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: As much as you'd like your account back, it won't happen. Riot knows people who get banned will make new accounts and it's harder than ever to get the champs you want now. So you'll be paying $ for the champs now. Riot should change their penalty system, and give us a GOD DAMN TRIBUNAL.
I pretty agree with your last sentences, but if you think all players who got permanent ban can set a new account and continue to play LOL, then you are wrong, not everyone deserves to get this harsh punishment. I hope you can read my discussion and see how those supports respond to my statement. (
: >I understand how frustrating it can be when you are doing your best to win a game but still end up losing it because someone decided to throw it but please remember that this dos not excuse offensive behavior. "Trolls are allowed to get away with it, but you better not say any bad words."
> [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=dVXM5XAo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-31T05:25:00.387+0000) > > "Trolls are allowed to get away with it, but you better not say any bad words." That‘s how LOL work right now, right? Trolling happened before chat offenses usually, but trolling, which is kind of behavior are allowed. In my opinion, trolling brings me the worse experience of a game than other's words, if I did some stupid behavior, I don't care what my mates talk about me, cause I have no reason. And are you sure you don't say any bad words ever?
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Reivz (OCE)
: Chinese Situation
First of all I want to say, under the globalization you can't stop that from all over the world player exists in any corner of the world, unless the network can be developed without delay, game player can ignore the time difference, then all the game player are willing to play on their own server. First, consider a question from a realistic perspective. Can you ask a person who can trade with your country to leave your country and not to communicate with you? Even if he can't speak English. In addition, I believe that all people who can play LOL in OCE can speak more or less English, some of them may have bad grammar(like me) and poor vocabulary(still like me ). If they don't want to communicate with you, there's only one explanation that they don't care about you. But I believe don't care others’ feeling are personal problems, it's definitely not a national problem. If you often encounter some foreign players who refuse to communicate with you, then I'm sorry to hear that. To consider your problem from the perspective of the game, I don't know if you know, in Asia especially China, many professional players will go to South Korea's server to play and training, because their service is recognized as the most powerful server, but in fact, Chinese can't spell Korean, they are used to communicate in English. The reason that LOL can get so popular around the world is people of different cultural backgrounds, different languages can play the same game, like other sports, which is a good thing, I believe that Riot will not prevent such cultural exchanges, because this is active, you can also check out how many foreign game player in OCE, I believe in a lot of numbers (You might need to see New Zealand and Australia as a whole). If from the Esport perspective, each serves do need fresh blood is not it? So enjoy the game, I believe you will encounter a kind of foreign friends, but you need to work on yourself, sometimes more of their own do not recognize themselves in the game do deficiencies, that others refused to communicate with you, others may just mute you, this may also be of course there.
sonwoo (OCE)
: Perma Ban on my acc
I've been in the same situation as you, and my account has been permanently banned. I had Emailed a thousand words to Riot and hope them to understand all of this. I believe that your account has been banned because you certainly had a radical speech, not without reason that Riot would ban your account. But I have to say I agree with you, we all want to win in the rank game and hope that our efforts can be rewarded but sometimes there is always some lag game player to destroy our efforts, anger is inevitable, if someone can endure the anger and endure forever, I can only say that this person lost as a part of human. The game support said to me, the Riot will only deny the account, not deny the player, but I want to say that not every one of us can easily give up the account that we have worked for so long. I understand your feelings. At the same time, I also believe that Riot can create a game world without language violence, Riot can punish for language violence, but it is not necessary for language to cause a permanent ban.Using unauthorized third-party plugin, buying smurf can lead to permanent title, because this is fraud, even fraud in real life will also suffer because of the degree of legal judgment, but the language is not the same, I have never heard that any country would have sentenced me to jail because I had said dirty words
Ninox (OCE)
: We don't know he was perma banned, he only mentioned a ban, which could just as easily refer to a chat ban (the lowest punishment tier). It's also worth noting that while we have freedom of speech, that doesn't mean we have freedom from consequence. Riot chooses to make the consequence of being an ass restriction from the game in one manner or another. They have the right to do that, just as we have the right to say we don't like it and take our time elsewhere. Freedom of speech also doesn't protect hate speech and hasn't for a very long time. It doesn't matter who started it because both will be judged on their behaviour. Little Timmy throwing a rock and Bob on the playground doesn't mean that Bob throwing a rock back is ok. Gameplay offences skip you straight to a 14 day ban (one step before permanent), while chat offences typically get two chat restrictions before that. Gameplay offences like intentionally feeding are punished harsher, just slower because of the limitations of the system. It's not ideal, but not being able to punish one behaviour instantly shouldn't mean that other behaviours are ignored.
