Essembie (OCE)
: thanks dude - I had always maxed Q first. The more you know. I usually W JUST before Q to maximise the CD benefit on W. So I E in, ult everyone away, then bounce my target up. sweet. Will give it a crack. Have not built nashors tooth - will look into it. Thanks for tips.
Not super experienced with Xin lately (hell not even a jungle main) but been meddling in normals a bit and an interesting thing I've found is to actually mix up when you use your E to engage. When lets say mid lane is extended and you show up they'll be expected the E engage, what I like to do is just run straight at them for a couple of seconds first. If they have dashes/escapes they sometimes panic and use them (or flash if you're lucky) and THEN you can just E in to catch. Also because your engage tool is on such a low cooldown Xin seems great for going into a lane blowing some of their abilities/items, wander out like you're going back to jungle then just come straight back in if they push back up. EDIT: but like I said, not a greatly experienced jungler so someone correct me if I'm off on anything please!
Shrewd (OCE)
: What is the best way to act in response to trolls?
As a fellow Bronzie (Div 2 at the moment) I feel you pain, some days it feels like they're everywhere you turn. Here's a couple of tips that I've found helpful: a) Obviously if they get abusive, use that mute button liberally. Don't feel like you need to take their attitude one bit. Like DW Aatrox has mentioned already, they're looking for a response, so try not to give it to them. b) While you shouldn't engage with them try not to be silent in chat! start communicating more with the rest of your team, try to make it sound positive, point out when/where people did good. Everyone gets down when a game doesn't go well but like any team game/sport the more you try to communicate and stay positive the better mood the team will be in - which helps everyone play better! c) Look for duo partners, this board even has a section for finding others, if you can find people to duo with that are reliable and positive then you've significantly reduced the chance of getting a troll on your team. (not everyone you meet or try duoing with is gonna work out but keep at it, throw me an add if you want) d) This one is totally anecdotal (ie I have no evidence this is true apart from my own experience) I've started avoiding playing ranked during the weekend and mostly just play on weekday nights, obviously the population on the server changes throughout the day and depends on what day it is and I've just found I seem to get better teammates and less trolls on weekdays as opposed to weekends. Stay positive mate, not everyone is a troll! Happy Hunting.
Caffeíne (OCE)
: Looking for duo I am Bronze 2 :D
Hey Mate, I'm mid-Bronze 2, mostly Support & AD. Add me if you want a game.
Jink (OCE)
: Academy Ekko hits people with a Cricket Bat.
You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!
Luke69 (OCE)
: Fix your ridiculous servers.
So I'll start by saying that there are an immense number of factors that go into steady/reliable data flow and there is a HUGE difference between what your connection/ISP can provide you in terms of load speeds of a website and steady communication to a game server. A lot of it is boring and not worth dealing with but just know that there's more to it than just "Riot fix your servers". However, Riot are actually working to make arrangements/agreements with various ISPs to try and correct the problems because honestly most of the time it's probably bottlenecks/faults/old-equipment in the physical network (ie your ISP or more likely Telstra) that's causing your problems. Think of it like this: It's actually relatively easy to build a giant Bunnings warehouse with a massive parking lot so that there's enough room for every single customer. But if you have to drive down single lane dirt roads that have road works going on every other day you're still going to have difficulties getting there. PS: Here's a red post about what they actually are doing for OCE:
vicelore (OCE)
: Match ups premade 5 garbage
This might not be 100% accurate, but I believe what happens is that when you queue with a full 5-man premade the system tries to match you against other 5-man premades. This is because playing with 4 other randoms against a coordinated 5-man premade can be extremely frustrating in terms of the communication difference and becomes pretty unfair. I guess since there aren't really that many people queueing full 5-man groups it matches you as best it can. Not saying the system is perfect (as really playing against 4-man premades with a full solo team is rubbish too) but I'm pretty sure that's how the system is working.
Gloomies (OCE)
: Looking for duo partners (bronze)
Support main checkin-in, I can fill other lanes fair enough if needed. Not online super often but usually 3-4 times a week.
: LF bronzie duo partner.
Hey mate, I'm not a super serious player, I'm only online sporadically about 3-4 days a week in the evenings (sometimes during the day on weekends). Currently chilling in Bronze III, playing mainly support but I can rock an ADC or fill most roles semi-competently. Throw me a friend request if you like (IGN: CptFurious).
Anserem (OCE)
: Runes or a Champion? (Rioters, feel free to look as well)
Obviously, go with whatever will make you happy, but here's my thoughts: 1) Having full and "proper" (ie - in-meta and top tier) rune pages are going to be pretty important both in ranked and normals now that you're 30 if only because you're going to be playing against people who WILL have those pages complete. It can make a pretty big difference, particularly in the earlier stages of the game. 2) Full rune pages may actually help you in game, meaning better win rates which means faster IP gain! So the time it takes you to earn another 6300IP might be shorter. 3) This one is a bit of a downer - but if you jump into ranked and people see you're playing without full rune pages you're probably going to run into some pretty salty players and may get some abuse thrown your way. I'm not happy about it - but that's the reality. PS - I'm a pretty casual player myself and am only on sporadically, but if you want someone to queue with or chat to in-game feel free to shoot me a friend request (IGN: CptFurious)
: So let me get this straight
DrMattie (OCE)
: Idea for LP in Ranked.
