: > This isn’t a commonly known fact, but a huge chunk of League’s female characters actually share an identical (or near identical) face and body, and are only differentiated by their hair and clothing. No, no, we all knew that all the female champs were hypersexualised and more or less the same design even though all the male champs had a really diverse set of features and body types.
>All the female champs were hypersexualized >Ignoring {{champion:89}},{{champion:1}},{{champion:429}}, {{champion:203}},{{champion:113}},{{champion:133}},{{champion:61}},{{champion:421}} and {{champion:254}}, not to mention all the muscled, shirtless, sexualized MALE champs. You should {{summoner:12}} back to tumblr. You won't be missed.
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