can do and have to constantly remind myself that i'm actually a member of the team! On top of that, there is a wonderful team atmosphere and everyone talks a lot to each other on our private team speak server. The cons would have to be practicing almost every night for at least 3 games. As well as this, having to practice solo queue to maintain our individual mechanics and game knowledge. I've only been recognised by players that play the game who i've either met at local competitions or expo events like PAX. This is an interesting question, i assume you mean about the game rather than professional esports or the team. I think the most important thing people should practice in league is positioning, having a mental image of where they are in a teamfight is crucial if you're playing a squishy carry type champion. A lot of people, even in the higher elos have poor positioning and its really apparent as it reflects in their KDA's. I see you have a growing youtube channel, i'll definitely have a look at some of your videos, :)
Mòón (OCE)
: Yeah thanks! I've kinda stuck to ahri, since lb gets banned a lot and noticed I get good results every time, even against counters such as talon, kassadin even zed. I can farm well too, when comparing to lcs standards. I can get maybe 80-90 in 10 minutes?
Thats really really good, keeping up with your teammates is great (a combat-intensive game may have everyone sitting at around 50-60 cs at 10 mins) but being able to maintain a relatively higher CS than the enemy can be game-winning. Don't be afraid to one-trick-pony (play one champion only) and switch out to another if your main is picked or banned, this is a very legitimate strategy to gaining LP and more importantly, getting better at that champion. While variety in your champion pool is good, mastery of certain champions is better.
Flood (OCE)
: Hey Chuffer, What would you play to climb the ladders as a support? More so in terms of champion playstyle (Aggressive, Passive or Defensive). What would you say about Janna and ladder climbing in general?
Safe aggression is always the best style, this is ideally knowing when to be aggressive and when to relieve lane pressure in the presence of enemy junglers or potential ganks. Playing passively or defensively can win you games but it's dependent on how well your team is doing in other lanes. Placing a TON of good wards (deep ones in their base) and encouraging your team to help you ward is also ideal. Don't die too much, especially while warding and try to keep your Adc alive, especially if your playing janna. The best supports for solo queue are the ones that can make game-changing plays, so thresh, alistar, leona, etc. Janna is really good too because she makes sure your carries don't die and she punishes over zealous assassins or tanks but she can't make plays as often as champions like thresh or blitzcrank. A lot of high elo oce support players got there by playing thresh and many players from other roles revert back to thresh/blitzcrank if forced to support due to the relative ease of landing hooks and how they translate to objective control. If you feel like you peel, ward well and can win lane or obtain a substantial CS lead with janna then she will definitely help you climb the ladder, otherwise, play-making supports are the way to go.
Mòón (OCE)
: Yeah I know aha. I'm not a very toxic player. But I keep coming across people who are toxic from the get go and it becomes impossible. My scores are also normally very good in any lane (except top, I usually just get the job done without feeding), perhaps a showing of things or minor tips about gameplay? As I main adc and mid, two of your mains.
Well thats good, you got the big step covered then. I'd suggest watching streams or investing in coaching, King our ADC has very cheap prices and good service. Specific tips would probably be to play a fast lane winning champion, like leblanc and proceed to crush your lane, roam around and get your team really far ahead. Players give up way too easily and if they lose their early game they'll be too demotivated to play a very winnable game (that goes both ways). As an ADC, be patient with your support, play safe and abide by smart aggression (aggression at times that wont get you killed). A good ADC doesn't have to die because the support or someone makes a mistake, and every death should be treated as if it was a mistake on your part. Try maintain as close to perfect CS as you can and you will improve every game. Rememenber, you don't need to be 5/0 from poor plays by the enemy bot lane to win, having a 50 cs lead (which can be achieved through lane dominance or better last hitting) is just as good!
: yeah, i still dream of the day i see master yi in the opl (the current meta ruins all my fun)
Well, i know the chinese people (LPL) do a lot of crazy things and are often ahead of the meta. I definetely wouldn't be suprised if they played master yi. The people who cast LPL also cast OPL so you'll feel right at home watching that too haha! Unfortunately league has evolved into a very meta-orientated pick and play game, which is a shame because i'd love to play leblanc support.
