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Gehirn (OCE)
: Full time TT will not be possible without a large increase in the amount of players on OCE. Extending the queue any further right now would drastically increase queue times and lower matchmaking quality. As for Ranked TT, it is worth a review, but it will depend on how things pan out after Ranked Flex SR and Solo/Duo have their set up solidified.
It feels as if we are getting half of the game TT is my favorite game mode as its quick and loads of fun. its really sad when i get to play it for 2 days then it get taken away from us so soon then have to wait for another week. I believe if you put it up for a vote you would see people voting for it. the queue times as they are, are really quick waiting is not even a problem. not to sound rude or ungrateful but i myself believe the statistics you guys are basing this on are wrong. (just my opinion)
Gehirn (OCE)
: OCE Preseason Ranked Queue Testing - UPDATED Feb 8th
Hey guys my question is. Will the Oceania severs be given full time Twisted Treeline and ranked for it next season? i have to play on american servers because i love the map so much.


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