You are right but I just told that is not good that can do better. In fact chat offences can lead to permanent ban, I think this is not right and it can not make the game better sometimes it is also unfair, but just like u said if we don't like it we can spend our times on other things, but I guess it feels bad to giving up a game that has already played for years. And it's not a good thing for Riot to lose these loyal players.
Ninox (OCE)
: I'll try to keep it simple because the punishment system can be a lot to understand. Number of reports does not matter, only validity. Reports trigger a review of the behaviour in that game, not the punishment, so a false report does nothing. You being punished, does not mean that they weren't. There is a notification to tell you if your report has contributed to a punishment, but it's unreliable and very limited in when it shows, so not seeing it doesn't mean noone was punished. Chat is a lot easier to punish on a large scale than in game behaviour is. To automation, negative chat (of the generic variety) is a lot easier to interpret than behaviour that could be intent feeding, or just someone having a really bad game, could be trolling, or could just be someone who has no idea what they're doing. What this means is that while both behaviours are punished, chat is punished in a more appropriate amount of time, where in game behaviour can take a lot longer to be detected and actioned. It's not great, but it is what it is. It doesn't matter who started it. You are judged on your own behaviour. If someone was toxic to you, it sucks, but you being toxic back makes you just as bad as them. I don't know what specifically applies here, but if you want community feedback on your punishment, it's always recommended you post your chat logs. What kind of ban did you receive? Typically a first punishment is a 10 game chat restriction, which is in essence a warning that your behaviour is starting to cross the line. If you were escalated straight to a 14 day ban, it's usually because hate speech/suicide encouragement or some in game offence was involved. If you've had punishments in the past then your previous reform cards would have told you that continued negative behaviour would escalate your punishments.
I personally think that because of speech on a person can make the punishment but the permanent ban is too much, we have freedom of speech and speech is a way we published personal emotion is a kind of communication, negative speech is negative people in an expression of power. LOL is considered as the two aspects of game and competition. It needs communication and communication between teams, but not everyone in the world is reasonable, and not all players understand how to play this game. A high-level player must have the desire to win, but because the matching mechanism problems will inevitably encounter many bad games, his teammates might have some problems. The excesses of speech come from the game, if you need to find a root to the who the wrong reasons, but also from the game to review, for the fist, only through language to ban a person's account is a very simple and indiscreet way to deal with problems. You said that no matter who started it only judged on the individual behavior, which itself is an excuse to avoid deeper scrutiny. Everything has both positive and negative affect. The honor system is a good start, but this setting can't compete against the negative effects caused by the report. There are a lot of reasons, not every teammate will give honor to those players who deserved an honor. So considering all these factors, I want to say is to ban an account only by one game of speech, it is too simple and too violent, this player spent 5 years in this game, there have been hundreds of thousands of games, he must also bring another player with happy game experience, Why does Riot deny all of him according to one game? Isn't this a huge problem in the system itself? If it is a real social problem, can you negate all of him because of his words while he is angry ? Then why should those who intentionally feed did not get more serious punishments? If a victory is not a result of a key game, what are we fighting for and what we are trying to do in the same game with a group of people who do not know?
: How about you learn how to write in good quality english (grammar and punctuation included) and then we might actually read and care. In relation to your ban, Riot bans people for literally nothing these days, get over it, start a new account like the rest of us, or quit league, like the select few that have already
CooMing (OCE)
: How I get restriction
now u see, the words he said to me even being ban in board, so how can those people get no punishment? And when said those words to me, why I should keep in silence and listen to that without fight back ???
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