: oh I see, interesting. thanks for the insider information! {{summoner:2}}
Haha np, a good way to keep up to date is to subscribe to pro team facebook pages. https://www.facebook.com/DireWolvesGaming?fref=ts I'll link you this one for a start ;) ;)
Mòón (OCE)
: Hey Chuffer. This is pretty good and a nice read. Is there any kind of tips to climbing the ranked ladder? I'm currently in s4 but I've been up in s1 only to suffer a large losing streak.
Solo queue is very much dependent on your mentality. Make sure losses don't get to you and make you toxic, there is absolutely no point of berating your team mates, it won't make them better (this is a very hard point to actuate because a lot of players in that elo are toxic and keeping quiet is difficult). Always work on improving your own play above all because at any rank below diamond it should be easy to solo carry your team, or at least give them a massive lead on the enemy team. In short, keep trying to improve, never be toxic and keep your head held high, there is no need to worry about loss streaks it happens all the time!
: Also - when are we starting a professional Slide Spongebob Slide team? On Ac-_-HuLo's version to clarify.
That should be the only version of spongebob allowed
: have you ever considered volibear support?
I'm really willing to play any off-pick support. unfortunately, coaches and drafters won't let you play champions that don't suit the meta or fulfill a certain aspect in a team comp (Or until koreans decide to play him lol).
Main Line (OCE)
: Interesting about the motivation because of the earnings. Fair enough, I thought Cyanide was too young to retire....
If a pro can't find a good team that he is happy to be on, they may also not want to consider playing competitively either. I mentioned previously about other, better players taking their roles, i don't know too much about cyanide but there are a lot of good junglers now in EU and many skill capped teams prefer talent over experience.
: I knew of the ones on IM, but didnt of others so thanks for that. What about outside of the competitive side of league, and outside your team, will you just play norms or mess around with any of your old teammates?
Haha i am a big hater of norm games but we always see each other in solo queue. I guess we may have a few words with eachother if we're on the same team but there isn't really much to say. Denian was actually a sub for us not too long ago and we all hang out on teamspeak together, which i guess is similar to hanging out in norms?
: {{summoner:17}} were pretty bad tbh
{{item:1026}} {{item:3504}} {{item:1051}} {{item:3028}} {{item:3113}} i was amazing.
: Fair enough mate. GL with w/e you decide to do btw, do you mean to say shernfire was "asked to play in NA" by a team there? I don't really follow OCE that often and I thought he was still sub for DW
I believe shern approached a manager from NA and asked if they were looking for a jungler and obviously since he had a rank 1 account in OCE, he seemed promising and they flew him over. he was a sub for us at that time but too young to play until the second split.
: Why were you so bad at WC3 custom maps whenever we played and why were your Fortress Survival strats so bad?
: then you need to bloom into the most glorious of spuds
Actually if by some miracle i was asked to play in NA i'd probably chose to pursue my uni degree. I think im playing out the last few months of my career to be completely honest :/.
: Woah! Hey Chuffer, what made you make the Q&A? {{champion:17}} By the way I like your detail
Hey spongebob, riot asked me to post up an AMA on their boards :) Thanks man i try to put in a bit of effort with my responses, i hope they don't seem like a rant.
: Hello, This is an official request that the Twinky Twosome (Dire Wolves Botlane Duo) please wear synchronised nailpolish to all future events. thanks and godblesse †, COOL HOTDOG DAD (Oce Solo q Superstar)
{{item:3174}} {{item:1055}} {{item:1051}} {{champion:22}} {{summoner:6}} {{champion:79}} {{summoner:11}} {{item:3006}}
: Hi DW CHUFFER big fan love all your plays and set ups. I always mained adc but now switch between that and jg who is your fav jg I use Vi what do you think. But also who are your top 3 fav adc?
Thanks for being a fan :). Its hard to have a favorite jungler for me. I love playing all of them but probably fiddlesticks the most, the way he assassinates people with his ultimate has always been a favorite. My top 3 favourite ADC's are vayne, lucian and probably corki!
