: alright im also a yasuo hater but yasuo is very balanced right now in my opinion. his crit damage even got reduced
Why is he balanced? I gave reasons. He gap closes as well, with his R and dash and tornados. The tornados have huge range as well and have big hit boxes. Garen or darius struggle to gap close but they cant even duel a yasuo who does have several gap closers because yasuo can win a 1vs 1 against them. When he zips around you dont even want to go near him because unlike a high damage adc, he is gonna win the melee. The combination of gap closing and damage is not usually a balanced combination, hence immobile adcs or adcs that Dont want to be in melee range. Yasuo doesnt have that weakness. A CC champ is also usually balanced by having no damage or being squishy. But again Yasuo has none of those balancing factors. In fact he also can spam CC with his tornados more consistently and often than champs who are all about CC like morgana, rakan, nautilus. Alistair. And he can usually do it safer. These champs all have no damage and gated by mana and cooldowns. The windwall isnt the worst thing about him its his combined abilities but even the windwall is a better defense than Braums shield. Braum still takes damage with his ice shield, not so yasuo. Morganas dark shield can only shield one target. Yasuo can defend anyone behind his shield. Nautilus shield takes a finite amount of damage unlike yasuo. Combined with his passive shield and high mobility amd CC makes him very defensive as well as offensive. He is more defensive than champs who are defensive champs like braum. Like he has everything. When you play ultra safe and deny him kills he still starts hyper carrying in mid/late game taking down whole teams because of his passive double crit, his CC, his damage (with conqueror he just 2 shots squishes), his windwall, his R that is area of effect. His not balanced at all. Give braum some high damage while we are at it. Some more mobilty to. Give nautilus damage and mobility. Give twitch a free shield and make him generally more defensive to. This would make the champs more like yasuo. But that wouldnt be balanced. Get rid of their mana to while we are at it.
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: Yasuo is broken?
He has a lot of mobility; he has CC that is more spammable than champs whos kit is about CC (eg. Nautilus, Rakan, Morgana), He has a shield by walking that effectively makes him tanky he has damage that is sustained and burst (makes him an assassin AND adc), he has no mana, and can spam all day long his entire kit his got gap closers with his ult, his dash, his tornado, he has a windwall that stays up for a long time (even Braum takes damage when he has his shield up, Nautilus shields himself with finite damage absorption, Morganas dark shield protects just one target) He is safe under tower while his damage is being done when he R's He has double crit that provides gold efficiency Yasuo is just stupid. Just delete him. Other so called broken champs dont go this far.
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