: If it was up to my experience to determine how the game was doing, the game would be dead. I have pretty much stopped playing altogether since what I think the core problems of the system are have never been adjusted. I believe that is not an area you could provide anything on and I am just one individual with an idea of what the game should be in my head that 99% of people oppose. At the end of the day this is a thread designed to give riot's input on regional based affairs. My questions probably can't be answered by any of the staff in OCE. If you could direct me to the ranked system research and development team that I could pitch some ideas to that would be fantastic.
I think the best place to go would be the NA boards where a lot of the developers and designers post! Here's the link: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-plus
: You should definitely make some time for KotoR (when you can). It's a great game and deserves so much more recognition than it gets. And lets be honest, you can't call yourself a true Star Wars fan unless you've played it. ######Here's hoping Didney decides to actually give it a visual/graphical update at some point...
I had a room mate a few years ago who played sooooooooooo much KotoR on I thiiink the Xbox? For some reason it just wasn't my jam, but I dispute your authority to remove my Star Wars fan status ;-)
: 2016 - 100 million player base 2017 - 81 million player base 2018 - ? - according to the same site no data was released. Businesses don't usually reveal data to their customers when it isn't in their favour. Bad for business.
Obviously I can't comment on the global numbers and to be honest the global numbers aren't something I focus on; my priority is Oceania. I'm interested to understand how you feel the game is doing based on your experience here in Oceania. How do you find queue times, is your social circle still playing league, etc. Number are numbers but what I really care about is the player experience being an enjoyable one!
: Hey BioPanter Fan, Thanks for your question about the Nautilus statue. I'm really pleased to hear that you thought this was a cool event. At the moment I don't know if we'll do something like this again, but we will continue to explore products and ideas like this, alongside evaluating how we could use Missions and Clash to a) bring the League community together and b) do something good for the planet. Thanks Conquisitor
This Reddit thread is worth checking out. It has photos from the past 2.5 years showing how the statue has transformed into a living reef! https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/9za5ed/nautilus_statue_lurking_beneath_for_25_years/
Tele (OCE)
: I'll probably be working myself in tech in a few years, so I thought I'd ask to anyone willing to answer: what's it like at Riot? Are there periods of heavy deadline stress? Are higher-ups understanding of your out of work commitments? Do you consider Riot to be better, worse, or about the same as other similar positions you've had? **Conquisitor**: Sometimes when you play with a group of friends, a few people in the team can get salty (especially after a string of losses) and ruin the fun for everyone. What's the best way to solve this problem?
I'll share my personal experience having worked in community, esports and now leading the team here. In my roles I've definitely gone through busier periods and quieter periods through the year. There are times when we have a lot to deliver and it can be stressful. That said I've always found working at Riot to be very flexible and to be honest I wouldn't have it any other way! I love the crunch periods! As for my previous experience, I've spent most of my career in early stage startup companies so it's very difficult to compare.
: Been wrestling with this all day, and have determined I *have* to ask: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon?
I thought I was a Star Wars fan until I realised I needed to Google Ebon Hawk {{champion:32}} My answer is Millennium Falcon
: Why do you guys think this game is dying?
> [{quoted}](name=Transcender,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Bftw2OAw,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-12-04T21:57:28.148+0000) > > Why do you guys think this game is dying? Hello there! Let me flip the question back on you if you don't mind - what makes you feel like the game is dying? Thanks!
: At Riot OCE, do you guys get involved with champion development? (Splash arts, 3D models, concepts etc) or is that only strictly done in Riot NA?
Hi there! The short answer is not directly! That said, sometimes we do get asked what local players might think about certain skins/champ concepts the central team is exploring.
: Hi, bit late to the party! Does this restructure mean that the only way into OCS is by purchasing a spot from current OCS teams? My understanding is that current eSports organisations who have secured a spot in OCS will be there forever unless their spot is bought by another organisation. Without OOL, is there no way the bottom OCS teams will be relegated? Thanks!
Better late than never? It depends what you mean by 'way into the OCS'. If you mean as a player, the best way to get into the OCS is to get good and get noticed. If you're talking about team ownership then yes the only way to establish a new org in the league is to buy one.
