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: Instant 20 minute queue?
My sister literally quit the game last year because of the 20 minutes penalties. She had a terrible laptop which crashed often and thus got penalised with five 20 minute wait penalties. Somewhere in those 5 games, her computer crashed again and she got issued more penalties. To the point where she didn't touch her account for months. She got a new laptop and we logged on at one point during the last summer holidays. She was reminded of the outstanding 20 minute penalties, gave up and made us play Overwatch instead. She never touched League again since then.
xinzto (OCE)
People who get matched into your team are just as likely to get matched into the enemy team. Yes there are trolls and AFKs in ranked, but if you play a large number of games (large sample size), an equal number will get matched into the enemy teams. You have to be careful though that you're not the one causing the AFKs and trolls. If you flame your teammates there's a higher chance they'll choose to afk or troll and in cases like that it would be partly your fault. Even though they are in the wrong, if you had not flamed, they would not have afked or trolled and in turn disadvantaged the team.
46157 (OCE)
: How to get out of Bronze?
Okay, I just ran through your match history with the blitz desktop app. Firstly, you have piss poor vision score even in games which you are winning. Buy control wards and make sure you are using the free trinkets you get. But the most important reason I think you're not climbing is because you play too many champions in ranked. You've got 25+ champions which you've got below 50% win rate on, but only 4 which you've got higher than 50% win rate on. You can only expect to start climbing when you're winning more than 50% of your games. So there's no reason to disadvantage yourself by playing a champion you're inexperienced with. Unless off course you're playing them because you want to learn the champion. But in that case do not expect to climb. The 4 champions you seem to be doing well on are Lux, Tham Kench and Blitzcrank. Also Nasus but you've only played 5 games so it's hard to say. You've won all your last 6 games on Lux so maybe that's a sign you should be playing her more. Don't throw away wins because you played Jhin for example. You've got 20% win rate on him despite playing him for 20 games. At the end of the day, it's up to you how you want to approach ranked. You can keep playing Jhin and improve on him, but at the same time expect your climb to be slow. Or you could play more Lux and climb faster. I chose to just main the support role and peaked in platnium, whereas if I was playing an adc, I would probably be low gold. Hope this helps. Good luck!
slxw (OCE)
: Bans
{{champion:555}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:39}} In that order of preference.
: Learn More: Worlds 2017 Missions and Loot
Would love to buy the master pass and spend time on the missions, but university final exams are 3-5 weeks away. And these are very important for if I get into the desired course next year. *sigh
Crumm (OCE)
: Can't forget how it's the supports fault if the adc dies
In many cases, it actually is the support's fault if the adc dies unless they aren't communicating or responding to your pings/calls. As a support, you are able to be much more aware of everything which is happening in game, and if you can't acknowledge that your adc is in danger, and ping him back, then that is your fault. As long as you look after your adc, they will never blame you for dying themselves.
Fight (OCE)
: Im also sick and tired, of them still saying, YOU'RE THE SUPPORT, PUT SOME WARDS DOWN
When I'm playing an damage orientated support, such as Zyra, I often don't get my sightstone until after boots + my first core item. You really don't need sightstone until laning phase is over and towers start falling down. The yellow trinket will suffice, and everyone on the team has one.
GeoCrad (OCE)
: What if a game starts at 11:59 and lasts 2 hours and someone was on their last game of promos to the next division.
If they win they would get the rewards for the updated division. It states that all games starting up before midnight will be counted towards this season.
: 2016 Challenger Rewards
Inb4 4 months later, you can find replicas of these jackets on Aliexpress.
: Escape the Darkness of Low Elo: Warding and You
I'm like the opposite of most players, I'm a good team player and use wards/sweeper much more effectively than almost everyone at my rank (gold V), but I can't climb any higher cause I'm mechanically terrible at the game. My reaction timing is slow, and I fail at dodging most skillshots.
: One For All will soon return to the workshop
...and here I am learning for the first time that One For All is available to play.
Zer0kZer0 (OCE)
: Whether you read this or not, here are some champions who, in my opinion, require reworks/nerfs/buffs: Galio: I never find this guy a problem when against him. He has some good lane harrass, until he runs out of mana after 2-3 harasses, then he has nothing. Needs less mana cost, but if doing that can foresee him to become overpowered, then he needs a rework, because he currently is the joke of league of legends, as well as quite possibly the most underplayed champion, both due to power, and how unappealing he is. Warwick: Polar opposite to an in meta Jungler. Has almost no gank potential until level 6, which automatically makes him a bad jungle. His E is more of a burden than a blessing, it alerts enemies of where he is. Also, he's a 1 trick pony, so easy to predict and counteract. I suggest maybe nerfing his ult, and giving his other skills some form of CC or chase. Maybe reworking his E to some form of dash? And just a suggestion, but maybe add a slow to his Q? I feel like he can become a great in meta Jungle with just a few small tweaks to make him more versatile, at the cost of some pure power, kind of like the Fiora rework. Poppy: Heard this champ is receiving a rework soon. If true, greatly awaiting it. Quinn: A lot about her is everything an AD carry Marksman shouldn't be. Most people consider her the worst AD carry Marksman in the game. Her skills force her into poor positioning in team fights, and her passive can sometimes create misplays. Aware that she has a heavy snowball effect, so maybe nerf her snowball potential and rework some skills so that she can position herself better as an AD carry. Taric: Heard this champ is receiving a rework soon. If true, greatly awaiting it. Yorick: I feel like Yorick could have been 1 of the updated Juggernauts. He was very similar to the old Darius, where his lane phase was insanely strong, and a great counter pick, but his overall team synergy was lacking. He's also a very easy pick for lane phase, not requiring too much skill, and just slaughtering your lane enemy, just like old Darius. He's also incredibly underplayed, due to most people not knowing how he works, and "Yorick, the gravedigger who let down his family because he was too ugly to get a girlfriend" doesn't really appeal to many people. I suggest a similar rework to the Darius rework, where you removed his easy win lane phase, but replaced it with team synergy, that also requires skill to play at his fullest. Maybe give his lore a tweak to make him more appealing too. Everyone let me know what you guys think of these ideas, or suggest other champions. I'm keen for balance discussion.
{{champion:143}} needs a death passive rework. Contrary to some other opinions, I believe they shouldn't replace the death passive but should buff it instead. Make it easier to hit (remove the cast delay or increase the width), give it AoE/more range, and/or give it some type of CC. Her current passive was ranked the worst of all champions in a recent reddit post.
: Data and Champion Balance – Part 1
Although everything you've said above is true, League of Legends is far from a balanced game. There will always be around 20 champions which are in-meta FOTM overpowered. Patches change this, whether directly or indirectly. Riot have said this themselves in the past, and they like to keep it this way. There are still many champions which are shadowed by another because they both fill a similar role, and the other is clearly a better version. However, off course this only matters if you're playing solo queue or are playing primarily to win. If you're playing for fun, then you can play whoever you enjoy.


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