Monoki (OCE)
: Pop star Morgana Concept
Maybe instead of Pop star you make it "Soul" music and its even funnier that way because one song that belongs to the Genre "Classic Soul" is "Stop in the name of love" which would fit her Q just a thought :3
: Talon X Azir fan fic incoming?
MPreg warning Iibra is actually their baby
Olliynx (OCE)
: I've always thought it'd be cool to have a sand based assassin! Love it! :)
: Noticed, young Padawan. May the Cosmic Pandas of old smile upon you.
thank you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Heya! There was a typo (nice pickup) the new mission is up there now with a 30 ticket reward, but I imagine you've already crushed it right?
notice me riot senpai! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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you worry about champion quality when Riot cant even handle skin quality we're expected to pay for a skin that has less effects than a skin of the same price thats not on there doesn't seem to be as much effort put into skins, like voice lines and ability effects, and when they do its always for a champ who already has too many skins
: blitzcrank or darius
wrong discussion buddy this is player creations, best going to Miscellaneous
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Loughlin (OCE)
: sent you a link :)
Where did you send it on? LoL? Because I haven't been online in a bit
Loughlin (OCE)
: heres a link to all off them, feel free to make some lore if you would like and tell me what you think.
interesting.. the sneaky yordle though, just looking at that kind of description and already i think teemo and eve had a love child which makes me scream in ELO hell but i will read them and see, btw, do you have Discord? because if so, i can add you since your my friend on LoL and we can discuss ideas there
fastrob (OCE)
: Thanks, great feedback. The passive follows the line of Kled where he will gain a speed boost bonus if he is charging toward an enemy champ. Of course this would be an aoe type passive so I can understand the pain. Fair call the helping hand not really fitting in. Mostly I thought this could be great for supporting your teammates at the cost of yourself. I also thought this would be a good way to deny minions, whilst not very many, one or 2 every wave would start to take effect possibly. The ult I was kinda lost with. I did like it's passive or the idea of it at least. The active was more of a clutching at straws idea. And yer I did mean to reduce AD and AP. I'm terrible when it comes to naming specifics. Again thanks for the great feedback and I hope this clarifies any queries you had. Love to hear back from you if I come up with any other ideas. :)
okay well, the passive perhaps, needs to be more unique, to start off with, because at the moment it seems like a free Righteous Glory without the slow. Perhaps since your character was a shepherd of sorts, perhaps it does the opposite? Make him a defensive support that can help get allies out and enemies away. This couples nicely with your Q and E as you can peel enemies off while your passive makes your allies be able to make a hasty retreat. The heal, perhaps instead of this weird obscure "Heal at the cost of yourself" ({{champion:16}} ), perhaps make it a heal that is strong, BUT, is over time, and can be cancelled by damage. So that means in order to heal, he has to FIRST get you out of the danger, going back to his Q and E, and passive which gets them out of damage range. Maybe the heal can be like folk medicine that he has in a pouch which he throws to the target. With his ult, if we are to continue down this path of PEEL and RUN, HEAL later when danger is gone, why not make his ult a powerful disengage, perhaps keep the passive, but when active, it inflicts a massive movement and attack speed slow to enemies when they are moving towards or targeting allies, as well as revealing them, making it that enemies CAN try to engage but now have to assess whether or not they should commit while the passive is on as it can put them way out of position or the slows will make it a gamble they shouldn't have taken. Good luck with future designs :)
fastrob (OCE)
: [Concept]Erick, the Horned Warrior
Not a bad idea however the static passive seems like a programmers worst nightmare with the bugs and glitches that could arise from it also, as unique as the helping hand ability is, what does this attribute overall? Furthermore, does this fit in with his theme of using his horn? his Q could become a knock back as well, since it is sound your ult is, like with the passive, likely to become REALLY buggy, but it is niffty. However, the debuff you speak of is vague. Do you mean you reduce their AD and AP? or what? > receive a debuff of X% of damage and magic damage. This doesn't really clarify any details as to what this does. Good luck with all your future designs and have fun :)
: heimerdinger in a nutshell
The only thing that this shares with Heimer is the augments, which In themselves are vastly different, and the ult being a turret to begin with
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Fitzky (OCE)
: Should of named him Fidget, the hextech spinner
And the academy award for most original joke goes to this guy ^
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Loughlin (OCE)
: Hey I have some champ ideas, but i cant be bothered typing them up, but i have drawings of all of them adn their abilities; would you like to have a look at them?