Lalna (OCE)
: My university told me League of Legends would no longer be part of the new Unisports event. Should probably reach out to universities so they can prepare. Mine has all their teams for other sports ready to go now.
Hi Lalna, that's definitely not the case as we're actively working with them. Thanks for letting us know though, we'll reach out to clear up the communication.
Lalna (OCE)
: It is pretty funny they've abandoned uni esports after only 2 years. I am president of University of Adelaide's League club and since Woody Wu (Marauder) left Riot Oce we've been completely forgotten.
Hey guys, we haven't forgotten about University esports don't worry! I was at the Unisport launch the other day and I think their restructure is going to be good for the tournament we run with them. Plus we've got some exciting news coming up regarding the OCS and a University as well (sorry for the sizzle, stay tuned)
Main Line (OCE)
: The Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS) for 2018
Hi guys, the OCS has changed a great deal this year and you'll find the article below: https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-editorial/opl-restructuring-2018 If you have any questions, please let me know!
: Hire some more people then to help out? No more podcast or Ocean week? Cmon man, Riot are just cutting costs. If you need more members for the shoutcasting team, take the guys who cover the OCS, they do a better job anyways!
Sorry i missed this comment! It's not as simple as hiring more people and I can assure you our investment into esports has not been reduced. The fact of the matter is that as esports evolves everything is more complex and requires more people or higher expertise (more expensive) operators. For example, the broadcast control room now has an expensive yet powerful piece of equipment which allows us to record every video channel (10 player cams + 2 in game observers + 2 shoulder cams), tag them (so we can recall later), store them, play replays, etc. This is the sort of equipment that fits inside a Fox Sports broadcast control room or a channel 9. It's expensive, and complicated but helps us deliver a higher quality broadcast, archive our footage for later use and create engaging content. This is a good thing because it enables us to create a much higher quality broadcast, but it means we need to focus our efforts on the things we think are most important and make tough decisions not to do some projects, even though we love them.
Hakaunion (OCE)
: What happened to the podcast?
Hi there! I miss the podcast as well! Jake's Roast? That was great! Unfortunately though we discontinued the show because it was just too resource intensive. The same team who runs the broadcast was putting together the pod which meant they were working on their weekend to get it done, which wasn't sustainable. That said something we're seeing more of this year even though it's early doors is content created by 3rd parties. There was a 3rd party podcast last year and I hope another starts this year as well. Thanks for posting and keep supporting your OPL club!
Scuftz (OCE)
: Ohh, how are the five OCS teams chosen?
They're the independently owned teams that were already in the OCS. For the 14th slot, we're going to experiment with a new concept and will provide visibility into what this in Q1 2018.
belquin (OCE)
: Yeah you are right to an extent - currently the OCS teams with spots are the best 5 teams from the last couple of years and there's a chance better teams show up - they will definitely need to consider the best way for them to enter the scene now, it may be about partnering up with the existing teams, buying them out or convincing us to expand the league in the future! But yeah it definitely changes the way the future players come through - we believe that this way will focus attention more on the player and his/her skill than being promoted as a team. We also agree that even OOL players don't just want fun tournaments - we are expecting a full range of amateur tournaments for prizes, for positions in teams (OCS/OPL), partnerships with universities, all types of things to keep competition alive for aspiring pro players :)
I can't seem to reply to your comment below for some reason, but this is in response to 'You’re going to find it difficult using these “community only” events with no promotions to ocs “as a team” to actually find players who have motivation.' There's nothing wrong with this. Success in the OCS won't be easy and becoming an OPL player take a LOT of determination. There's nothing wrong with raising the bar for how much effort is required to compete because success in the OCS and OPL will take high levels of motivation, so getting there should take some as well. I do agree though we will need to invest time educating the players on how they get into the OCS. Players will move into the OCS and OPL as individuals, not as groups which is obviously a shift from the way the system worked before.
: Hey SuperSkitzzo, Don't worry, Summoners Society has your back! We are running tournaments all year to help improve players. We have very similar style tournament to OOL. Check it out! https://battlefy.com/summonerssociety/summoners-ladder-week-1/5a1e13ea040b32035449bc1b/info?infoTab=details
This is great! And you can bet the talent scouts from the OCS/OPL teams will be watching!
