Tele (OCE)
: I'll probably be working myself in tech in a few years, so I thought I'd ask to anyone willing to answer: what's it like at Riot? Are there periods of heavy deadline stress? Are higher-ups understanding of your out of work commitments? Do you consider Riot to be better, worse, or about the same as other similar positions you've had? **Conquisitor**: Sometimes when you play with a group of friends, a few people in the team can get salty (especially after a string of losses) and ruin the fun for everyone. What's the best way to solve this problem?
Hey Tele, Thanks for your question, and sorry it's taken me so long to respond (I've been sick for several weeks). I believe how we approach each game (our mindset) affects how we behave. We typically carry out our beliefs; so if we believe in positive and purposeful interactions, then we typically see these carried out on the Rift. You may wish to check out our Sportsmanship matrix. I hope this helps, Conquisitor
: @Belquin Any plans for something under the level of OCS to allow OCE talent to emerge, not just players but also coaches? Or is that someone for third parties to look into themselves? @Perigan OPL Imported casters for the 2 biggest events of split 2. What goes into picking which casters will work the event? Will you be looking for more local casters at the beginning of next year? Also I just have to say that I really enjoyed this years broadcasts. @Conquisitor Any chance of another event like the Nautilus statue? It feels pretty cool to be able to participate in something good for the planet (no matter how small it is in the scale of things) while playing games. Oh, I forgot to add. With split 2 we saw the introduction of Nichboy to the couch segment of the OPL. I love the Nichboy moments as I think it's a refreshing and entertaining segment. Is there any chance we get more of it next year and potentially on the OCS broadcast as well? Just to go along with that though, I'd also love to see a little more in depth analysis after the series has ended and before the next one begins (Although absolutely not in place of Benji's segments. Those things are gold.)
Hey BioPanter Fan, Thanks for your question about the Nautilus statue. I'm really pleased to hear that you thought this was a cool event. At the moment I don't know if we'll do something like this again, but we will continue to explore products and ideas like this, alongside evaluating how we could use Missions and Clash to a) bring the League community together and b) do something good for the planet. Thanks Conquisitor
: for conquisitor: Now that we no longer have Ocean week (RIP), are there are plans for a similar event like it? I think it was a fantastic way to bring the league community together to work towards a common goal, whilst also taking aspects of the server location into account for the theme of the event. It's a shame that we will no longer have it, so I was wondering if you had any ideas or plans for a similar event.
Hey, Thanks for your question. At the moment I don't know if we'll see an Ocean Week again, and if we do it's possible the experience would look different from what we had before. What I can say, is that we continue to explore products like this, alongside evaluating how we could use Missions and Clash to bring the League community together. Thanks Conquisitor
: yo man with the school league whats the average ranks of players, im in nz and i reckon making a school team would be sick just dont know if u have to be like dumb good to compete
later this year, the high school league will also have 2 divisions :)
Vitklim (OCE)
: The issue is, it is insanely hard to go beyond anything but the planning stage. I was trying for a while to organise something along the lines of a tournament, but it's practically impossible. The real issue is that the school is only ready to provide so much, but 10 computers and a few hours of time per week is just not enough for a proper tournament or even a regular gaming schedule. I suggested an online varitation, but that was rejected too, since the school wants to, you know, actually invite the students to play together in a form of a club, rather than simply game from home, and I would accdept this option, if it wasn't so damn limited. Like, why would you even try, if all that is possible to squeeze out of them is one or two games per week, without any forseeble improvement or expansion in the future. Even a proper tournament would take at least a term to fully run. And this is not even covering the issues with the skill level of the players and organising matchmaking. The idea is that it should be "possible for anyone to join", but that is either unfair or blatantly stupid, considering how major the skill difference is. Again, I suggested the split into two leagues, the "beginner" and "advanced", but no, of course that would mean that not everyone is allowed here and there, and there may be extra problems, so again it was just outright removed from the option list. What else left? Runes, masteries and champions. For all of the above, players either had to play with their own accounts and earn them properly, or if some moron who just began playing the game and decided to join in the upper echelon, they would be given a leveled account. My proposal was that again, by splitting the players into two leagues, the restrictions for more professional players would be unnecessary, and for the others, it would not make a huge difference, but of course, "that limits the accessibility of our club", blah, blah, blah. I can only applaud that some school actually agreed to such investment, but this is an example of why it doesn't happen more often.{{summoner:3}} If there are questions, comment and I will most likely reply
Hey, I love your passion and acknowledge the challenges you've faced so far. I'm keen to explore how we could overcome these, so just let me know if you're keen to discuss further. Thanks Conquisitor
: Sounds like your dreams are huge! Honestly 10 computers a few hours a week would be a great start. Perhaps it's a case of just getting the ball rolling and seeing where it goes. with everything that goes on behind the scenes at a school getting more than a few hours will be really hard, but it's still a great opportunity! I would see those couple of hours as a chance to learn, share, discuss and strategize with the bulk of the actually playing being done at home. You could even use it as practice to prep for an online tourney if you have a competitive team.
