CooolDown (OCE)
: How to play with Yuumi as an ADC?
Great and detailed advice:) I guess most of those Yuumi players and myself at our elo just doesn't have the knowledge to get the best synergy of it. I felt that Yuumi is a very underwhelming support. She can pokes a little and heals a little and that is it! I may need to make more use of her passive the next time I play with another one. Thanks for the great advice.
Ninox (OCE)
: I couldn't say what exactly applies to you, and I'm a supp main who plays Yuumi not an ADC main, but my main tips would be: (by solo I assume you mean your lane vs theirs without Jng help, but correct me if I'm wrong) Stand in the minion wave not behind it. The reliable way to dodge her Q is to have it hit something else, and being in the wave means you only have to take at most a half step to do that. It also has the added bonus of messing with the enemy ADs cs. Punish her when she's detached, especially if she detaches early. Early game the cooldown to redetach is high, so if you see her hop off soon after attaching, this is your moment. She has the lowest base health in the game and is very vulnerable on her own. The more you punish her, the less worth her passive is for her ADC, the less she can detach to get it without substantial risk, and the more mana and cooldowns she has to spend on heals. CC her when she tries to reattach. It puts her W on cooldown and leaves her very vulnerable, and way less useful to her ADC since her Q loses the aim and she can't heal them. The slightest interrupt as she's travelling is enough, and it's reasonably easy to predict when she's trying to retreat. Her heal is so much stronger when her or her target are below 40% health and it has two charges, but it's also a long cd. Punish her while it's on cd, but when engaging remember that they have at least half a health bar more of effective health that you'll have to cut through. Predict her ult. This isn't super hard, since if you're gaining on her/them and putting them in danger (or visa versa) she's probably going to use it (it's a low cd and low dmg). Be unpredictable, look like you're going to walk up, then walk down when she ults, she can't change its direction and you'll at least put them in an awkward position.
Thanks for the reply but I was asking how to play with Yuumi together and not against her.
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Socon (OCE)
: How climb in each MMR (Up to plat)
Most games in low elo are decided in match making and champion select. Knowing when to dodge is key for climbing. They allow low penalty for the first dodge per day for a good reason.
: Dads, Bubs and Beer
Nice to see I am not the only League Daddy playing here where most players are sons and daughters. GLHF.
: What's really the role of a Support?
The REAL role of support in bronze = 'SHIT' role! You'll never got out if you only support. Play another role! Words form a support main.
Johnokiwi (OCE)
: Looking for a few older games to learn with !!!
Older Players? Here is another one! I normally play with my son. I am not on all the time but add me and we can play together.
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: Low Priortie Queues
I also got punished for 5 games lately for DC too but I think it is a great measure! I only AFK in Ai co-operational games as I thought it does not matters! Now, I have to make sure I can finish a long game before I go into queues. Great Work, Riot.
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Twisted Treeline, Team Builder and Ranked SR schedule
I guess both team builder and normal draft are worthwhile than normal blind pick.


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