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Lapis (OCE)
: Is there anywhere for OCE players to find people to play with?
Summoner's society facebook and discord is always a good place to start.
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kwin (OCE)
: ADC/TOP LF duo partner or a team (currently gold 1)
: LF Gold+ Team, Currently Plat 1 Jungler.
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Sentience (OCE)
: LF for Plat+ team to join for Season 8
Hey I've got you added already if you'd be keen to try out with us. We need a top main
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: (Recruitment) Currently searching for Mid-Laner Gold + for Competitive Flex
I'll msg once I'm home if you're still interested
: LF Gold-Platinum Support main for Ranked Team
Precise (OCE)
: LF> plat top,mid and jungle for dynamic/rank team.
Sounds good I'll send you a friend request in a bit.
Hooked (OCE)
: J.H eSports Recruitment
Keen I'm plat5
: Looking for Mature Players 20Yrs+
keen i'm plat 5, over 2k normal wins, 20 years old and australian just looking to have a group of people that will stay together and gain synergy
: A Semi serious team for the pre season
: Vital Gaming Trials Start soon, Need Top laners to apply
Interested in the Plat 5 to Diamond 5 team


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