: Macbook air 2015 overheating
Even on my macbook pro, the laptop will start getting hot. This is mainly due to the integrated graphics card mac uses which only comes with a very very small fan and heat sink. Games that require rendering will put stress on the card and cause it to heat up. Solution: • Get a good laptop cooler base. Something with lots of fans that are directed to the upper part of your laptop. • Also download SMC fan control (don't worry its not a malware with virus). This program allows you to toggle your fan settings to help with more heat disipation.
Bipolar (OCE)
: I'm a paragon at League of Legends.
: Riots official stance on Account Sharing
Giving the fact that you are conjoined twins, you would have no problems playing from the same location - coincidentally Riot uses ISP tracking (among other methods like {{summoner:2}} and {{item:2044}} in every player's home) to check for account testing. As such, you should be safe.
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Playless (OCE)
: yes i'm playing on Mac. It doesn't work, still have that problem
Could you try changing your TCP/IP settings to: "Using DHCP with Manual Address" For the IPv4 Address, just put 192.168.1.XXX where XXX is any number from 1 to 254 After that restart your com and your router.
Playless (OCE)
: I'm stuck on loading champion page
I'm guessing you playing on a mac. 1) Go to network preferences 2) Click on advance... 3) Go to the DNS tab 4) Add to the DNS Servers 5) Add to the DNS Servers 6) Click OK and apply changes Let me know if this helps.
Best to remove the 3rd party app. Although you may not abuse the other functions it comes with, Riot is unable to monitor if you only use the offline skins or other functions. In the meantime, ask MK Jogo to talk to Riot to get approval on their systems in order to play safe. With the end of season nearing, would you rather get banned and lose rewards or keep tempting fate? Your call ultimately...
: Hey Coldie You raise a number of interesting points here: I'm not a tournament expert so I've shared your thoughts with the eSports Team. In my opinion, community tournaments have many different types of design and the support needed to deliver theses changes with this. As for streamers, we're fortunate to have some with established fan bases, but these fluctuate over time depending on the player and content. Our timezone difference with the rest of the world offers relatively-uncontested peak broadcast hours (for english-speaking streamers/viewers). However, I feel our internet availability in Oceania can sometimes be a problem here. I intend to spend time in November and December talking to local tournament organisers and streamers in Oceania to understand how we can better help them in 2016. Thanks for your thoughts Conquisitor
No worries, Glad to be of some contribution. ESports is still a growing sport and many area left to be explored. And with such, lots of planning, forecasting and budgeting has to be done, it's not something that's going to happen overnight. But at least a roadmap gives hope for a brighter future. I also do agree that the internet / connectivity of Oceanic servers are a bottleneck for league gamers. Especially where our region is surrounded by countries (Asia in general) where english is not the main speaking language and the presence of Garena as well. With the launch of the Japan server, I'm sure that Oceanic server will become even more isolated. Looking forward to new developments and more world's first for the Oceanic server.
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: Changing Servers
Could you clarify what download are you referring to? Patch download? That would be the same size throughout every server. If you are referring to ping, you are looking at 200ms on the average. Why not make a trial account on OCE if you want to test it out before you make that 'leap of faith'.
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hey, Unfortunately there have been multiple faults on the cable running between Singapore and Perth (which is the best route to Australia, and the one that would give you the best ping). There's no solid ETA at this point, but this assumes more/subsequent faults aren't discovered. There is an advisory from the Australian ISP iiNet [here](http://www.iinet.net.au/status/4400270), and one from Internode [here](http://advisories.internode.on.net/item/14486/) Cheers Mindstar
Thanks for the update man.
: Thanks for the reply, are you saying that the better the graphics card the less likely it would overheat? do you have any recommendations for a good Graphics card or a Processor that would handle LoL well? Thanks.
Laptops generally have higher heat as their fans are smaller/less powerful. Also laptops aren't really build for gaming so the graphics card generally has a lot of workload when rendering games. What's your budget for a new laptop first and perhaps we can work from there.
: Would these Specs run LoL?
Not on max settings, maybe medium settings and you would be able to sustain 60fps. The video card is rather old and you are most probably going to need a good cooling pad to keep it alive playing league.
: Is it possible to have 2 duos on the same team, in a ranked solo queue match?
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Zenoaxes (OCE)
: Weird Tick Noise Affects a Lot of Things
Could the 'tick' be coming from your keyboard itself? Sounds like it's broken...
Plutooh (OCE)
: Riot and ZoneAlarm
Honestly, Zonealarm does more harm than good. You already have a firewall via your router.