Scuftz (OCE)
: > Q: What happens if an OCS team manages to promote into the OPL? > A: We hold our OPL teams to a high standard, which means that an independent OCS team that qualifies for the OPL will be vetted to ensure that they’ve done their due diligence and crafted a quality business plan. If they pass, they’ll promote into the OPL. If they fail, Riot will tender the slot and pay out the OCS team (minus any costs involved, like brokerage). Hey there, just trying to understand the changes here and correct me if I'm wrong please with the following statement: If a team of 5 soloq players group up and make a team for the OCS, and then proceed to qualify for the OPL but are unable to form a brand/organisation for the OPL, they will be denied entry into the OPL.
There's a few things to explain here. Firstly, entry into the OCS isn't something that's open to anyone. We'll have the 5 'independent' OCS team, plus the 8 OPL team owned OCS teams and one more which we'll announce at a later date. For the independents, if they win the promotion tournament they aren't automatically admitted or automatically denied entry. We'll asses their ability to operate a club at the OPL level and if they pass they're in, but if they don't pass we'll tender the slot and give them the proceeds.
Edisμ (OCE)
: 14 ocs teams = double ocs streams? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
The broadcast plan is undecided so far. We'll likely have two OCS game days and will potentially only broadcast one. If that is the case, we'll aim to balance the fixture so that all teams get similar broadcast exposure.
volkiiii (OCE)
: So how exactly do you get into OCS if you’re not already in it? The NON OPL teams just stay in their permanently now? There are so many hard working organisations that are putting time, effort and money into their players here in OCE yet now it is literally for nothing? Basically you’re saying “play for an OPL team or enjoy soloQ”
With the size of the OCS almost doubling, there will be an influx of up and coming talent. OCS/OPL teams will be scouring the amateur tournaments and looking to fill their rosters. It does mean that organisations won't rise and fall, but there is still a huge demand for new talent.
: This is going to hurt a lot of players that had big intentions to use OOL as leverage to work up to the top. They have nothing to look forward to outside of solo queue in 2018 now. It seems as though it's going to only further distance the skill gap between solo queue players and already established full time players. Just one less avenue for the masses imho, not sure how I feel about this.
Our intention is actually the opposite. By increasing the size of the OCS, there's going to be a much higher demand for aspiring players. OCS/OPL teams will be scouring the amateur comps looking for their next generation of pro players then helping them develop.
Frost09 (OCE)
: ***
Hi Frost, I'm going to assume you were planning on putting together a team in the OOL with aspirations of being promoted into the OCS, then OPL. Removing the OOL and closing the OCS was not an easy decision. However we felt it was in the best interests of the various parties of the LoL esports ecosystem, those being the Pro Players, Teams, Riot, Our partners and of course, the Fans. We found that most players in the OOL were more drawn by the structured tournament play than the chance to promote so the upside wasn't worth the downside; the destabilising of the OCS teams. The good news is that with the OCS expanding there are many opportunities for aspiring pro players as well as support staff to enter the OCS and participate in a semi professional league. Change can be hard and confronting, but we believe this is what's best for the ecosystem in the long term.
You Pawn (OCE)
: Hey does anyone know where South Australia, Western Australia and Northern Territory are. It seems that these places do not exist or RIOT can only see Queensland, NSW, Victoria and New Zealand on their map(s) {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Hey everyone! First up I want to say that it's really promising to see everyone wanting their region included! It's definitely a shame we couldn't start with every region within OCE but I want to share how we approached LOO and where we're going to go after the event this weekend. When we first started talking about the event we didn't know how popular it would be. So, we decided to start off with a fairly basic concept to test the waters. Once we know how passionate the fans are about the concept, we can use that insight to make decisions around what we do going forward. When it came to team selection we decided the priority was high competition, rather than inclusion. We looked at where our OPL and OCS players grew up, and felt that NSW, Qld, Vic and NZ had way more pro players than the others. Queensland was actually touch and go, and that's for Australia's third my populous state! We also kicked around the concept of an All Stars team, but decided that in the long term it would be better to encourage the other regions to produce more pro/semi pro players rather than throw them into a 'the rest' team. If LOO goes well and we start seeing more players emerge from the other regions, I'd love to see Tas, WA, and all of the regions have a team. I think a pacific island team would be really cool! So the best thing you can do to make a case for your region is start competing in the OOL and other grass roots tournaments and make a case for inclusion!