sure i would be delighted :)
Loughlin (OCE)
: Yeah, but these champs aren't fun to verse if the counter you. there's nothing you can do. you get annoyed, and that's not really what a champ should make you feel. And the if you are playing the and are countered you get flamed by your team, and you feel useless. This makes the champ look less fun in game I think.
yeah that is understandable. if you are interested however, i have other designs i have posted. most are just made on impulse but some are pretty good
Loughlin (OCE)
: Yeah, its a bit powerful at a range. From my perspective: You either counter it really hard, or it counters you really hard, and there would be no in between.
Isn't that the same with many champions? Not all but quite a few Such as Veigar You either out range or burst him first. Or you die a horribly painful and instant death
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: Lethality Nightmare [The plague of Lethality is back]
As a Mage main... I am cowering in the corner
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: just something dream child is a little gay im sure it took ages to do but something like oberon he star destoryer or oberon the peace maker or something wud sound a little less like your on drugs and dreaming
Well the entire kit was built around the idea of sleeping and dreaming, hence why I picked the name Oberon (Midsummer night dream) Also, I recommend you learn more appropriate words to critique other people's works. Furthermore, spelling and grammar are very important skills.
: lol but rely its just strange it reminds me of this show on youtube called hana zuki with this dreaming baby
Kasaran (OCE)
: Proposal Champ: Izen Thel "The Fanatic"
reading your idea for his passive, and from briefly reading your ideas for attacks... He sounds like Zed and Veigar fused with one another The mobility and execution of Zed, combined with a passive that makes you hit like a train propelled by a nuke if you just spam a spell enough times. A good concept, and lore interaction sounds fun (Despite the fact that Riot has all but abandoned any actual coherent lore at this point), but overall i don't think many players would like this guy on release. I will go back again to my reference on Veigar. The reason this ball of raw hate and death doesn't get a lot of play is because of his atrocious early to mid game. He has no redeeming qualities early game aside from fairly decent but short ranged nukes, or nukes that get easily dodged, and a stun that can zone, but has too large a cool down to waste its incredible utility. Basically, hes only powerful if he is fed like crazy, or that game drags on for ages and in a game that has a surrender system, that is exactly something that happens often. What I'm trying to say is that as good as a concept this champion is, he is simply too much of a slow burner to be in a game like LoL, and most players don't like champions that are useless throughout extensive periods of the game, primarily that of the mid game. Good work on this champ, but might i suggest a better formatting design for your idea pitch. Basically arrange it like so >Lore >Static Passive >Q >W >E >R makes it so much easier to read and allows you to give a proper rundown of your idea if you don't have all the details for this list sorted, its probably best you dont post until you fully map out and workshop your idea before presenting it. Nothing screams uncertainty more than a half baked idea filled with hypotheticals Good luck with your future ideas, and remember, keep in mind both thematics AND gameplay
: it sounds gay
Very constructive observation.
: I think the core theme of him is a bit busted. Keep in mind that Riot's design philosophy is not just taking into account playing as a champ, but also playing against a champ. Imagine how it would feel if this guy from screens away comboed all his abilities together to try to take you down and there's nothing you can do except dodge his skillshots. :L I mean, that's what Xerath's like with his ult, but that's only four shots. Other than that, he still needs to be a bit close, so you can still jump on him, ya know?
fair enough, anyway, check out my other designs on my profile if you see any other interesting ideas
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: It's an interesting idea, but it's a lot like pre-rework Xerath, where he can't move but gets longer range, and they didn't like that. :L The problem is that he's too far away for you to counter attack.
true, his idea was supposed to be a long ranged mage, and the idea is that he has fairly low damage and has to actually chain all of his abilities together to deal damage, any suggestions to fix him?