: Hey Coldie We do have less streamers compared to other regions, but importantly we do have some :) Please tell us more about the idea you have. Thanks Conquisitor
Hey Conquisitor, Just a thought, our streamers might be having an upfield battle against the other region streamers perhaps for a couple of reasons: 1) We are breaking into a game that is already populated by streamers from other regions who have a huge fan base. Trying to get subs is like opening a new burger joint and trying to get customers from macs to buy your burgers... you might get a couple, but never enough to sustain. 2) People who watch streams are mostly the people who play the game itself. They want some entertainment, learn something new or just another troll place from them to be. With OCE being rather segregated from the rest of the world, I believe we have a large population of talent who is dying to be noticed. The ocean reef project is a good proof of that. The community was proud to be part of something special which the rest of the other LOL regions didn't have and the turn out was great! If Riot could find a way to hold weekly tournaments for the community and stream it via twitch, youtube, in-game client this might help make the community more lively. Tournaments can be 5v5, 3v3 or Howling Abyss even. Mechanics: • Weekly tourneys are based on sign-ups • Each week, players can sign up with XX amount of ip/rp for spots in the tourney • On designated days, the tourneys are held and winning player/team gets percentage prize pool. • Tourneys can be knockout format where each player/team progresses to the next round Tourneys played can be broadcasted via in-game client/youtube/twitch depending on your budget for media. Doing this might help boost participation in the game as there is a reward system. Will also make the community more interactive as they watch and comment on the matches. Sure there will be trolls and toxic gamers but the chance of that will be lessen if they know they are being broadcasted. I believe that being the first region to create a reward base weekly tourney will draw more attention to LOL as well as players to the game. Cheers, {{summoner:6}} Back to my search for caffeine...
: Replays On Mac
https://youtu.be/tNeuN4551qc How to watch replays on mac using the file from op.gg
Let me get it right... 1) Your friend "hacked" your account 2) Moved it from NA to OCE Server 3) You wish to move back to NA server because of lag 4) You don't want to pay for it
: [PROPOSAL] Advertising League of Legends in OCE
Designing or producing is the cheapest part of advertising. Renting commercial places such as TV Commercial spots and/or Billboards is where the bulk of the costs goes to. Thats why Riot has gone with the safer option of using gamers, you-tubers, Twitch and competitions to grow the community. However, OCE streamers are few compared to the other regions. You can try finding sponsors to hold 3v3 tournaments and give out riot points. That might help. 1cent worth of thought before my daily caffeine intake.
: Is there a way to change Summoner name to the champions name ingame?
You can turn on colour-blind mode, that way your health bar will be a more distinct yellow compared to the other team/players.
: Cheers, mate. Thanks for clearing the situation for me. Do you know where to see if the cable is back to normal again? So i know when its safe to play league of legends again. Hopefully in time so i can get back to silver before november haha.
On September 15, 2015 the cable was again cut at segment 3.3 causing significant disruption to services from Australia to Singapore. Service disruptions caused particular impact for Apple customers due to the release of the iPhone 6, iOS9 and OSX just prior to the cable cut. Apples services were reported as being crippled for Telstra customers but the impact was noticeable for all other Australian ISP's. [16]** This disruption is expected to be repaired sometime after Mid October 2015.** [17] This is the third time that the cable has been cut in this segment in just over 2 and a half years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SEA-ME-WE_3
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Mufastang (OCE)
: Does LoL on Mac work yet?
Yes. Even shorter story.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
Scryzen (OCE)
: Thanks for the link, I've sent in the info. Hope they get it sorted soon, any idea how long it might take?
Unfortunately... no. These things are betweens ISPs and may take more than a simple switch to sort things out.
Scryzen (OCE)
: Latency issues
http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/tools/network-logs Follow the instructions from the link. Asian region is getting high ping on OCE servers recently. The report should help them sort things out.
: End of season icons from ranked 5s
Its like real life, you can sleep with multiple men but still only have one baby. Don't be greedy. You only get the icon from the highest tier.
: techs. PLEASE help me out here
Hold on shift when you start. Then press spacebar after you finish. Also use the enter key. Punctuations™ helps. Download it. But in all seriousness, check your DNS settings, firewalls and/or virus scans. Those things may be impeding your download.
Dynamax (OCE)
: Carry The Team
Played you earlier Irelia, I know there are lots of ups and downs in soloQ but remember, most of the population of LOL see carrying as getting the most kills. Sometimes just holding your own lane and not leaving it can be considered carrying as you are forcing the opposite team to send resources to you. In norms, people don't take things that seriously, in rank however, everyone thinks they are LCS pros and expect big plays. However, they tend to forget that everyone has their own play style and don't often sync. You have a more mature mindset and perhaps, you need a likewise duo partner to help you ease some pressure in game.


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