: Want to get involved in eSports in OCE? Here is how you can.
This is a fantastic post! Passionate fans who want to contribute are a huge part of all esports teams. You could say the same about AFL or NRL teams not so long ago. It was the passionate fans who volunteered their time for the club who helped make them what they are. If you're passionate about esports reach out to your favourite team. They'd be happy to have the help!
funnypin (OCE)
: league of origin
Hey Funnypin! LOO is obviously a new tournament, and we're not sure how popular it will be. When we sat down to select the regions which would participate in the inaugural tournament, we looked at the distribution of pro and semi pro players. We found that the four regions we selected had the vast majority of pro and semi pro players. Looking forward, if the tournament is successful, expansion will be an option. If/when we consider which regions to add to the tournament the number of high elo players will be part of the decision, as we want all of the teams participating in the tournament to be competitive. So for all the players who hail from a region which isn't represented - make a case for inclusion. If you're a serious player with pro aspirations get in an OOL team, or rise up the ladder and get picked up by an OCS or OPL team. The more pro/semi pro players from a region, the easier the case is to add them to the tournament.
: I agree that there should at least be a "Rest of Oceania" team to represent the islands. It's like having teams for England, Scotland, and Wales, and leaving out Ireland (or Northern Ireland). **It's like Riot don't care about the players... oh wait, they don't**. Splitting NZ into North and South is a good idea, but it doesn't really matter considering how small New Zealand is compared to Australia. Also, I'm pretty sure Midbeast said he wants to put the pro scene on hold (and focus more on his YouTube) until he's finished his studies (I know he did sub in for a few games during his summer break).
A pacific islands idea would be cool! We could combine Fiji, Vanuatu, etc into a team! Having north and south island is also cool! At the end of the day, if this tournament is successful who knows what the future will hold. So pick a team and get behind them :-)
: There was a playoff match to see who was in the relegation battle between 6th and 7th, Tainted Minds lost. That's why.
This is correct! Our website doesn't currently do a great job of explaining promotion/relegation but it's something we want to look at.
KJPlays (OCE)
: Why only these 4 states? Is Western Australia and other states not allowed to join?
We're starting the tournament small to see how popular it is with you, the fans. If it's popular we'll look to expand it into other regions big enough to support a competitive team
: I suppose that will occur is QLD steal all of NSW best...
That won't be happening in our tournament! We've learned from the mistakes other codes have made and have implemented clear and decisive rules around the origin of players!
Glori0us (OCE)
: If there are any, Would players from TAS be able to be selected to form a QLD/TAS Composite team? Queenslanders are basically Tasmanians with a tan anyways... C=
Everyone needs to play for the region they grew up in! If the tournament is successful we'll look to expand it to any other regions that can support a team.
jclar371 (OCE)
: Should release some special skins for this event
We can't do this, but wow it would be awesome!
You Pawn (OCE)
: What do you think that there is only Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria in the Australia?? Better check your map RITO there are other states or we not hip enough for League?
Hey there! As this is the first year we're running this tournament we decided to start small with the most populous regions. If there's demand and a good talent pool from other regions we'll absolutely re-evaluate this in the future
: Love how the one accused of bias and corruption is the one who wrote this reply/article and just skipped over that part (not to mention this entire thing clears up nothing), good job RIOT OCE you are not a joke at all.