Hey ViktorWooten, Would love to speak with you about starting a club in your school. Thanks Conquisitor
: we would try to convince our principal to let us make one, but since our friends only just started playing we only have 2 level 20s
I'm happy to speak with your Principal.
ndog37 (OCE)
: I'm the sysadmin at a high school, can't say which, but getting this past the DTY teachers would be nigh impossible. Lucky for you guys, enjoy it while it lasts.
I'm extremely happy to talk to your Teachers or School. Could you help to set up a phone call?
: My Highschool has LOADS of league players Gold+ yet no-one does this. RIP
Hey MurkyWaters, It's great that you'd like this in your school. Can you find a Teacher who's prepared to run the club? Thanks Conquisitor
: Thanks for ostracizing your adult player base riot, post grad at uni, so no uni clubs, no school clubs for us... Ya know, i'll just rock up to a high school gig and say Riot promoted it and said it was ok. Lets see how well that gels once the kids start triggering and teachers start calling police.
Hey, if you'd like to start a community club I'd be happy to support you.
: umm i have a question, if you ask a teacher and they aprove of a team and u make one does that mean u can compete
The team that represents your school should be determined by your school teacher. For example, you may need to have internal trials if you have multiple players in your school hoping to showcase their skills.
Xzoo (OCE)
: AIUFASB (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
Your Teachers can contact me at
Xzoo (OCE)
: Making a high school LoL club?
Hey Xzoo You've received some great advice from Tele. I'm also happy to speak to Teachers in your school to explain the purpose and benefits of a High School LoL Club. You can ask them to contact me at Best regards Conquisitor
: i talked to a teacher today about it and emailed him that link. He told me his been trying to get the same thing going but for DOTA instead. He told me he just has to talk to our principal about it
Awesome. I'm happy to talk to your Teacher to explain more about the initiative or answer any questions they may have. You can contact me at
Tobenai (OCE)
: High School Tournament
This is awesome. I'm excited to support this.
Vek (OCE)
: Can we get more information about the finals for AU. Are subs allowed aswell?
I've spoken to the team at Flaktest Gaming and they should be providing information on this soon.
Anìme (OCE)
: is there any way riot could contact your own school theirselves? I dont really want to talk to any of my teachers about this lol
Hey, I'm happy to speak to a Teacher in your school. I'll be able to explain more about this initiative and am happy to answer any questions your Teacher may have. So I can have this conversation, please could you ask one of your School Teachers to contact me on
pokmno987 (OCE)
: how old do u have to be to join?
Hey, this will depend on the tournaments organizer and your school. You could reach out to them to find out.
Dulyzard (OCE)
: So is it possible that we could me matched by players with much higher skill level??
Yes, by the nature of any open tournament it is possible. To avoid this, you may want to consider an intra-school tournament before confirming the school team that will play in the National Tournament. You should talk this through with your School Teacher and can also contact the tournament organizers for more information.
MrEn1gma (OCE)
: Can myself and my mates play on a uni team together if we are going to different unis?
These tournaments are for High School students. You should contact your University Club (see link below) to participate in university tournaments.
Dulyzard (OCE)
: Hey, does the skill level of players matter?
It's an open tournament so that means any student is able to enter. However, entry and likely to be determined by your school.
: Yeah im currently in the middle of writing an essay about it and i have a few people helping me from school and from a facebook group im in :) i will get a bunch of my friends to come help me when im ready to show the teacher the essay =D
the teacher resources at the bottom of this page (see link below) will help you.
: I wish my chool did dis but my school sucks soo.... i have no chance
Hey, I know how you feel, I felt the same about my school when I was a student (a long time ago :) To address your point, you really do have no chance of this happening in your school unless you're prepared to kick start a conversation. Why not speak to your school and see how they respond. You can also direct your teachers to the resources on the high school hub (see link below). All the best, Conquisitor
: All my teachers just play DOTA, they are never gonna get us bronzies a chance at this.
Some of the Teachers in this article are DOTA players. They're gamers and they care about creating opportunities for student gamers.
: Does it matter where my school is based and if the players have to be from my school ? lol
This is available to all schools in Australia and New Zealand. Your team must be built with players from your school.
: When does the tournament start? and when is the last sign up day?
Hey, This depends if you're in New Zealand or Australia. New Zealand - sign ups close on 22nd February and the Tournament starts in March. Australia - Tournament sign ups will be open soon. Check out the links for more info. Thanks Conquisitor
: Riot games, if I wanted to be involved in organisation of this throughout south east Queensland, in an official Riot capacity, how do I go about that and who would I contact?
Hey, you can contact us at Thanks Conquisitor
Doomskull (OCE)
: When u haven't got enough people in a school to play LOL to form a club... :( rip hopes and dreams....
Hey, I witnessed a number of clubs start last year which had only a small number of players. Announcing the club in school will help you to find other players who are keen to join
Zeo (OCE)
: How do we find players from our school?
When a tournament or club is announced it brings players together. A good first step would be to find a teacher to announce this in your school.
Kyrioz (OCE)
: Is there a required rank in this competition?
No there is not, it is completely open.