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: no veigar is broken as he has no limit to how strong he can get its a stupid passive and needs to be removed.
So you also wanna nerf Nasus And Sion And Thresh
: Creating a Kled based game, looking for suggestions!
Hey! I'm really liking what you made here and I just wanna say it's brilliant. I have no idea how to directly message you but i would love to see the progress you've made with this project and I myself would love to put in any input i can. Also i can do a pretty mean kled impression if the need arises. P.S What are the graphic styles like? we talking retro here like arcade style or more traditional?
: Your Main vs Your Least Favourite Champion
{{champion:45}} : First champion i ever bought, just looked at his champion info, saw he was an angry evil wizard, and i just bought him without even trying him out. Needless to say I've just loved playing the mage role ever since i picked up this crazy blue yordle, and while i know play a variety of different top laners and mages, i still always go back to veigar when i just wanna see shit blow up -------------------------- {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:85}} : Fuck ninjas
Dapey (OCE)
: Ask someone who has had 27 accounts perma banned anything
I may or may not be impressed it depends how you got banned May i ask a brief summary of your uh... "History" with the community to get you such an infamous mile stone?
: when your plan backfires xD
me whenever i try playing blitz
Smurf0079 (OCE)
: Most Cringe Fizz Montage Ever
: Sweet my dude the orchestra would fit so well, plus as i said, a choir would add a harrowing resonance to the vibe and really chill the listener with a spine tingly climax sort of like Dies Irae kind of vibes
kind of like in your Artic Dimension's Prologue
Birdfly (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cosmicpanda2,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=rLHLreJH,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2017-01-26T01:57:36.103+0000) > > that sounds awesome if you can send me a link to a youtube channel containing all your music i will sub right away my dude, also, for veigar art work, perhaps this one might work > Hi CosmicPanda2! I actually found a really good one, an animated version made by Refract Art. I'll give it a shot, I'll try to add in ethereal/hard hitting orchestral + some emotional parts since this tiny guy probably has some sad stories in the past :p. This going to be a tough one x) You can follow me on Youtube & FB where I always be : ShamStalin.
Sweet my dude the orchestra would fit so well, plus as i said, a choir would add a harrowing resonance to the vibe and really chill the listener with a spine tingly climax sort of like Dies Irae kind of vibes
Main Line (OCE)
: Try playing vs intermediate bots when you start out. Learn the basics of the game. Also watch videos on youtube about the basics. When you have that mastered then play vs humans in normals. Win 200 normals before you even try ranked, or you'll be placed low. Good luck!
in bots, either everyone is silent or chill af
: Veigar
he's strong, but you miss one ability during early/mid game, and you die miss stun? the adc rushes bolts up your butthole miss q, good bye early game stacks miss w? now you look retarded ult does little damage early game and unless you snow ball up your stacks, mid game will make a smidge of difference also, the delay they added onto his stun was nerf enough i have pulled out so much hair when i lay down the stun, and they walk out of the ring right as it pops up so no veigar is in a pretty okay position right now and is in no need for nerfing as he already has the mobility of a lame brick and the durability of a wet tissue
Birdfly (OCE)
: Hello CosmicPanda2, thank you so much for checking out ^_^ Now that is very Interesting! I might! yes I might, but I'm currently working on my Solo Project [Album]~ I'll take a look, and find very good Artwork of Veigar, I need to feel the character xD Yes I don't really mind trying out different styles, that will definitely help me expand my creativity xD. I'll consider that, and If I ever start doing it, I'll inform you here ^^ Love <3 ShamStalin.
that sounds awesome if you can send me a link to a youtube channel containing all your music i will sub right away my dude, also, for veigar art work, perhaps this one might work
: If you could fuse two champions together, who would they be?
{{champion:222}} + {{champion:201}} = You're not going to be movie anywhere anytime soon
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