Hey there, As the head of esports, it's part of my job to speak for the league on these sorts of issues. As the above is an official statement from a league standpoint, it'd be inappropriate to include my personal perspective, but I'm more than happy to talk about it here. To expand on the point regarding equal treatment of everyone in the league, my involvement with Tainted Minds' owner John McRae is the same as it has been with anyone else in the OPL. I have no prior, nor current, personal relationship with the owner, nor are we engaged in any form of business relationship, other than his being the owner of one of eight OPL teams. John approached the league after a colleague of his from New Zealand contacted me looking to explore esports. They were interested in entering the esports industry and I assisted them as he did their due diligence into the operation of the league. This is a standard process for all potential owners. Let’s Play Live then approached Tainted Minds and in late 2016 a deal was done. Let's Play Live works with our high school team in running tournaments in New Zealand. While we consider this a good thing (the more opportunities to play LoL the better) we, and I, would never let this compromise our values or rules. The high school program is not operated by the esports team and I have had little to no visibility on what they have built together.
: This is something that really should be talked about
Hi there Mr/Mrs Salad! It's not appropriate to discuss the specifics of an investigation (current or closed) so I won't go into that, however I'd like to share some of our philosophies which might help you understand why we've made the decisions we have. One of our long term strategies is to support our teams in their journey towards becoming powerhouses. I believe a strong league needs strong teams and vice versa. It's critical for the success of esports in Oceania that our teams continue to evolve; become businesses, grow fan bases, etc. Look at your favourite NRL/AFL team - they create content, they field professional teams, they have fans, they give back to the community and they operate a business. That's where we want our esports teams to get to. There is a ways to go, but we're making progress. There will be growing pains, but this is part of growth. We believe to achieve this we need to focus on three pillars: 1. Financial support 2. Mentorship + non financial support 3. Standards of operations The financial support we are offering teams this year is around double what it was last year. All 8 teams are now in gaming houses in Sydney, players earn more than last year and they compete in our studio. Studio games allow teams to create content which is appealing to brand partners who also are injecting revenues, plus it's obviously great for fans. We've also introduced a number of investor opportunities to teams, some of which have now been realised. We are also assisting teams in growth where possible as requested. We share data they can use to pitch to sponsors, provide feedback on materials they send to sponsors and give tours of our facilities to prospective partners. The third is standard of operations. As esports evolves, it requires everyone to evolve with it. Contracts, official communications and deadlines are all important. If we want to provide teams with the framework to grow, we need to expect and enforce certain operational standards. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what we've made the decision we have in this case. You're clearly passionate about the OPL which is awesome, so please, continue to support your OPL team. Cheers Riot Stupendous aka Daniel Ringland
Reduced (OCE)
: love the roast <3 'Spawn with the flame heh
I've suggested they add a segment called the 're roast', which would see the roastee become the roaster. {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}
: Dear Daniel Ringland, How do you feel about SIN enlisting the help of notorious cyber felon poopsteve420? - Sincerely, Middle Runner
I think of esport or sport as a drama. The matches, games, players they create a story and given the emotional roller coaster that is supporting a team I think 'drama' is definitely the best way to describe it. What's a good drama without a few 'interesting' characters?
Wolves (OCE)
: What's your best thing about what is going to happen OPL this split? That will make it the best one yet.?
This is two answers but I can't help it. I'm exciting to see the output of having all teams in gaming houses and playing live in the studio. The step up from online to LAN is huge. The players have all had to really commit, they've move across the country, to another country (!!), put Uni on hold, etc. They're all in. Now it's time for the fans to really get behind them. There's really no reason for a LoL esports fan not to watch their OPL.
Peppa Pig (OCE)
: Cricket or AFL?
: is OPL short for opal transport card?
No not really because the acronym for opal transport card would be OTC where as the OPL is spelled and pronounced differently {{summoner:14}}
Marasco (OCE)
: What do you guys think about the rise of esports wagering and the inevitable match fixing allegations that will come with it ?
Personally, I don't think there is a place for betting within esports as the dangers it brings (corruption, aggressive advertising to an impressionable audience, etc) outweigh the positives (as far as I can tell, this is limited to engagement). I think in Australia in particular betting is integrated into sports broadcasts too much (does everyone remember Tom Waterhouse on Channel 9?)
Mt Lady (OCE)
: Who's your favourite OPL player?