: Damn it, why couldnt this happen two years ago when i was toying with the idea myself while at high school? Now im at Uni but my particular Uni doesnt even have a LoL club
Hey, Many University Clubs were established last year, sometimes by just one person at O-Week. Would you like help starting a club in your University? Thanks Conquisitor
: well my school is in jordan are you guys doing it here
Hey, Unfortunately this tournament is only available for players in Australia and New Zealand.
ge men er (OCE)
: When a player is participating in the tourney, will they use their own accounts, will they have access to all champs and/or skins and will they have a team acronym at the start of their name (like in pro play)
Hey, All tournaments will start with players using their own accounts. The 2 teams that reach the live final will get an experience similar to a pro player. Thanks Conquisitor
: Ah damnit my school is a girls school and I highly doubt that anyone plays LoL. {{item:3070}}
I know of some girls schools who should be entering this year. Penrhos College (mentioned in the article) were one of four girl schools participating last year. Perhaps there are more players than you think in your school
Sepeeria (OCE)
: when u know ur school internet isnt the very best, so its almost impossible
Perhaps speak to your School Teacher and IT Technician. We have created some guidelines to help schools and these can be found in the Club Info Pack (check out this link)
Stumpy172 (OCE)
: So there aren't any tournaments running yet?
Correct, the next 3 weeks is about signing up. The first tournament starts in March.
: Yay, They can fail another subject with all the stress levels rising and bullying. They can fail Riot LoL subject. Personally I think high schoolers have enough on their plates, than being pushed and forced to compete vs other class mates or other schools. I think education and Gaming companies are not a good mix. It reminds me of McDonalds sponsoring athletes. EDIT: P.s Do they need to purchase riot points?
Hey ServerLord, Players are not being forced to play. For the first time, there is now an opportunity in Oceania to play in a National Tournament. You don't have to enter; like any other national sports competition, schools and players can decide if they would like to participate. Thanks Conquisitor
: i wish my school was running it :(
Is it worth asking to find out?
: lol never see that in Narangba valley high school zzz {{item:3070}}
Perhaps the Teachers in your school will surpass your expectations
Iosua Bot (OCE)
: Everyone is crying about how their school wished they'd do it, well why not propose the idea to the principal or a teacher that plays (salty) league of legends? Teacher (asks) Co-Ordinator (then goes to) vice principal (and lastly) to the principal. I have no idea if a private (Catholic) school can participate or it's just for the public school.
All schools in New Zealand and Australia are able to enter. I have spoken to multiple private Faith Schools who are likely to enter a team. That said, the decision ultimately rests with the school. Best of luck speaking to your teachers
: Just a question. Do we have to have a League club running at school or can we just gather a team of 5 students from our school to participate?
Hey, you don't need to have a LoL club running at your school to enter. That said, you will be representing your school and are required to have a dedicated Teacher who will be responsible for your team. Without school approval you can not enter a team.
: i hope my school does this {{item:3020}}
Awesome, speak to your school and let me know if they have any questions
: I wish this happened in Australia {{item:3070}}
There is a national high school tournament in Australia. Check out the link in the article.
: Tips and Tricks to help you in lower ELOs (by a low elo player)
Some great team focused tips, this type of mindset is critical in aiding dynamic and invasive team based performance. These tips are incredibly valuable for all players.
: yes i have emailed them all the website and i have told them in person about some of the success stories
Hey, How did you go with setting up a high school club? Thanks Conquisitor
Erøse (OCE)
: Hi! Who is your favourite champion in each lanes? Also, can I add you?
Hey IAkeno My favorite champions (in current order) are Voli, Sej, Pantheon and Trundle because I'm currently playing juggle and top. These 4 champions can be played either top or juggle. Yes, you can absolutely add me. Thanks Conquisitor
: Hey mate! i have decided to look for work! i just noticed this message from when i last talked to you haha, it was from when i noticed you on Linked In recently and conveniently in the field i am interested in working in that i remembered messaging you from a few months ago! I was actually unfortunate in not being able to get the recent community specialist job that i applied for a few weeks back. Would i be able to link you my resume or anything which you can have look at if you want? :)
Hey DeathByFog Absolutely, I would be happy to look over your resume. You can reach out to me directly via LinkedIn or Twitter. Thanks Conquisitor
: > [{quoted}](name=Fakers Scrotum,realm=OCE,application-id=NjEElsTI,discussion-id=NaRxUi2E,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-25T06:53:07.850+0000) > > Most people in my school are from Bronze 5 - Diamond 4 (Theres around 20 that i know who play) I didnt type the full question but my teacher probably wont allow this club unless we have some "learning material" so i was just wondering under teachers resources if you could maybe put pro games so everyone of all skill ranks could learn something together, and help each other out with new strats like lane swaps etc?
Hey We plan to upload more material to the teacher resource section on the high school hub. What this looks like should be careful planned out with the help of some teachers, so that we provide resources which are truly valuable. Could you see if your teacher would be happy sharing their ideas directly with me? Thanks Conquisitor
Erøse (OCE)
: Mt Roskill Grammar School
Hey iAkeno Did you end up forming a school club? Thanks Conquisitor
: Looking to start a social club
Hey, you do not have to be in school to start a club. You can decide the type of club you'd like to start.
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