AHS King (OCE)
: {{champion:92}} Please, someone do Championship Riven!!! It's so sad how I didn't get a chance to buy that skin {{champion:92}} {{item:3070}}
You can get championship riven or thresh! Its announced that if a team scores a baron steal or pentakill you have a chance of getting a championship skin and is doubled along with esport skins and legendary skins tbrough may! I'm excited too!
: Ocean Week diorama and art contest!
Does it have to be part of the champions eligible for ocean week? Like, for example: I might be a good drawer for a certain champion but not good with the list set out, does my drawing still get accepted, and judged?
: Champion and skin sale: 20.01. - 23.01.
Why can't you guys make an IP sale some time :/
: Celebrating the end of this year's Snowdown
The skin I really want {{champion:45}} skin so badly. Game master, it looks so cool.
Gloss (OCE)
: Only skin i want is rusty Blitzcrank :3
You can't get it. It said on the official riot skin site that you can't and it was only available when the skin was released. They removed it, so sorry, though I wanted to get it too, love the art work.
kostaden (OCE)
: I got banned with the different queue thingy where you have to wait 5 minutes before you are put back in the normal queue. Is this included?
I don't think so. They haven't listed that: they just said people who have been banned for 14 days or more. We'll see.
Kargas69 (OCE)
: i got a fire wall error and it disconnected me from the game and would not let me reconnect i then had to agree to not leave further games will i get a reward?
It depends. If it passed 14 days (the temporary ban) then you won't get it. If it is one week, or 2 days then you are good to go.
: When do you get these Mystery Gifts and do you have to be doing anything in particular?
You have to meet the requirements listed above. You get a couple of days after riot posted this.
jack2604 (OCE)
: does this include the oce server ?
Yes, that's why the posted on the OCE site. If it wasn't for OCE people then it would just be in NA
: So does everyone get the ten skins or are you picked randomly
You get one skin. The people who get a skin are listed above. If you meet the requirements then you are picked.


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