: I mean, don't judge the game until you're 30 and in ranked and not playing bots. The real game starts at 30.
Played around 20 odd games outside of bots with other people (if you could fairly call them people and not half-formed orcs that slithered out of the mud pits of Mordor on a muggy afternoon while the interns were working the shovels). It is pure. Fucking. Tedium. Yeah whatever it might not "be for me" and I'm not going to entertain the inevitable "lol just git gud" dead horse that gets flogged in situations like this...but jesus tapdancing christ I gave it a fair shake of the sauce bottle. I didn't even get any sauce out of the bottle, I just got a dusty spritz of calcified rat cum. That alone is reason enough for me to flip the bird and never touch this jug of lumpy milk masquerading as a game ever again. Also, enjoying a shit thing after hundreds of hours of exposure to it is not a point in that things favor...its not warming up to it. Its stockholm syndrome. You can hold your hand over an open flame for 100 hours and yeah eventually you'll stop feeling the pain, but you'll have done serious damage to yourself.
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