I wouldn't say I have a 'favourite' but I definitely have a type! I love to see a player who wears their heart on their sleeve. Someone who wants to win, hates to lose and doesn't leave anything in the locker. Combine that with larrikinism and I'm sold.
: Chiefs qualify for IEM Oakland!
Here's a few videos Fox Sports has made around the boot camp and qualifying tournament [Boot camp](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-fvywoMxzk) [Game against Lyon](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7-41OvYyQc) [Chiefs qualify!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78ITjZKe58Y)
og1764 (OCE)
: What sort of solutions have you guys considered to keep the stadium final? The most obvious ones (I believe) are not giving out physical items other than thundersticks (skin codes / hextech / whatever instead) and increasing the ticket price. For a potentially 6 hour event **plus** player interaction, Atlus dunking, and everything else, $25 was an incredibly cheap price. Another idea would be to hold it in Sydney again to minimise travel costs for teams, talent and equipment. I don't know if any of these are practical / in line with what Riot as a whole want to do, but I really enjoyed the event in Brisbane and it would be a bit of a pity to not have it happen next year.
We looked at it very closely. Ultimately, we can't do a stadium event at a quality fans deserve at a cost it makes sense to expend. We all miss events though, so we'll reevaluate constantly.
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Any chance of some more Riot-sanctioned interactions with teams? I feel like the Q&A that Chiefs did here on the boards before IWCI made them come across as a lot more relatable (ily EGym) , which if you're asking the player base to get behind them can only be a good thing?
This is something I think is super important and cool, but it should be driven by the clubs. We're going to work with clubs to help them identify opportunities to hang out with their fans, because meeting pro players is a meaningful and fun experience!
Zame (OCE)
: Will there be no more events in NZ?
Hi Zame, At the moment we're not sure what the event structure for esports will look like in 2017. We'll share more about what 2017 will look like later in the year.
Umi (OCE)
: Hey, Just two questions: 1) What's the rough % increase in player salary from 2016 vs 2017? 2) What type of figures can clubs expect to see from the co-payment scheme? And will this make it financially viable for each of the 8 teams to secure gaming houses and support staff? Cheers
The increase is roughly a 66% increase which should mean players can focus on esports, pending lifestyle of course! For the co-payment model we believe all clubs will be able to get themselves into houses (or fly players in) using this model. We've also added a member to the team who will focus on helping the clubs grow their business.
Lockstock (OCE)
: Hi, I was curious with it all being done in studio does that mean you hire extra cameramen and other broadcasting staff or do you use all of your own crew. Also how does one get into that sort of thing, I have some directing/vision mixing experience and am curious to know more.
Yes we'll definitely need more crew! To be honest though I'm not sure how one gets into that industry. We've got a producer and director and they tend to find freelancers at that's how the industry typically works.
Brilliant (OCE)
: Are you saying you're decreasing the prize pool?
No the prize pool will be staying the same. We think it's more important to grow the investment into the overall ecosystem equally rather than grow the prize pool which only benefits some teams. We don't want to reduce it though because it is meaningful for the players and teams.
Draxx (OCE)
: This is incredible, Riot. We're leaps away from the end goal but this is definitely a step forward towards that. Hopefully we'll see more in the future.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yes it's a step and an important one! Support your club. They need their fans getting behind them!
Jason (OCE)
: I have two questions. 1. The players are receiving increased payments and other benefits in 2017. Will this bring the teams average payments be enough to financially support themselves to make League of Legends their occupation and priority, or will teams still need to seek out alternative funding ( sponsorships, part-time work, content monetization ect. ) 2. If Riot's financial plans change from player endorsement and support back to live events and viewership support, will we likely end up seeing a large shift in the teams presence? Are teams that aren't in the top 3 going to have enough options of revenue to survive financially in the circuit? I'm excited and curious to see change, but also kind of scared. To the future!
Hi Jason! Your first question is relative and one of perspective. Will any OPL players be buying their first boat next year? No. However, we do believe the new stipend is enough to live of, lifestyle depending. I'm not sure what you mean by the first part of your second question. For the second part yes I believe so. We've met with all 8 teams several times and we're confident they all have a chance of success next year. To the future!
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