: What are your thoughts on it reportedly being rich homie (and posibly others) being the ones ddosing people in opl? If you care to share any thoughts at all on it that is.
have you heard about dire wolves, they are a great team.
ChuffeR (OCE)
: Its a mental sport. A lot of older players find that their reaction times and decision making deteriorates when they get older. Many good ADC's (the role that many regard as the most mechanically demanding role) are young (king is 17, UZI (SRHC) is 17, etc) because reaction speed is usually at its pinnacle when you're at this age. With that being said, pros that are 22+ years of age obviously don't experience a dramatic loss in reaction speed, but often, younger players that play a similar role or style with better mechanics take their spots.
Rippii also wanted to say that they lose motivation. Saiclone (our analyst) said that as money is involved from an early stage in their career, they burn out really fast when they can't make anymore.
iMastahh (OCE)
: who is the biggest challenge you've ever versed and youre such a beast
Aw thanks man! The biggest challenge would probably be chiefs, they play way beyond our level everytime we verse them in a real match and i often have nightmares about our games.
: so I've been seeing shernfire everywhere on NA LCS players' streams. WHEN ARE U GONNA JOIN HIM?? {{item:3751}} {{item:3751}}
Shernfire was a god and i am a mere potato
Main Line (OCE)
: I have a question: why do the pros retire at such young ages? It's not a physical sport... I'm curious.
Its a mental sport. A lot of older players find that their reaction times and decision making deteriorates when they get older. Many good ADC's (the role that many regard as the most mechanically demanding role) are young (king is 17, UZI (SRHC) is 17, etc) because reaction speed is usually at its pinnacle when you're at this age. With that being said, pros that are 22+ years of age obviously don't experience a dramatic loss in reaction speed, but often, younger players that play a similar role or style with better mechanics take their spots.
: I remember in high school we played cs against bots and you spent the majority of your time flaming the enemy team and being toxic in general. How has your attitude changed transitioning into professional play?
its exactly the same all they did was change the name of the bots im versing.
ChuffeR (OCE)
: It's actually quite hard to say. In terms of raw team talent, i think all the teams in this new OPL split are much better than the last. On top of this, we also had another role swap a few weeks before the split and we are still adjusting to that. I think we will be a better team than last split but harder teams will make that less apparent.
My favorite support is always going to be thresh, you can do so much with him and every skill in his set is a play maker.
: With the new roster change for the Dire Wolves do you think you the team will do better this split than the last one? And who is your favourite support to play?
It's actually quite hard to say. In terms of raw team talent, i think all the teams in this new OPL split are much better than the last. On top of this, we also had another role swap a few weeks before the split and we are still adjusting to that. I think we will be a better team than last split but harder teams will make that less apparent.
Dian (OCE)
: How do you like to cook your eggs?
Keishi (OCE)
: How do you land flash hooks?{{summoner:4}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:53}}
Be conscientious of where your character will be after you flash and try envisioning your hook from that position instead of your current one. It's a bit harder to flash hook as thresh than blitz crank because of the windup. With blitz crank, its fast, so all you need to do is figure out where you're going to end up after the flash and how you can hook someone from that point. You can also pretend that the flash is an extension of your hook, simply making it longer. As thresh, i'd advise waiting a bit before you flash hook. In higher elos most people can dodge a thresh hook by side steping so waiting a bit before you flash can represent that you don't have flash, which allows you to hook unexpectedly.
: > exposed as a fraud If you're using this terminology, then you're already a member of Team Liquid. Congratulations!
Milky (OCE)
: Accept my friend request on league man.
: How does switching roles impact you as a player? And do you think that you would still be able to play mid lane to your standard?
I feel like i've experienced a lot of different sides to the game and its definitely improved my overall knowledge of the game. With that being said, i've never managed to master or get really far with a particular role, which is pretty disappointing. I probably could play mid but i'll definitely need A LOT of practice to get to the same level of the other mid laners in oce but it's definitely not beyond the realms of possibility.
philcrum (OCE)
: Do you think you will be my support one day?
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