This guy also had some interesting ideas:
DrMattie (OCE)
: I see what you're saying, but I believe that this proposed system would work much better than the current one in place, just because if you have a low kill participation your grade will still not be as good as normal, making your LP lost be still even, and every system could use some tweaks, if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to add them.
I think a system that took into account a whole bunch of factors would be interesting. If it was a combined score based on your mastery score, how close the game was, what the rank of other players in the game was, wether you were on a loss/win streak - and came up with a modifier from that.
: is this so you have time to check for bugs before the bigger servers have to experience them?
> [{quoted}](name=REVERSEDTURTLE,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=t2vBl3Ec,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-08-11T05:45:36.518+0000) > > is this so you have time to check for bugs before the bigger servers have to experience them? Actually if I was in there position that's what I'd be thinking and it makes total sense. Yeah, we bear the burden of being the guinea pigs but if Riot are getting bug reports earlier than they otherwise would have, it means issues with patch releases get fixed that much quicker. So it's good for Riot but also you now get to experience all the cool new updates/fixes/items that come along with patches a full 24 hours earlier than we used to. I feel like it's a pretty good trade off.
: I was assuming a 5-6pm start for the finals (2-3am Aus) with potential for a 5 hour viewing party wrapping up around 7-8am, energy drinks/coffee obviously provided. Saturday would be perfect if that is the case, cheers mate.
I think it will really depend on what Riots timezone priorities are - hopefully with the Asian regions being on similar timezones to us they'll try and start at a decent hour. But NA are on the opposite side of the timezone so an earlier start time would be worse for them.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: This is an amazing article to share with family and friends that aren't League fans! The only very minor thing that bugs me is he said Oceanic Pacific League instead of Oceanic Pro League....but then again maybe it was intentional
Haha I'm not so sure you want to be trying to explain League to people by showing them an article that starts with two paragraphs about what constitutes a cult...
: Timing for the world championships grand final?
Definitely wait for the official word, but an educated guess would be if the finals are in Berlin on Saturday (31/10), lets say anywhere from afternoon into early evening that'd mean our time would be late night Saturday at best or could be into the wee hours of Sunday (1/11) morning.
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Exhausted (OCE)
: eSports' popularity is swelling in Australia; my heart, with pride | Ste...
Great write up mate! Made me want to be at the next one. It seems like OPL is growing in popularity pretty quickly, it will be interesting to see where it goes into next season.
: So i found two things
> [{quoted}](name=DarkShade918,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=XAGnniv0,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-11T00:31:38.298+0000) > > 2. dead mans plate from black market brawlers is still available in norms? Dead Man's Plate was an item they crafted for the Bilgewater Event deliberately to test it out for release outside of the event to tie in with the "Juggernaut" champion updates they're doing. Riot Axes explains: EDIT: Although I'm not sure if it's actually _supposed_ to be live right now or not.
DrMattie (OCE)
: Idea for LP in Ranked.
I think it's a really interesting idea. Certainly a lot of us have felt the sting of performing as good as can be expected and still having to swallow the negative LP and having some kind of buffer that would reduce that for performing better is definitely appealing... I think the biggest problem now that I think about it is this: If it looks like my team is losing but I've been playing well so far, it would incentivise me to actually avoid helping the rest of my team. If I tried to make risky plays and joined every team fight it might ruin my KDA ( and my mastery score). It becomes better for me to just farm an empty lane and keep a low death count. Could be an over-reaction but it's the kind of thing you have to think about in terms of trying to promote team play as much as possible, especially with a team that's losing (meaning potentially salty/aggro players).
kJs (OCE)
: The only reason TB "sucks ass" is that no one plays it. Doesn't need to be "heavily proven", everyone knows that it sucks because no one plays it. TB fixes everything that Blind Pick has, Blind Pick being an inferior version of both Draft Pick and TB. I already addressed that issue as well. Delete Blind Pick, it's atmosphere is cancer for newbies and low MMR, and put in TB which is better in every aspect than Blind Pick, and then Riot can start having TB Draft Pick with TB Blind Pick and eventually TB Ranked.
> [{quoted}](name=kJs,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=Ow7Hhbuq,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-10T16:23:04.027+0000) > > The only reason TB "sucks ass" is that no one plays it. Doesn't need to be "heavily proven" I think this is a really valid point. It's kind of a negative cycle where we steer away from TB because the wait times are too long and in doing so reduce the amount of people playing TB so keeping the wait times too long... I would love TB to be a viable option, makes it so much easier to brush up on particular roles/champs without having to compete with instalocks or "MID or FEED" type players in blind pick.


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